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Man Jailed In San Francisco Assault On Mixed-Race Couple

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP) — A man is being held on $500,000 bail after pleading not guilty to hate crime charges in an attack on a mixed-race couple near a farmer’s market at San Francisco’s Civic Center.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 48-year-old Hosea Matavao entered pleas Friday on three counts of assault, one count of endangering a child and one count of battery. Four of those charges include hate crime allegations.

Authorities say the couple was walking with their 3-year-old and 21-month-year-old sons on Wednesday afternoon when Matavao made a comment about their sons’ race.

Matavao then allegedly punched the woman, who is black, when she responded to the comment and struck her husband, who is white, when he rushed to her aide. Authorities say he also kicked the 3-year-old’s stroller and punched a witness.

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  • Matthew

    Hmmmm…. another San Francisco nutcase with “issues”…..

  • Scott

    I will never understand why people can’t simply mind their own business. So what if folks have a “problem” with certain couples being together. That doesn’t give anyone the right to harrass people, much less assault them. And to have the audacity to kick the stroller with a child sitting in it…

    Throw the book at this low-life punk!

  • Buzz

    A real tough guy, attacking a woman….chicken s#it coward.

  • SL

    This kind of basket case LIVING in S.F.? I think not. The more our cultures intertwine, the more beautiful our country becomes.

    Straight to the mental facility for this one.

  • Moock

    So sorry that this family was subjected to the ignorance and hate of this backwards individual. I hope he is sentenced to the maximum punishment allowed.

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