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Family Of Cupertino Quarry Shooter Expresses Condolences

CUPERTINO (CBS / AP) — The family of the man who shot and killed three colleagues at a Silicon Valley cement plant and wounded six others says they are shocked and have no explanation for why the shooting happened.

Cupertino gunman suspect, workplace shooting, Shareef Allman

Shareef Allman (Cupertino PD)

In a statement released Saturday, Shareef Allman’s family members call the incident a “horrific tragedy” and express their condolences to the victims and their families.

They say the Allman they knew was a loving father and good man.

Allman was shot dead by sheriff’s deputies Thursday morning, a day after the shooting at Lehigh Southwest Cement plant, where he worked as a truck driver.

Authorities have not released any details about a possible motive, other than to say that Allman was disgruntled.

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  • JaneQPublic

    Common sense dep’t: If someone show shows you a weapon – especially one capable of mass destruction, such as an AK-47 or other automatic firearm – and ‘jokes’ about people bothering them at work, school, in the family, church OR anywhere else – WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFE! Do NOT pass it off as a JOKE! This guy gave a clear warning – passing it off as a joke has resulted in the deaths of three people. This was completely preventable!

  • kojackk

    Please explain….Everyone else who was shot and killed here in the bay area since this happened..were the shooters all “disgruntled” as well. The joke is the press and their stupid reporting and everyone who watches and believes everything they see on the news are now thinking he was “disgruntled”…get to the root cause…I thought each news channel here brags about how great their investagative reporters are…..

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