PETALUMA (CBS / AP) — A North Bay man arrested for throwing a hot dog at golfer Tiger Woods during a tournament said he wanted to do something “courageous and epic.”

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that Brandon Kelly of Petaluma said he got the idea after watching the movie “Drive,” a flick about a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver.

The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday confirmed to the Associated Press that the 31-year-old Kelly threw the wiener at Woods.

Kelly was arrested for disturbing the peace on Sunday after yelling Woods’ name and tossing a hot dog in his direction during the Open in San Martin.

Woods backed off his birdie putt during the disturbance but ended up missing the putt.

Sgt. Jose Cardoza told the newspaper that the offense would likely result in a fine and community service.

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Comments (7)
  1. Matthew says:

    It’s not courageous. It’s just being a jerk.

  2. Jonathan A Acord says:

    What a wiener!

  3. kmrod says:

    He’s got a sad, pathetic life if that’s what he considers “courageous and epic.”

  4. tc says:

    guess he figured the “wiener” was kinda symbolic…kinda in observance of the way Tiger has been slinging his wiener around….

      1. Dirk says:

        Mybe Tiger was a bit hungry and he may have been checking out that dude’s hotdog

        Did anyone think of this?

        Montgomery triangle is Awesome!

  5. DR Sanchez says:

    “courageous and epic” chucking hot dogs at promiscious golf pros??!!

    Sounds like a new reality show!!

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!

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