DMV Cuts Waiting Time By Making More Appointments Available

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— While service at the DMV has long been the butt of many jokes, The California Department of Motor Vehicles is making it both easier and faster to do business there. It appears the strategy lies in making more appointments available.

DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza said people who call or go online in advance will get that appointment more quickly.

“We have opened up a lot more availability so we can accommodate our appointments. When you go to the DMV you know when you’re going to be seen within a short amount of time so you can get back to work or picking up the kids at school,” Mendoza said.

KCBS’ Patti Reising Reports:

Most customers who make an appointment now will get into a DMV office within four days and in some cases the next day according to Mendoza.

She said the increased efficiency is due to some behind-the-scenes maneuvering.

“Part of our strategic goal was to look at each individual field office and look at the staffing that we had and figure out how can we accommodate [an increase in] appointments that were made available.”

Last month, 21 percent of DMV customers made an appointment.

Mendoza said their goal is to get that number to 50 percent.

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