Cow Palace Hosts First Ever Medical Marijuana Job Fair

DALY CITY (CBS SF)— Even though the federal government threatened a crack down on California’s medical marijuana clubs this week, The Cow Palace is brazenly hosting a Cannabis Expo that includes a job fair just south of San Francisco.

Medical marijuana growers and sellers gathered this weekend with no sign of the feds in sight at the West Coast Cannabis Expo. However, an array of aromas emitting from medicinal marijuanas and their budding entrepreneurs was prevalent as they displayed their wares, almost like a wine-tasting.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

At a time when many Americans are looking for any job they can get, medical marijuana is still proving to be a growing industry. Eager applicants showed up as the cannabis fair doubled as the first-ever medical marijuana job fair.

Larry described his citrus-scented cannabis.

“It’s grapefruit. It smells exactly like a grapefruit, right? It’s got a really good nose, really strong grapefruit flavor,” Larry said.

Larry runs the Oaksterdam Bakery in Oakland. He gets 10 job applications a day and he doesn’t even have any openings right now.

“This industry is growing and it’s going to continue to grow. A lot of good things are going to happen for a lot of people,” Larry commented.

In the job fair section of the expo, Bob Calkin, CEO of CannaJobs, and of the Cannabis Career Institute, said this field is awash in, so-called green jobs.

“Most of the people coming to the classes are retired people or people from another line of work, or business that have either crashed like the real-estate market or some other thing they’re leaving and they want to try something new,” Calkin said.

The cannabis crowd remains skeptical that the government will really shut down one of the fastest-growing sectors of the California economy.

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  • rico

    The whole medical marijuana thing is a scam.

    • 6,630,507

      Incorrect rico, Medical Marijuana is proven effective and patented by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for its therapeutic properties: USPTO 6,630,507 – look it up and become a responsible human.

      • Br123

        Marijuana is a controlled substance. Maybe YOU should THAT up. So, the feds are cracking down on it and when the Reps take over in 2012 [and we all know they will], I foresee all these drug peddlers going straight to the slammer along with the people that work for them.

      • 6,630,507

        It is a controlled substance by the same authority that regulates non-therapeutic nicotine and alcohol. Get off your high horse Br123 and wake up to the power of States Rights – 10th Amendment – the people of 16 states have spoken, to defy that is to defy America. God bless you, but your hypocrisy is over.

      • Criggies

        Your clueless, like the US dept of health is never wrong! I’m a responsible human being that knows that Marijuana also has more ammonium than any other tobacco product. Sounds good for your lungs, yeah?

      • rico is right

        You can get a patent by claiming something has a use. You don’t need to prove it. They don’t test the truth of your claims before letting you get a patent.

        And even if dope has some medical uses, that doesn’t mean the medical marijuana movement is not a scam perpetuated by stoners who just want to smoke dope. Tell me, what other legitimate drug do you smoke? And what other drug do you not buy from a pharmacy or a drug store? I’ll believe that medical marijuana is really about medical conditions when it comes in a pill form and it is prescribed by doctors only and purchased at pharmacies.
        Rico is right – medical marijuana is a scam.

      • dave mowers

        I bet you didn’t know what it means when the U.S. government grants itself a patent? It means they ALONE have the legal right to pursue the patent or grant license to companies in exchange for royalties. So that means no but companies the U.S. government approves can use that technology without their explicit approval and license.

        IE: Marijuana Dispensaries are operating illegally under patent law.

        The window is closing major pharmaceutical companies will own this market and every dispensary in the country will be shut down.

    • Yucaipadave

      Amen to that! I tried it out for pain and I only got high, without any pain relief.

      • David

        Not just about pain,get some kemo and try and eat .

      • We the People!/petition/legalize-and-regulate-marijuana-manner-similar-alcohol/y8l45gb1

        Two weeks ago, the White House launched a project it calls “We the People.”
        Americans are invited to post a petition online at the White House’s “We the
        People” website. If the petition garners 5,000 signatures within 30 days,
        the White House guarantees it will issue an “official response.”
        To date, 132 petitions have been posted to the website.

        The number 1 issue – Legalize marijuana (with more than 48,000

      • Liver Regeneration

        Liver Regeneration with Cannabinoids – this is too amazing – let’s do more scientific research now:

      • Stoners shut-up

        48,000 people? That really isn’t very much. That is 0.015% of the population of USA. And it isn’t surprising considernig the fact that there are lots of Americans that smoke dope. I am sure if there was a petition to keep pot illegal, it would get 10x the number in no time.

        Further, I am sure if there was a petition to shut stoners up online about legalizing pot and making it a felony to lie about pot online (something all you stupid stoners do on every comment board), it would get millions of people supporting it.


      • td

        are you implying that just because a majority agrees on something, they’re automatically correct?

        we’re not lying to you about pot. stop screaming “lies!” and listen for a change.

      • JeddMcHead

        I’m sure you’re TRYING to be funny (fail) but it’s not for pain relief, rather to help ones’ appetite after KEMO (and it DOES work).

      • Cannabinoid Neurogenesis

        The only substance known to regenerate brain cells is: Cannabinoid.

        The sun never sets on the The Society of Cannabinoid Connoisseurs. We are in every city of most nations on Earth. The individual is the King.

    • freecheese

      Hey dude. Does this mean I can’ t smoke weed in a tanning booth any more, duh ?


    • gerrad

      That’s not true. I’ve got a handful of VERY CONSERVATIVE family members that would beg to differ with you. My uncle, a former Marine, had a tumultuous relationship with my cousin because of weed. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer, my cousin taught my aunt to cook with it and it helped him immeasurably. It may affect people differently, but that;s the cse with almost ALL medicine. Just because you disagree, doesn’t make it so.
      MJ is also an UNTAXED billion dollar industry. Go drink your liquor, hypocrite.

      • dave

        Now let’s look at it’s OTHER uses. Cannabis makes WONDERFUL cloth-far superior to cotton in strength and durability with very similar qualities in softness and color (dye) retention. It’s fibers are far stronger and therefore make better rope and other fasteners.

        There are far more uses for this plant than it’s chemical properties-also ignored under the guise of the “war on drugs” that has gotten more police officers killed than ANY other crime category besides domestic violence.

        Time to stop the stupid and legalize, tax and regulate it’s use. Case closed.

        Oh, and btw, I don’t use it, yet.

      • Stoners go home

        Medical marajuana is a scam. When it comes in a pill form and is made by a drug company, we’ll know it is legitimate. Right now, it is just an excuse for stoners to get stoned and the first step in the legalize pot movement. Keep pot illegal forever!!!!!

        BTW, all those deaths in Mexico related to the drug trade – tens of thousands of them – you stoners caused all that. I don’t know how you can sleep at night with all that blood on your hands. Oh yeah, it is because you are stoned all the time and don’t live in reality.

      • Scooch

        Nice try….the Fed has just been outed shipping rifles to vicious Mexican drug cartels in exchange for tons of coke. So , how do you sleep, you fraud?

      • eaglecaps

        When I quit smoking pot my horrendous cough went away. And when I also quit ingesting alcohol all my gastrointestinal problems subsided! It’s truly amazing what living a clean life gives you, YOUR LIFE BACK! Quit using these substances that are supposed to make you or help you “feel better”. And I used to swear by both MJ and alcohol….”pot helps me relax”, “alcohol makes life more fun”

    • MadCharles

      You’d probably be afraid of me when my Vietnam combat confusion kicked in and the only thing I had were powerful government drugs to mask the psychotic visions of war

    • George W. Axl Rosebush

      It’s therapeutic. It eases symptoms, but does not cure anything.

      • Freeland Dave

        So then, lets do away with all therapeutic medications like aspirin, cough suppressants and pain relievers. After all, they don’t cure anything now do they?
        . ,

    • MARTYN


    • Duane DePool

      At least it doesn’t destroy your liver like almost every LEGAL drug does.

    • Bill Stone

      No the real scam is the pharmaceutical industry

  • Jason

    Your face is a scam…… BURN!!!!!

  • Nick

    before uselessly chiming in with a comment like that yucaipadave you should try durban poison or herijuana, those are 2 varieties of cannabis, both indica & sativa, for night time & daytime use. These strains when grown correctly, are as potent as oxytocin 80’s, without withdraw or dependance, or why don’t you try eating it to relieve your pain? pain relief is much effective when taken orally. you would have known this had you researched something before just ingesting it cause you heard “it relieved pain”. Clearly, your comment speaks for your serious concern in the matter.

    • Br123

      Proof? References? Evidence?

      Oh… forgot… yer pulling all this out of your arse.

    • might be rico's dad

      wouldn’t wast your time nick. some people are too stupid or close minded to ever get educated.

    • sailordude

      Saying you cannot get addicted to pot is a stretch. I should know, I’ve been there. Once you start smoking it your first waking thought is to smoke it to start you day, every day, day after day.

  • max

    To shut down medical marijuana in California would be as ludacrous as shutting down the dairy or produce industries. Its the biggest cash crop by far in the state. You just don’t go cutting out an industry that at the end of the day collectivley contribute hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state.
    It also employs thousands of people, in a state where unemployment remains one of the highest in the nation, can they really afford to shut down an industry that size? The feds can talk all they want but even they do not have the manpower to shut down the entire infrastructre that has been put in place.
    If there are bad apples abusing the laws go after them but leave the law abiding citizens alone. When a liquor store sells booze to minors they deal with the consequences, we don’t shut down every liquor store in the state, liquor stores that you do not even have to be of legal drinking age to enter and that sell candy and soda right next to beer. Marijuana is hear to stay, see the money benefiting us or Mexican cartels. Its your choice.

    • Br123

      Not true. Make an example out of a few growers and the entire industry will disappear overnite.

      Pain relief can be sought in many ways, not just through drugs but also through other methods [electro-therapy, etc.] The first place you druggies want to run when you get a blister on your backsides [because that’s all you do is sit on your backsides] is run to the joint.

      Sorry.. marijuana is FAR too abused to be used as a pain releiver… I don’t care HOW effective it is… the dangers outweight the benefits, plain and simple… hence why your king, Obummer, is cracking down on it because even left wing loon like him knows it isn’t good.

      • USA!USA!

        You are a clueless, ignorant, mean spirited and confused buffoon. Put down the alcohol once in awhile and your thoughts may obtain some much needed clarity.

      • find peace

        Br123 – we all have tumors that grow and shrink in our bodies based on factors in our environment and genetics. UCLA and Harvard performed studies that showed smoking cannabis regularly, for many years, had a protective effect on the human body against cancer. God bless you, find peace my son.

      • dreath

        its never killed a single person in world history. enough said

      • Dreath lies

        dreath, are you really this stupid or just a liar? Pot has caused all sorts of car crashes that have taken lives and I am sure has caused lung cancer which has taken lives. I couldn’t even right my bicycle after smoking it. Quit lying.

      • MARTYN


      • Johh

        I agree….pot is not the solution. It is the gateway drug for our youth!!!

      • trylogicthought

        The ignorance is outstanding on this board. Conclusive studies for over 30 years show that cannabis is not a “gateway drug” nor has it killed anyone.
        There are over 35 kinds of active cannabonoids in the plant. It has been proven time and time again that a few of them are reasonable for body pain so your argument is null and void. Years of science, blind studies, and evaluation has proven it.
        The government has made an example of people for the last 40 years and it has not stopped people from doing what they love and want. It will never go away so get used to it. We have used it in every culture since man was alive.
        Cannabis has never killed anyone. It is the same argument as guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If you want to make the argument about driving, years of cannabis studies in england have also proven that there is no correlation between cannabis and bad driving. Alcohol is proven to be far more dangerous both in the operation of a motor vehicle and to the body.
        If you cannot make clear decisions while operating a car or bike on cannabis then perhaps you should not drive or ride the bike. Once again, it up to the person and their responsibility not the drug.
        Please stop being so ignorant. This is not the 1950’s anymore and most of your arguments have been proven wrong through time. The fed ended its 30 years study with cannabis a few years ago and the results were conclusive with find peaces’s post. The people who smoked had a 97% drop in cancer and Alzheimer’s. Obesity only ran 16% in that group as well. People were more acute, social, and were on average happier then the people who didn’t.
        You must ask yourself, why do we have active cannabonoid receptors in our brains made for tch? I know i won’t change most of the negatives peoples minds, but please stop spitting rhetoric and false logic. Look up the results and tests yourself. You don’t have to smoke or even like cannabis for that matter, but don’t make false accusations and argue against true logic. Once again, this is not the 1950’s anymore and those arguments, like the ones in refer madness, and pure fantasy.

      • cc

        Br123– You have no CLUE what you are talking about! I have been touched by so many people who have gained their lives back, soley due to their ability to use medical marijuana. Who are you to say how people can or cannot alleviate themselves???

        and by the way we are a group of LEADERS not FOLLOWERS!!!

    • Matthew

      Marijuana is “hear” to stay? This is what happens when you’re high all day instead of going to school! Hey Max, cocaine is a cash crop too, but it wrecks families, hurts children, and has no constructive use in our society! By the way, it’s “HERE”! (Good thing I wasn’t high in class all day and learned to spell)

      • gerrad

        Hey, Matthew! I guess you have no problem with your alcoholic buddy, Br123, using the wrong form of ‘You’re” and spelling like a drunk monkey?
        Make a cogent point instead of pointing out spelling errors. Check out all the misspellings on Tea Party rally signs. (Including “shcool”).

      • stoners lie all the time

        Brining up alcohol when discussing legalizing dope is a fallacy. Just because we have a legal harmful substance that is abused and leads to very severe consequences in society, that does not mean we should legalize all such substances. If it is all legal or none, which as I said is a fallacy, I vote for making alcohol illegal too.

    • dave

      Why don’t you sit down and explain that all to Obama, and remind him while you’re at it he has domestic oil drilling almost shut down too…

    • dave mowers

      “can they really afford to shut down an industry that size” …in support of an already long established agricultural and pharmaceutical industry with employee numbers in the millions?

      “they do not have the manpower to shut down the entire infrastructre that has been put in place” … the D.E.A. has 165,000 people on the payroll but look at the bright side, if they cannot do it all by there selves State’s Governor’s and the President can call upon the National Guard to assist, which they did in Northern California under Bush 1.

      “liquor stores that you do not even have to be of legal drinking age to enter” .. smoking pot to inebriation before posting is unwise.

  • joe

    Max your totaly right except one thing you didn’t mention. They want to shut down Harborside which has 91,000 patients will be tring to get there meds from the street. In Oakland need I say more.

  • robert quinn

    I.m a conservative and your an idiot.

  • Jerry P Thomas

    The medical marijuana industry in CA is supplying the rest of the country with 3-5 billion in product each year. However, they are only claiming 0.7-1.2 billion in revenue per year.

    IOW, under the guise of medical marijuana, collectives in CA are actually taking over the entire American market and underreporting their earnings.

    The reality is that these “collectives” and “dispensaries” are really just drug kingpin dropout druggies turned millionaires.

    One such collective is the California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA. I hear that they sell to kids all the time. I also hear that if you want esctasy, you should talk to one of their “bud tenders”.

    Another collective that I hear is a front for other drugs is: Cali Cannabis Collective Group. Not only is it a cinch for teenagers to get weed, you can also find out the best place to buy cocaine, meth, and ecstasy from their “bud-tenders.” I also hear this collective supplies a huge amount of weed to other states and just cooks their books to make it seem like the sales happen in CA from legit patients.

    Another serious violator of crime is, which supplies the collectives. The owner of this establishment used to be a big-time marijuana, coke, and ecstasy dealer in San Diego before becoming a “legit” businessman. I hear that kids are using his youtube video postings to learn the ins and outs of the marijuana business. They are also using his facebook and twitter page to find out where to get the best high in SoCal. He markets and tags his videos so that kids will find them using terms that only high school kids would understand.

    If any federal agents are reading this, please investigate these criminals!!!!

    • Douglas Quaid

      LOL. this is hilarious. ‘He markets and tags his videos so that kids will find them using terms that only high school kids would understand.”
      really? what is this, the 1950’s? the jazz isn’t good enough.

      • Thomas A. Jerry

        He also names his bud strains with kid tags: “Jedi OG”, “Purple Candy”, “Green Candy”, “Bieber’s Dream”, “Miley’s Cooch”, “Disneyland Purple”, “Pandabear”, “Candyland”.

        Now, anyone with common sense would know that CPA and are deliberately targeting kids. Also, I hear that their shops are the place to get other drugs as well.

        CPA and nuggetry are supplying high school kids with products that are ruining their lives. I have also hear that you can buy ecstasy and cocaine from their “bud-tenders”.

        What does CPA and nuggetry have to do with “medicine”?

        NOTHING. They are drug dealing kingpins racketeers who cook their books and avoid taxes on their revenue from underground drug running to all 50 US states.

        I have also heard that CPA and nuggetry may be involved with underground sex trafficking. The kingpin of nuggetry used to be a big time dealer in San Diego before medical marijuana becoma legal.

        Federal agents…please investigate!!!!!

  • George Cottrell

    Deciding what to put into your body is your own choice. Not the choice of government. If you want government to tell you how to think, feel, and act there are plenty of despotic countries out there that are more than happy to oblige. Move there. This country was founded on the idea of personal liberty. Freedom. The liberty to decide your own path. The freedom to choose your own destiny without the interference of tyrants.

    Would you want the government to tell you what foods you can or cannot eat? What drinks you can consume? What is appropriate attire? Most of us would say no. Prohibition has never worked, and will never work. Since the war on drugs was established by Ronald Regan in the 80’s the number of non-violent drug users sentenced to prison exploded. Who does that benefit? How is putting someone in prison who did something that only affected himself worthwhile?

    Crime requires a victim, and drug use is a victim-less crime.

    • george needs logic

      Your comment is stupid. If the USA in 2011, if you want to put something in your body that harms your body, or makes you an unproductive citizen, or interferes with your ability to learn, THAT IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS because the rest of us will have to pay for your lazy stupid-@ss when you get on welfare and pay for your healthcare. In a truly libertarian society, your logic might make sense, but it makes no sense on a welfare state, i.e. USA.

      And drug use is not a victimless crime. The victims are just indirect. What happens to a child whose dad wants to sit around and smoke dope all day? They have no provider, they have no role model. And what about when stoners accidentally burn their house down or let their children drown because they are stoned out of their minds? Those things have happened. IT IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME – get a clue.

      And this country was not founded on the idea of personal liberty of the type you are suggesting. If it was, why did we have all sorts of laws against gambling, prostitution, and even adultery? And do you really think it is tyrannical to prevent people from smoking dope? Maybe you’ve smoked too much dope already?

      Oh, and have fun sleeping tonight while thinking about those 10’s of thousands of murders in Mexico that happened because of your need to get dope. Loser.

    • dave mowers

      I am sorry you are so misinformed about the country you live in. We have an F.D.A., A.T.F., D.E.A.,D.H.S.,U.S.D.A. and it is their job to “Would you want the government to tell you what foods you can or cannot eat” along with regulating drugs, providing personal security, stopping crime, controlling and monitoring the food supply. They are doing their job, why insist on berating people who work for your interests?

      Because you want to use drugs recreationally which is fine until you start stealing other people’s property to buy them, driving under the influence of them, attacking your girlfriend while high, vandalizing your neighbor’s house cause he called the cops on you, posting pictures of your bongs hits with your five year old on facebook…and on and on and on..

    • Thomas Glenn Murray Jr

      The Government is already telling us what foods to put in our Body, How to think, (public schools) invoking rules that effect out freedom of religion, fill our minds with so much nonsensical filth that we don’t know the truth anymore. We hear it all day, TV, Radio, Bill Boards and newspaper, Magazines etc…. As for tax evasion by these drug merchants then evoke the Fair tax act, and tax only what they buy. There is always a solution…

  • Brian

    There is a long history in America of using various home remedies for relief of pain, rheumatism, digestive ills, anxiety, depression. There was a time it was legal to purchase morphine mail order for the civil war wounded. Tincture of opium and alcohol mixtures were quite popular in its day. Today we have marijuana, and of course like all drugs it can be overused and dysfunctional. However as an American I do not want my government arresting, criminalizing, and incarcerating people simply because of what they eat, drink, or smoke. Only if they commit a real crime of theft or violence or fraud. Not for lifestyle choices. What ever happened to “don’t tread on me”. What ever happened to our freedom from an onerous police state? Our government should focus on other issues rather than arresting and incarcerating everybody who slightly steps our of the Corporate and right wing line. Pot may make you act goofy after smoking or eating it,, but criminalizing someone ruins their life, thier job prospects, their earning power for their family and its wrong to hurt people so. Why did we give our freedom away?

  • MT


    [or] Medical Marijuana

    Wellbutrin [or] Medical Marijuana.

    After careful consideration, I realized there was no difference in the drug dealers – except one dealt toxic harmful and sometimes deadly wares – the other did not.

    I chose the one with the least side effects and won’t kill me – it was Marijuana – I did my research and I am way better off with mother nature. Legalize it already and stop this nonsense.

    • Medicated

      I was prescribed depression medicine for chemical imbalances in my brain. I use Wellbutrin and generic Zoloft. The side effects of these medicines are worse than Marijuana could ever be. I’ve been a skeptic but having tried marijuana, I’ll stick with it. I feel great, and I can still function like any other human.

      People who think getting ‘high’ is soo bad need to stop sucking the gov. tits. I dont know whats worse, being judged for taking a medicine that allows me to feel human again or believing everything our leaders shove down our throats. Peace & pot.

      • dave mowers

        Research in England has proven that persons who use marijuana on a regular basis and have metal illness issues are at high risk of inducing schizophrenia.

        SCHIZOPHRENIA, good luck with that.

      • Dave Movers Lies

        Dave, SCHIZOPHRENIA? really? Research in the US has not proven such. You’re just spewing lies. This from someone that takes ibuprofen for a headache because the govt. says it ok. Let’s not consider it’s side effects.

        If you take any medicine and talk down about MM you’re a hypocrite. Why is MM bad, because the Govt. says so. I’m pretty sure there’s no references in the bible stating it’s a sin. If you can find something that does, compare it to any man made painkillers and see if it still applies.

      • Dave Mowers

        “Dave, SCHIZOPHRENIA? really? Research in the US has not proven such. You’re just spewing lies”

        The BBC News reported today on a new research study out of New Zealand that highlights the greatly increased risk of mental illness associated with Marijuana use.

        “Smoking cannabis virtually doubles the risk of developing mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, researchers say. The New Zealand scientists said their study suggested this was probably due to chemical changes in the brain which resulted from smoking the drug.

        The study, published in the journal Addiction, followed over 1,000 people born in 1977 for 25 years.”

        The researchers stated that “The weight of the evidence clearly suggests that the use of cannabis may alter underlying brain chemistry and precipitate the onset of psychosis [and therefore schizophrenia]… in vulnerable individuals,” the University of Otago scientists reported in the journal, Addiction.

        That is copy/pasted from the article, do your own research to find more. Anyone who has ever done illegal drugs or been around people who do for any length of time already knows that not everyone can handle using drugs on a regular basis. Some people should never use them, especially persons with existing mental illness.

  • Paully

    Unfortunately the GOP have been co-opted by the Christian fundamentalists in this country so they end up going against their own principles of preventing gov’t overreach. On one hand they want the Feds to leave the poor millionaire bankers alone because the government needs to stay out of the economy. They are against govt jobs programs and unemployment benefits in this horrible recession we are in. Yet they gladly welcome crushing states rights and going after med MJ dispensaries and want to tell everyone that they can’t smoke pot because it’s bad, mkay.
    Basic hypocrisy. If it was legalized our govt would save hundreds of billions on law enforcement and prisons, and also make hundreds of billions in taxes. We remove a huge underground organized crime element as well. We would see no appreciable increase in use because everyone who wants to do it is doing it now!! There is no logical reason to continue this prohibition, just as there was no reasons for alcohol prohibition. Any argument otherwise is only to deflect from the truth.

    • frank3108

      Hey Paully,
      I have a news flash for you Obama is a Democrat, not GOP.

    • Think again Paully

      Paully, do you really think you can make such broad generalizations about republicans? I’m a republican, I don’t want the government to leave bankers alone. I want the government to enforce the law. If the banks violated the laws, they should be prosecuted. And I want reasonable banking laws that prevent the kind of problems we have because of risky securities being sold as safe. And I am not against unemployment programs but I do think they should only last about 90 days. But you are correct, i am against government jobs programs. And honestly, I don’t want the federal government interferring with California’s laws regarding marajuana. If California wants a state full of stoned people, let them have one. So maybe you should rethink your views on republicans because they are mostly WRONG.

      And your idea that more people wouldn’t smoke dope if it were legalized is just wrong. I don’t smoke dope but would if it were legal. There are many many people who cannot risk being arrested for smoking dope, but if it were legal they would do it. You really don’t know what you are talking about.

      BTW, you do know that most democrats aren’t on the legalize dope train either, right? And that seems to go more against their philosophy than it does that of he republicans who support traditional values, which don’t include smoking dope.

    • 1956bubba

      You do know that Pat Robertson of the moral majority has come out for at least decriminalization of marijuana, He believes locking up pot users creates far more problems than it solves

  • Brian

    The other side of the coin is the huge Anti-Drug policing agencies, where many an officer gets paid over 100k a year taxpayer funded salaried to arrest, criminalize and incarcerate ordianary citizens who may smoke, eat, or drink some “deemed” and often misclassified “controlled substance” Police departments across the nation get special equipment, training, and payroll grants to aggressively enforce these laws. I imagine the average plice officer gets nearly 25% of his paycheck off the anti drug laws. The federal government puts marijuana in with heroin which is innacurate and then prosecute people on this inaccuarte classiification. There are literally hundreds of thousand poliice officers, agents of the government, and assorted types employed by the criminal justice system and prison industries who make their living off of the war on drugs, which is really a war on the civilians of the United States. They have a vested interest in making sure none of the antifrug lawas are changed, and in fact in they want to make the war on drus ever more intrusive. Even the theory behind the war on drugs is wrong headed. And no politician will stand up to them, or even try and change anything about them. Witness the Obama administration which is essential prosecuting the anti drug laws just like the bush administration before them and the clinton administration before that. The people of this country face an entrenched war on drugs constituency that makes its living off of aggressively oppressing their rights to basic freedoms. You now are totally vulnerable to these people anytime you drive a car on any road where the war on drugs can be used to do a full field interrogation and totally jam you up. Waiit till the new fbi facial recognition scanners are in place and they can just swoop up anybody on their list walking in any street in America fitted with such cameras. The zero tolerance mentality should scream fascism to people. This whole appraoch has created an environment ripe for the proliferation of criminal gangs who simply do not care about running afoul of the law. Then the police use the same hi powered tactics against hardened criminals on ordinary citizens just going about town They are trained in highly proactive policing rather than true respect of a person’s soveriety from the states control which should ordianarily prevail unless a real crime is witnessed or reported. .What I am saying is that there are deeply entrenched finanical interests in keeping things just the way they are despite of the logic of those who want a less onerous regieme. Its your taxdollars that politicians are spending to finance this war and at this point they estimate all American males born today will be arrested in their lifetime creating criminal records, preventing job prospects as no longer will simply checking the box “no convictions” suffice for more and mroe employers and any kind of government license or work.

    • THomas P Jerry

      Brian, lay off the meth. Put the pipe down, and slowly walk away. Clearly your paranoid ditribe highlights your “wired” and/or “blazed” state of mind.

      Look out. The DEA is outside!!!!

      • Stephan Gregor

        What? You don’t believe that money talks?
        Have you ever researched the history surrounding the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act in the ’30’s?
        The “evidence” was just about as good as it was regarding Saddam’s WMD. Potheads are just a handy, easy target.

    • Thomas P Jerry?

      Thanks, Brian. Nice post.

      Alcohol Prohibition didn’t cause any crime did it? Seems to me the govt. would be wise to legalize it and collect the taxes. I guess they’d rather the illegals and the drug cartels get paid.

  • Vietviet68

    Just to many pot heads on this site!

  • jasperddbgghost




  • John Lego

    OK so you can’t go to a tanning parlor if you’re under 18, but you can have pot festivals for all to attend. Governor moonbeam is a moron.

    • MARTYN

      you dumb slave brain ,,,do some studying ,,,,the tan parlor is going to do a whole lot more damage to you than a bloody weed festival,,,what kind of reality are you prohibitionist types living in,,,,youre running to the poisons like theyre god and detesting nature ,,,youve been conned,on a very large scale,,,,check your beliefs and whos giving them to you

  • The Cryptojournalist

    Bob Marley impersonators must have made a killing over the weekend

  • jrd

    If it’s “medical” marijuana, why is it not being dispensed by a pharmacy?

    • jrd is correct

      You hit the nail on the head. It is a trojan horse to get dope legalized for stoners.

      • MARTYN

        lie spamming machines steeped in bizarre declarations that pot has no medicinal values

  • jb

    LOL at the neo cons who want government out of their lives and regulations thrown to the fire, but want to tell people what they can and can not smoke (eat, or vaporize).

    Effing fools you neo cons are.

    • jb is stoned again

      When you use the term “neo con” you instantly out yourself as an ignorant, left-wing idiot. Republicans and conservatives do no want “regulations thrown to the fire” and don’t want the government out of their lives. They generally want less regulations than the democrats and less government involvement in the economy. Effing fools is what JB is because he doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.

      BTW – there are many democrats who don’t want to legalize dope and this article has nothing to do with republicans. Are you too stoned to realize what the article is about?

  • Afsgtsam

    Of course medical pot is a joke what kind of sane doctor would prescribe the smoking of anything to a patient? Pot does not medically relive pain like opiates do. It is all just a binchnof burnt out potheads wanting to legally smoke thir sick drug.

    • Too true!!!!

      Too true. Stoners want to get stoned and will make up any lie so that they can do it legally.

    • Scooch

      Totally ignorant comment.You don’t know anything about pot, or medicine, or history. Try focusing your anger on the criminals in power instead of regular people minding their own business. Criminalizing this harmless little plant is the real sick joke and if you knew history, you’d know why.

      • Too true!!!!

        Dope isn’t harmless and stoners are not regular people. And I focus my anger on the criminals in power everyday, thank you.

      • Scooch

        “Stoners aren’t regular people”. What does it mean?

  • Terry Weeks

    California is always first in being stupid!

  • tom

    stop the ignorance and let’s have a real conversation about marijuana. there is no reason to criminalize it.

    oops i got drunk and… got a girl pregnant, killed someone in a drunk driving accident, beat my girlfriend, DIED OF ALCOHOL POISONING, destroyed my liver, found out i’m an alcoholic…

    oops i got high and… ate a little too much and fell asleep.

    take a stab at that for me, please.

    • Big Bear

      Get off your girlfriend’s couch and find a job.

      • tom

        actually, i’m sitting on my own personal couch, in my own house, eating some delicious lasagna that my girlfriend made for me. can’t stay up too much later chatting, i have class tomorrow morning. i’m pursuing a bachelor of science! sorry! nice try.

      • Tom's girlfriend's new boyfriend

        Tom, I am pretty sure you haven’t seen your girlfriend in days because she has been under the sheets of my bed for the past week or so. I am fairly certain that she hasn’t had time to make you lasagna because she has been very very busy.

    • YOU LIE!!!!


      Why are you lying? Dope doesn’t affect your judgement? You can’t have sex while stoned? And smoking dope doesn’t impair your ability to drive a car? That list of horribles is equally applicable to dope except the part about alcohol poisoning and liver. But smoking dope ruins your lungs and is gate-way drug to much more dangerous drugs such as cocaine and meth. Also, dope is linked to mental illness.

      Why do stoners continually have to lie about dope? Oh yeah, because they really really want to smoke it because they can’t deal with reality and because pretty much all of their arguments for legalization are lies.

      • tom

        Lying? Want pictures? What kind of assertion is that in an argument? If one side claims “I don’t believe you” how much progress will be made? Sigh… I guess you are going to assume I’m a bad person because I smoke. I can’t change your mind about that.

        From personal experience, I would say pot doesn’t really affect your greater judgment. I actually read about a study where drivers were tested while high on pot. Their performance suffered a bit, but most drivers admitted they were too high to drive! If I can find the story again I’ll post a link (because you probably think I’m lying).

        Increased risk of lung cancer, even under heavy usage, is a myth. Google “Lung cancer linked to marijuana” for me and tell me what you get. And once again someone is confusing stupid people for pot smokers. If someone chooses to try dangerous drugs, it isn’t necessarily because they smoked pot. I still don’t want to do cocaine, ecstasy, acid, meth (DISGUSTING)… that’s because of who I am.

        If you think I’m lying, you’re either in denial or closed-minded.

      • dave mowers

        …and because they won’t stop at marijuana. The real issue is freedom to use drugs for recreation and as soon as pot is legal methamphetamine, crack cocaine and heroin, LSD, ecstasy all will be next. It is already starting in Europe and England with ecstasy, all the it doesn’t hurt anyone, alcohol is worse, people love each other more what’s wrong with that, it has therapeutic value…

        Yeah, suuuuurrreee….

      • Scooch

        Here’s my argument for legalization – I’m an adult and I don’t need corrupt Fed trash telling me what I can smoke. Maybe you need Daddy to tell you what’s right and wrong because you have no compass of your own, who knows. Gee, do you care about the hundreds of corporate-pushed medications that ADMITTEDLY promote suicide? Can you deal with that reality?

      • YOU LIE!!!!

        Scooch, eliminate all welfare programs so that I don’t have to pay for your healthcare, food stamps, etc, etc with my tax money, and I’ll gladly support decriminalization of dope. Is it a deal?

      • Scooch

        You should support decriminalization for its own merits. And I don’t spend your tax dollars, I run my own business.

      • YOU LIE!!!

        Scooch, I think I do support decriminalization. I don’t think people should go to jail for having a small amont of dope for personal use. But I do think they should get a fine, and they should go to jail if they don’t pay the fine. When I said decriminalization earlier I should have said legalization. Sorry.

        And I’m glad you are part of the left-wing cabal called the “film industry”. Good for you. But I am sure there are many people who smoke dope who aren’t as hard working as you CLAIM you are. And I am sure that the average dope smoker costs the government much more in healthcare, welfare, etc, than the average non dope smoker.

        Again, the “I can do whatever I want to my body” logic really only works in a libertarian society. In a welfare state such as the USA, that logic does not work because the unhealthy stuff you put into your body is likely to cost tax payers down the road. You lose freedom but you get your welfare “Safety net”. And yes, I think this applies to everything you put in your body including food and liquor.

      • Scooch

        You’re arguing that because of the presence of welfare, we don’t have the rights to our own body. I don’t like the welfare state but I won’t abdicate my self-sovereignty because of it. Btw thanks for lumping me into a “left wing cabal” considering I have no affiliation with left or right b.s.

  • Stoners are SAD

    If only all these stoners would put their time to something productive instead of making up fallacious and false reasons to legalize dope. They probably could have solved some real problems if they weren’t preoccupied with their “right” to escape reality by smoking dope. Sad, very sad.

    • martyn


    • MARTYN


    • Scooch

      Hey guess what, I used 20 years, own my own business and work in the movies. Now aren’t you sad for judging other people. What real problems have you solved lately? How about your fallacious and false reasons to spend billions of tax dollars eradicating a simple plant? Complete insanity by primitive lunatics.

      • purplehazed

        also you are an idiot… explain how legalizing marijuana would cost money… Stupid.

        Not only would this make money but it would probably allow us to:

        A: Stop borrowing money from communist countries
        B: Stop motivating and providind open doors to fuel terrorism and cartels
        C: Save some folks lives with Cancer
        D: Perhaps take a bit of power away from the alcohol and tobacco Co’s

      • Stoners are SAD


        You do know that owning your own business doesn’t necessarily make you a great success, right? And knowing that you “work in the movies” would only reinforce my views about you unless you work the popcorn stand at the local theatre? Do you?

        And anybody can say anything online – prove that you are successful and own your own busines!!! Give me the name and address of your business. I will call you tomorrow to verify.

        And no I don’t feel sad for judging people. I know there are probably lots of successful people who smoke dope. I’ve known a few, but they are the rare exception.

        What problems have I solved lately? I’ve tried to help the pro-dope people understand how stupid their logic is and that their evidence is mostly just a bunch of stoner blogs. Sadly, they usually cannot understand – it’s like they are stoned or something.

        Later Bbbbbbrrrraaaaaaaa. Keep tokin!!!!!!

      • Scooch

        Again, what have you done in life? Zero.

      • Stoners are SAD

        Scooch, I’m a lawyer. Before that, I was an engineer. Is that good enough for you? And BTW, you didn’t give me the name of your business so that I could verify your claims.

      • Scooch

        Congrats on passing the bar.

    • purplehhazed

      you probably work for pfeizer…

  • Bruce Leroy

    I forgot to mention that nobody is lying when it comes to the effects of cannabis other than those who oppose it. You won’t become some burn out who can’t spell and has no motivation except to get more Fritos from the store and buy more weed from your dealer. 48,000 people isn’t that much? Stoners shut up, please shut up. That’s only on one of the multiple petitions which pose similar questions. Also, national polls show that 48 percent of Americans support legalization with 52 percent opposing it so a lot more than 0.015% you idiot. The reason all these “stoners” are coming out of their “holes” is because people told lies for so long they finally got sick of it.

  • Brian

    A lot of control freaks from the right on this site simply spewing their aggressive view of confiscating other Americans rights and freedoms. You do know your just mere control freaks don’t you? Purely antifreedom types. And ignorant beyond belief. Any self respecting European would walk away laughing at your peasant proto-militia mentality. Why dont you joi;n the National Gaurd and maybe you will get a real war trip to Afghanistan where you can show your stuff? Pawns. God save the Republic!

  • dave mowers

    The real sad thing about the whole medical marijuana movement is that the support for it comes mainly from teenagers and 20 somethings who really only want to be free to smoke pot. They don’t understand that this movement which made pot “medical” in many States has given the pharmaceutical industry something they have been trying to achieve since the 50’s. They would love to sell you THC based pills for any reason you want to consume them, just like Oxycontin and your vigor has put them in the position where they are going to get what they want. The D.E.A. has been ordered to begin licensing pharmaceutical companies to develop, market and sell THC based products as long as they are not in smoking form.

    As soon as doctors have an alternative to raw pot readily available in prescription form dispensaries will have no legal ground left to stand on and will be closed. Now to the “sad” part for you young people, EVERY State in the country has a felony law dealing with possession of prescribed drugs. Once these new drugs are on the market States will begin charging you with a felony for simple possession of marijuana- I am talking grams, quarters, joints etc.

    Felony possession of a controlled substance or prescription drug. Look it up in your home State. You made marijuana a more serious criminal offense, think “what would I be charged with if caught with opium poppies?”

    Felony intent/or manufacture of a controlled substance.

    You made it happen, blame yourselves and the medical marijuana organizations.

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