FORT BRAGG (CBS/AP) — Authorities say they have killed the suspect in two fatal shootings that sparked a massive manhunt in the redwood forests of Northern California.

Aaron Bassler was shot and killed Saturday.

Deputy Ron Parsons of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says the 35-year-old “is deceased.” Parsons says his agency was involved in the shooting, which happened around mid-day.

Bassler was wanted in the killings of a Fort Bragg councilman on August  27 and another man. Dozens of local and federal authorities have been searching in the redwood forests near Fort Bragg, putting the residents of the coastal town on edge.

The men who were shot had been separately investigating reports of an illegal marijuana farm outside of town when they confronted Bassler.

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Comments (13)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    Gotta love those peaceful marijuana farmers! First Jared in Tucson, now this character- that “peace and love” generation thing doesn’t seem to be working out so well. Maybe we’ll have to go back to hard work and personal responsibility, oh woe.

    1. Mendocino Woodlands Man says:

      Maybe you should know something about the issue before you comment. This had nothing to do with Bassler growing pot.

  2. donovan says:

    Well, considering that California is planning a massive release of state prisoners, even if Bassler was tried and convicted, he probably wouldn’t have ended up serving much time.

    It’s best for all that this deluded monster dies. It’ll save the system millions and future lives once he’s paroled.

  3. brianwilson38 says:

    Got heem!

  4. babalouey says:

    WHERE did they kill him? In the forest? Where? On the street? Breaking into a building? This story leaves much to imagination. How did they find him?

    1. Me says:

      Who cares, the piece of maggot feces is dead and won’t cost us a truck load of money to feed and clothe the rest of his worthless life….

      1. Sara says:

        You are ridiculous. This man is just as human as you are. It is like going up and shooting a pre schooler who burnt a house down. Have you no soul? This man’s family is very close to mine. His mother, Laura, is a kind woman and for you to say something like this makes YOU maggot feces.

  5. Gary Pedersen says:

    Good riddance to someone that doesn’t belong in society

  6. JaneQPublic says:

    I feel bad for his family, but I’m relieved that this fellow can’t hurt anyone now. He would NOT have gotten proper mental health treatment in prison, either.

    Condolences to his family and to the families of those he killed.

    This was just sad all way round….

  7. ex con says:

    Say what you want about dude. The feds wanted to kill him. If you didn’t see it comming you’re an idiot!

    1. Me says:

      So, ex con, you wanted him alive to maybe kill someone in YOUR family….looks like you and he were really really close in jail……you, sir, are the IDIOT

  8. Mendocino Woodlands Man says:

    This report is so wrong. Matt Coleman was not investigating a marijuana grow, he was doing his normal job Jer was trying to locate a marijuana grow but bassler was guarding 100 opium plants, not pot. Glad the guy is away but wish he was brought in alive so we could actually talk to him and get some closure other than his death.

  9. pedro feliz says:

    There probably was not any other way for this to end. he was on a suicide mission and would of fired on anyone who tried to stop him. death by cop seems like what he may of expected the outcome to be. In this case the cops were likely doing the only thing they could, their lives were in grave danger as well. By all apearances this is not an abuse of power although more commonly the policy of shoot first ask questions later takes precedent over innocent till proven guilty, or using lethal force only when it is absolutely necessary. Why was Bassler so efficent at evading such a through manhunt. He was invisible to thermal imaging devices in aircraft searches that were deployed. Theres more to this story, Bassler was not your average local country boy. He was too good and ran for too long with a posse of that size being rendered useless for weeks. What else is there to this story, it doesnt quite add up. sure he sounds mentally ill but he was together & smart enough to fool Californias finest for about 6 weeks.

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