Bloody Gang Fight Breaks Out At Richmond City Hall

RICHMOND (CBS SF) – A bloody fistfight broke out among rival gang members at Richmond City Hall on Friday, according to police.

Seven men from different parts of the city brawled in a third-floor suite that houses the city’s Office of Neighborhood Safety around 12:30 p.m. Friday, department director Devone Boggan said.

He said all of the men involved in the melee are enrolled in the office’s “Operation Peacemaker” fellowship and happened to show up at the office at Richmond’s Civic Center at the same time unexpectedly.

The fight stemmed from an “exchange of looks” and heated words after the men spotted each other, Boggan said.

Police have so far been unable to locate any of the men involved, and have few details about what happened, Lt. Bisa French said Tuesday.

The Police Department received several 911 calls from City Hall reporting the fight, and found blood splattered across the office where the fight happened, which is located above council chambers.

Boggan said one of the gang members in the fight suffered a broken nose, which was the source of much of the blood found in his office.

The ONS director said he sees the unarmed brawl as a sign of progress, since the young men involved all have a history of gun violence.

“They decided to pick their fists up instead of a gun,” Boggan said. “Everyone got up and walked away—not one mother has to bury their child this week.”

He said he does not believe Friday’s altercation will lead to more serious violence, and that he and other ONS staff plan to meet with all seven of the men involved in an effort to mediate the conflict.

Boggan said the men who fought one other at City Hall on Friday are all between the ages of 20 and 25, and are receiving ongoing mental health and anger management treatment.

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  • Chris


    • David from San Diego

      Did you mean “turle” as on the knot? Your prose is beautiful, by the way. And I fully agree that people should need a license to procreate … They should be able to show literacy, absence of drug addition, gainful employment, and a plan to support their proposed child. Too bad it will never happen.

    • pravitouring

      These people are self-absorbed, self-consumed, and born without souls. They are the 99% of the sludge that comes out of AFDC, food stamps, and instruction devoid of any greater catechism than….”I want”….

      It is a shame that the turle of the circular firing squad did not take place. These are the producers of the concept of “baby mother” and the sooner their testicles cease fundtioning, the better. They are lower than animals.

    • Lilith


  • Sam Mallory

    haha these fools mothers are jokes anyways and should never have bred in the first place. I love how American voters have become soft while non voters are violent and accept all this. Pathetic people. Sorry the hood is still the hood and if you are still proud of your upbringing at the age of 25+ you have not learned anything.

    • Joe

      Yes, New York.

  • Dave

    Why were members of rival gangs in the same office? What moron put that meeting together?

    • Local

      They were picking up their checks. They are being PAID by the city! The city has a program of paying the gangsters to hopefully make it safer. As ridiculous as that sounds on top of this the manager of the safety office was instructing his employees to tell the officers NOTHING!

      Whats upsetting is this article hides those HUGE facts

      • Reality Check

        Every one of these “civil servants” who told the police, “I ain’t seen nothin’,” should be fired and prosecuted for obstructing an officer!!!!!

    • DanDDiver

      This is the same guy that proposed we sell guns to Mexican drug cartels, then track the guns after they’ve killed.

      Stupid Democrats.

    • Ron Zaks

      If obama’s jobs bill would have been passed, Richmond would have had the money to hire a booking secretary. It is all Bush’s fault.

      • Rick Evans


  • Kevin Wallis

    “staff plan to meet with all seven of the men involved in an effort to mediate the conflict” hummm if it were any one of us, the cops knowing who we were, would arrest us. i guess as long as your supposedly being treated is another excuse to get a free pass .

    • D

      “staff plan to meet with all seven of the men involved in an effort to mediate the conflict”

      Next headline:


      • Giuseppe in Stati Uniti

        Dude! :)

  • Harry Martin

    The use of mental health treatment should not prelude holding these people responsible for violent, unacceptable behavior. Failure to teach and allow real life consequences does not foster recovery. Assault, battery, violence are criminal acts and should be dealt with as a part of any treatment. Failure to do so is simply enabling in the most negative sense of the word, for the individuals and the community.

  • jekyllisland

    Libs like you would run to their defense and scream about how it’s society’s fault and not theirs

  • Foster Glenwood

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    – Plato —

  • Tarzan wit da plan

    Normally it begins with fake charges, the shaking of tree branches and the baring of fangs. In the future they should keep a pocket of shiny washers on hand. Baubles tend to distract the primitives.

  • Farmgirl1976

    Gang members will always be gang members and will always advocate violence.
    Oh, wait a minute, they probably can’t read this!

  • lukuj

    Talk about low expectations!

    • Tom Menino

      Gorillas in the Mist.

    • Tex Lovera

      Yep. The soft bigotry of low expectations

  • Ken

    Loser wants to hang onto his job

  • John Spatch

    The so called “Progress” is the search they all had to go through to get into the city offices. If it weren’t for that there would have been a gun fight for sure. This is progress?????. I sometimes think the USA should buy Eastern Island and create a penal colony for these fools & idiots.

    • Joe

      Yes, New York

    • Whittingham Huntley III

      The French used to drop their knuckle-dragging criminals off on Devil’s Island to die of malaria and typhoid. Maybe we can buy an island to store our walking sewage

    • irvpost

      Outsource all violent felons to a Chinese coal mine prison, Knew a guard who expatriated, and the stories are horrible only a 4 year life expectancy.

    • lencu255

      Siberian forests would be better place instead.

  • Phil Mckracken

    lol, that is so funny – “A sign of progress”.
    That’s the kind of thinking that got our country into the mess that it’s in…

  • Mary Wright

    I suppsoe these were “Aryan brotherhood types” ( ie white people) Uh…NO!

    • jimonthebeach

      No, they were probably those hate-filled Tea Party types. I heard that one of them was actually carrying a sign advocating violent tax cuts.

      • SayWhat

        As opposed to the joy filled and law abiding Fleabaggers at OWS.

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers.

        Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

        ~ Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time says stop being conned … there’s only one party for the simpleminded

  • Jay


  • Ken Puck

    He be lookin’ at me funny. Cain’t have no dis, bro’.

  • rumpled 4 skin

    Gee, let’s give them more money not to fight. Thugs and Chumps…..Boggen & the ONS idiots are the Chumps.

  • David

    A broken nose is a whole lot easier to walk away from than a gunshot wound. Anyone bother to check into the effectiveness of the ONS in curbing gun violence. How about the number of gang related fatalities in the last two months?

    • samg42

      UH, scuze me while I whip dis out!

      they will be back (with guns)!

  • Eatsomestuff

    Feral Kuhns.

  • Chris

    Sad and wrong how the the moron who wrote the story refers to the gang losers as “men”

  • meesha4

    Typical response from those that get SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. I remember going to a “deli” and getting some sliced meat for my son’s lunch the next day at school (EXCUSE ME for not “qualifying” for FREE FOOD). I saw a 300 pound woman buy SEVEN sub sandwiches, chips, candy and soda in front of me and PAY for it with a GOVERNMENT credit card. While I was digging in my purse for CHANGE to pay for 1/4 pound of ham, and SHE was checking out, I said to her: “YOUR WELCOME”. She grabbed her out-of-control toddler and looked at me like a deer in the headlights. GUBMENT TIT-SUCKERS at work. She had NO CLUE, NO work ethic, NO responsibility.

    • privatourig

      Absolutely correct. Tired of waiting behind fat people with children running around like drunk lizards while they check out 600 dollars of stuff that I cannot afford because the Government says I am in an “upper income” category. 00% my left norstril…..99% is the new gimme-gimme…what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable. 666 people on the rampage.
      Storm the Bastille again…it solved all the problems last time…Right?

    • "Piece" Maker

      I would watch the line at Walmartin Chicago (Waukegan) the day after “payday” from the welfare office. FILLED with “patrons” returning merchandise for cash. You known- the items you can legally buy with welfare checks (sorry – debit cards). Then the NEW lines would form at the cash registers – formed from the aforementioned lines. Cigarettes, beer, etc. And the added bonus of “Baby Daddy” to help shop this time ’round.

      • Paco

        Pelosi would argue that they’re stimulating the economy. LOL

  • privatouring`

    The main reason that we do not hunt them down is because they are doing an excellent job of killing one another on their own. We, the ones who pay our own way, without AFDC, food stamps, section 8. reverse-transfendered single mother high school preggy counselling services….we do no murder. We defend only the property we rightfully own. We are not KKK, raqcists, murderers, thieves, liars, and slackers. We also do not vote National Socialist or pro-Communist….If I had a hammer, I would not make a sickle.


    • weew

      Correction: we don’t hunt them down because we know the liberal court system would prosecute us for doing the job they are supposed to do.

      Face it, the law protects the criminals more than it protects the law-abiding.

      • Rico

        “…The ONS director said he sees the unarmed brawl as a sign of progress…”

        ………….The racism of low expectations.

      • David

        When the starting point is 47 murders in 2009 a non lethal altercation with a more of a hiccup than a reason to dismantle an effective program that has had some promising results.

      • David

        Correction: “is more of a hiccup”

    • MissyOgyny

      And no more anonymous, frequent-inseminator fathers either…Slip ALL the entitlement folks into neutral!

  • Tex A. Montana

    Anyone who has lived in the SF Bay Area is aware that Richmond, CA is populated by “Holder’s People”. They do what comes naturally.

  • Peacemaker is Smith and Wesson

    I’m done hoping. Time for change.

    • Patty Mudd

      Amen, brother.

  • weew

    Do you mean to tell me they had all these thugs in one place and they DIDN’T arrest/”disappear” them all on sight?

    Talk about missed opportunities! Image how much grief they could have saved society by eliminating its worst members in one fell swoop.

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