San Jose Police Out In Force For Hell’s Angel Member’s Funeral

SAN JOSE (AP) — San Jose police were out in force as Hells Angel member Steve Tausan was being laid to rest at the same San Jose cemetery where he was killed during a funeral for a leader of the group.

The 52-year-old Tausan was fatally shot when a fight broke out during a funeral for Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew at San Jose’s Oak Hill Memorial Park cemetery on Oct. 15.

Pettigrew, who was the leader of the gang’s San Jose chapter, was slain during a brawl with a rival biker gang in a Nevada casino on Sept. 23.

The memorial for Tausan began with services at a funeral home, followed by a noisy procession of motorcycles to the cemetery.

Though the funeral of Pettigrew drew close to 3,000 bikers, the funeral for Tausan, which was by invitation only, was much smaller.

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  • dbarco

    One of the times when NOT getting invited was probably the best for survival.

  • Chris Pepper

    these guys are such losers. AT least they keep killing their own kind.

    • BW

      Hey Chris,
      What is the source of your anger?? Did your lady bang a HA member?? Pretty heartless comment and obvious you are a cop or DA. It is nice and easy to run you mouth when you are insulated behind the security of your keyboard. Keep running your mouth with your venomous tongue and confidence only a badge can provide. At the end of the day you may not agree with what those fellas do but it appears you have some jealousy of what they have and you LACK. I hope you get better.

  • K.O.

    Obviously, negative comments come from angry government agency employees. Go eat some donuts fellas and mind to yourself.

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