Raiders Owner Al Davis Died From Bad Heart

OAKLAND (TMZ) — Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis died from a bad heart, according to his Alameda County death certificate which was obtained Friday by the celebrity news website TMZ.

The document revealed three primary causes of Davis’ death:

A) Ventricular fibrillation — a dangerously abnormal heart rhythm
B) Congestive heart failure
C) Cardiomyopathy — heart muscle disease

According to the death certificate, Davis died at the Oakland Airport Hilton at 2:45 a.m. on Oct. 8.

The document showed Davis had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy years ago, and suffered a ventricular fibrillation just 15 minutes before his death. Davis also suffered from Merkel cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer.

According to the document, Davis — who was involved with the NFL for 60 years — underwent throat surgery just three days before his death. Davis also had heart surgery in 1996.

He was 82 at the time of his death.

>> Download The Complete Death Certificate (.pdf)

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. Used with permission from TMZ. All rights reserved.)

  • davidm52

    Is that a straight-man setup or what? Pick your line:
    1) A bad heart made of lead.
    2) A bad heart full of ice.
    3) Trick question: Al Davis didn’t have a heart.

  • kr8tiv1

    David–What you fail to realize or understand is that Al Davis was very instrumental to the NFL we have today. With the consolidationof the AFL and NFL and key to the impentation of the Super Bowl. And while Al beat his drum to a different beat, he was an Owner who had no other outside interests and his sole occupation was Football, unlike some other Billionaire owners around the league. So, while you “mock” his death….understand what he brought the GAME.

  • jk

    well said, kr8. just win baby!

  • Claude DeMoss

    Mr. Davis had a “good” heart – He died from a diseased heart, not a “bad” heart Like Sinatra, “Al” did it his way!
    Claude DeMoss
    San Jose, CA

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