Mountain Lion Spotted In Skyline, Portola Valley Area

SAN MATEO (CBS SF) — A mountain lion was seen in the Portola Valley and Skyline area in San Mateo County Saturday morning, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

The big cat was spotted by a hiker shortly before 11 a.m. in the area of the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve approximately 3 miles from the Razorback Ridge trailhead, officials said.

Sheriff’s deputies called to the area were unable to locate the mountain lion.

If you see a mountain lion:

• Pick up small children

• Do not approach it, especially if it is feeding or with offspring.

• Do not run. Face the animal, make noise, throw rocks and try to look bigger by waving your arms.


  • ani

    Why is this news? Have you not mentioned about coyotes also living in the area of Portola Valley?

  • Chris Pepper

    I used to hike Windy Hill every saturday morning. You get the feeling they are up there all the time. Scary stuff. My Mom lives just at the base of the trail.

    • tt

      interesting. Now that you don’t, does your mom still hike every Saturday morning now? What feeling does she get?

  • IfThisIsNewsiCanBeAreporter2

    MOUNTAIN LION DEN LOCAL NEWS FLASH: Another human wearing boring REI clothes spotted hiking in an open space natural preserve where other wild animals live and play.

    How about reporting something that qualifies as news so you can keep your job.

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