TAIPEI, TAIWAN (CBS SF) – “The Amazing Race” kicked off on Sunday with a flight to Taiwan and the Bay Area’s own Jeremy Cline from Alamo and Sandy Draghi of Dublin makes it in at second place. However, one team almost didn’t make it out of the airport.

Former Las Vegas showgirl Kaylani accidently dropped her passport at a gas station while trying to get directions to Los Angeles’ LAX airport. She and partner Lisa retraced their steps to retrieve it, but when they returned to the gas station it was nowhere to be found.

This was after the ladies came in last in the show’s first challenge – to find the correct series of letters on a paper parasol that would reveal their first destination (Taipei). That meant they would have to perform a Hazard – an additional challenge none of the other teams had to do – during this leg of the race. But would they even be able to leave the country? (Spoiler alert!)

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Yes, they did. A good Samaritan found the passport and brought it to them at the airport.

Once in Taipei the teams made their way to the Ximending Commercial District where they were told to “Look Up” for their next destination. However, everyone had trouble connecting that clue with the electronic billboard flashing in “The Amazing Race” colors. But no one had more trouble than grandparents Bill and Cathi, who spent hours wandering the city before they figured it out.

Once they found the clue, teams had to travel to the Taipei Confucius Temple, where one team member had to memorize a proverb without taking notes and recite it for a monk. Then they had to rush to another destination for a dragon boat race.

Engaged couple Ernie and Cindy were the first to arrive at the pit stop, winning the coveted Express Pass, and Bill and Cathi came in last place, hindered by their inability to find the billboard. However, this was a non-elimination leg of the Race, so they weren’t sent home.

Next week, host Phil Keoghan warned, there will be a double elimination, so two teams will be sent packing.

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