SAN JOSE (KCBS)— The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a pilot program for dimmable LED streetlights and San Jose is believed to be one of the first cities in the country to use this new technology.

San Jose sustainability officer Laura Stuchinsky said being able to do that will save the city thousands of dollars.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

The new lights, according to Stuchinsky, could allow the city to be credited by PG&E.

“We can save about 60 percent on our energy bill,” she said adding that there would be a choice. “You can put in a bright light, but if you decide that it’s sometime later in the evening [and] you don’t need it that light, you can dim it,” added Stuchinsky.

However, some residents are concerned that dimmer lights will mean increased crime, but one downtown resident had no qualms about that.

“I’m all for it. I know there’s concerns about the crime rate going up, but I don’t believe that’s going to effect it any. Unfortunately crime is rampant no matter what, but I think it’s good for the economy,” she said adding that it gives ambiance to the neighborhood.

The city intends to replace all 62,000 streetlights.

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Comments (2)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    I do hope that the city plans to track the vehicular and pedestrian accident and fatality rates before and after the change. I wonder what the “acceptable casulty rate” will be. This could be one of those brilliant environmental ideas like banning DDT and the spotted owl with dire consequences.

  2. Me says:

    What is the point of having streetlights if you will just them them off?? We don’t need mood lighting.

    This environmentalist junk is going too far! What’s next? Reduced water pressure in fire hydrants or city buses that don’t go anywhere because they must conserve biodiesel? This is totally misguided IMO.

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