LOS ANGELES (KCBS) – Lawyers for 2 men accused of beating San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow outside Dodger stadium once again refused to allow the media to photograph or videotape their clients.

The judge granted the defense attorneys’ request that media not be allowed to take pictures in the courtroom during a preliminary hearing on Friday, a move that suggests they may try to discredit identification of Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood.

“The court will allow the media to be in court only with respect to audio at this point until that identity issue has been cleared up,” said Judge George Lomeli.

The two men have pleaded not guilty to charges of assault, mayhem, battery and other counts in connection with the March 31 attack that left Stow comatose for months.

Stow has since regained his ability to communicate, but remains hospitalized.

Sanchez and Norwood remain jailed in Southern California, unable to meet bail set at $500,000.

The hearing Friday dealt primarily with scheduling matters.

The judge denied a request that a bank card that may have been used by one of the suspects on the day of the attack be returned.

Their next court appearance is set for Nov. 3.

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