Occupy Oakland General Strike Shuts Down Port; Anarchists ‘Bent On Creating Problems’

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Many Occupy Oakland protesters Wednesday evening returned to Frank Ogawa Plaza after demonstrating at the Port of Oakland, forcing the Port to shut down operations.

Port officials said Wednesday night’s protest was peaceful and no injuries or property damage were reported.

Port Executive Director Omar Benjamin said maritime operations will only resume “when it is safe and secure to do so.”

Ben Bruso, 23, a direct service provider for developmentally disabled individuals, was one of hundreds who blocked the Port’s Gate One, where the demonstration has a party-like feel, complete with a brass band.

Bruso said he was there because he wants to get rid of lobbying in government.

“Our government is being bought by corporations,” said Bruso, a Service Employees International Union member, who came to the march of his own accord.

“The middle class and lower class are being subjugated,” he said.

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On the closure of the Port, Bruso said, “Obviously it sends a message to the corporate world that we’re not going to sit by and take it anymore.”

Colin Holtzinger, 24, a mental health counselor, said he was at the Port because he believes “we need to tax the rich and get rid of the barriers of entry to small businesses.”

Holtzinger also said, “I feel great. This is the largest movement I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

A group of several hundred demonstrators gathered to block entrances to the Port at Maritime and Seventh streets.

KCBS Team Coverage Of Occupy Oakland General Strike:

“I support the Occupy movement and the 99 percent. The priorities of this country need to be re-examined and re-ordered,” said Marti Mogensen, 63, a teacher at Berkeley High School.

Mogensen was formerly a teacher in the small town of Onalaska, Wis., the town where Scott Olsen, is from—Olsen is a former marine who was injured in last week’s demonstration.

“I think his case is interesting because it’s done a lot to move Occupy Oakland into international attention. I really think it’s tragic,” she said.

She said some of the teachers at Berkeley High School did “teach-ins” Wednesday to support the general strike.

On closing the Port, Mogrensen said, “I think it really shows that people want change and they want to organize and these tactics do work.”

Jessica Hendricks, 27, a chair of the Berkeley chapter of the ACLU, said, “I’m here exercising my freedom of speech and making sure the rest can do so peacefully.”

On closing the Port she said, “I think it shows the strength and power of the people.”

The group at Maritime and Seventh streets had blocked trucks from entering and exiting the Port all night and the numbers appear to be growing.

Trucks that tried to exit with cargo were forced to turn around. However, drivers who attempted to leave without cargo are allowed to pass.

One big-rig driver who was trapped by the crowd Wednesday night said, “I just wanna go home. Why are they on top of my truck?”

Though there have been rumors of police action, there was minimal police presence by the Port’s gates as of 7:30 p.m.

Oakland emergency officials responded to a report of a vehicle that struck a pedestrian Wednesday near 11th Street and Broadway, where protesters continue to march.

Further information regarding extent of injuries and what caused the crash was not immediately available.

Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan said that he believes a small group of anarchists is responsible for vandalism that struck five businesses in Oakland Wednesday.

The vandalism occurred at a Whole Foods store and several banks, he said.

Jordan said the police believe about 4,500 people participated in the general strike Wednesday. He said most protesters were peaceful but that about 60 to 70 anarchists, who he said “were bent on creating problems,” caused the vandalism.

He said the anarchists dressed distinctively and wore all-black clothing and handkerchiefs.

Jordan said police believe they know who those responsible are, but no one has been arrested so far.

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  • Protester

    Go Protesters!

    • Oakland Taxpayer

      go where? How many were not even Oakland residents/taxpayers? Vandalism? Stores closing, lost wages to the real 99%. And good ol’ Oakland taxpayers, well they get the bill.

      • Kathryn

        First, Occupy Oakland is not just about Oakland; it is in solidarity with the OWS Movement, which has gone global, with occupations in major cities around the world. Thus being an Oakland resident or taxpayer has nothing to do with it. Second, the vandalism was committed not by protestors, but by the self-described “anarchists,” dressed in their black costumes – these are the same idiots who showed up for the otherwise peaceful Oscar Grant protests. As for the bill we taxpayers receive, well, that is part of the cost of doing business, as it were, in a major city, and in a democratic society where peaceful protests are sometimes needed. I daresay the lion’s share of the taxpayer bill will be from the unnecessary expense incurred by over-reaction of the police, especially having police helicopters hovering over the Plaza 24-7 all week long.

      • FreeUlysses

        Kathryn, don’t play innocent. I didn’t see any of the 7000 “good protesters” stopping the 70 or so bad apples. They are happy for the press.

        Also, the OWS is followed in all cities through the streaming video of the page “Global Revolution”. That concept, “Global Revolution” is all through the protests top to bottom. Don’t blame others joining that flag, you own it. So, your revolution is disrupting the system and society of the majority of this country. If I as someone who depends on that port tried to move the barricades they erected, those ‘peaceful’ protesters would have beat me into a pulp. Stop pretending. I will die to defend this country from “Global Revolution”, and your ‘friends and supporters’ are pushing us to a civil war which will result in much bloodshed. If you have laws you want passed, put them to a vote and shut up about it. Blocking a port is not a freedom to assemble or address grievances issue, it’s an assault on our way of life.

      • Scott

        Kathryn,The point is the anarchists wouldn’t be there if the solidarity movement wasn’t…

      • Nobody in particular

        I know exactly who you are. You came here from drudge report “Oakland Taxpayer”. I followed another link on this protest from drudge today and you had the EXACT same comment, word for word, but put your location as Texas and your name as “WP2011”. Wonder what WP stands for???

        We never forget. We never forgive. We are everywhere.

      • Janny LUVUS

        These are Thugs and people that do not WANT to work. They hate our systme and feel The US is like Nazi Germany. They are crazy!! Soon they will dissapear like all anarchist!!

      • Gimli

        Nobody: Who are “we”? You got a mouse in ur pocket whack-a-doodle? Get a job!

      • Tired-repeat

        Nobody in particular – you won’t do anything.

        Forgive and forget? Are you kidding me?
        You’re the generation that chooses “Grad Student” as a career path and the screams when all of a sudden, you aren’t earning $100.000 salary.

        You take and demand and waste and then repeat the cycle – never producing anything more than complaints.

        Keep up the posting INTERNET SUPERSTAR! You won’t do anything, people like you never, ever do.

      • NeoConVet

        Well it seems that The “Flea Party” will have a chance to meet Union Dock Workers who will be thrilled to dfscuss economics with them. Note to Oakland hospitals…buy more sutures.

      • shari

        To OW who compare themselves to the original Tea Party—-You do not know your history. Paul Revere and his men CAREFULLY boarded the ship and dumped the tea overboard, damaging NOTHING else. There was NO fights, no bullying, no injuries to the crew of the ships.

        Revere made sure to replace a broken lock on one of the ships and severely punished a participant who stole some of the tea for his private use. Samuel Adams defended the raid by saying that all other methods of recourse – say, voting – were unavailable.

      • Dale

        Hey Nobody,

        You may think you’re everywhere but those of us in the Tea Party are everywhere and we’re watching. We’re the ones who vote consistantly, not just once because the candidate is a rock star. It is our hope for a better country and those marching in this Occupy thing grow up, get jobs and be productive members of society.

      • Tom Menino

        Obama’s heroes, the Chinese, know how to quell a mob of ingrates. Shoot 5 of them and the rest will go home. If they don’t shoot 10.

      • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

        Tax payers always get the bill. Deadbeats are created to vote demo(SOCIALIST). Should they be allowed to vote for more handouts? Get rid of lobbyists? Yes. Eliminate tax loopholes? Yes. Stop paying the least educated to have babies ? YES. Get rid of career politicians ? Yes. Limit time in congress to 8 years? Yes
        Get politics out of government? Yes.

      • OWS is a leftist cesspool

        OWS can go to hell…Lazy little crybabies.If they think destruction of property and blocking people from going to work is going to earn them the respect of average Americans they can think again.

    • Frank_H

      What a bunch of idiots!

    • sean patriot


    • Eric the Red

      Yes, GO back to your parents’ basements and maybe, if you are lucky, to flipping burgers while looking longingly at your bachelor’s of fine arts degrees. Go live in Cuba, Venezuela or China. We don’t need you dragging the rest of us down.

      • Common Raven

        A thousand times, THIS.

        Go home, go to H311, go anywhere but do it quietly and with as little burning of things as possible.

        The nation is losing it’s patience with you petulant children.

      • Don Ingram

        I agree with you folks. These are nothing but a bunch of idiots who cannot get a job or attended a liberal college. If they want government to control their lives, then yes, go to Cuba, Venezuela or China.

    • Armed Texan

      Yes, please GO!

    • James

      Yes…Go…….Go Away….these are a bunch of thugs that are preventing those who want to work from doing so.

    • judithod

      Interesting that one of the protesters quoted in the story is a member of the SEIU, which donated more to Obama’s first presidential campaign than most Wall Streeters. Union members point fingers at corporations, corporations point fingers at unions and the government, and our so-called “representatives” from the president on down have their hands out continuously for campaign contributions from unions and corporations.

      • JK

        Union=Giant Corporation
        Unions=largest paid advertisers during past couple of elections.

        I think my favorite quote in this article was from young Colin, who said he wants to both tax the rich and lower barriers to small businesses? Exactly how small, Colin, because if you increase taxes to filers making $200k or more, then you are hurting whom you intend to ‘support’.

      • ecomamacita

        How could a movement have Union reps AND claim to support small business?! Only a movement that is set up to create chatter would have so many contradictions. And if they support the current administration, they do not support small business because BO and his people have single-handedly chopped down SBA support as well deflected the American audience from seeing the truth — that small businesses create over 75% of the jobs in America but they need the consumer support to do so…not GE and the corporate overlords.

        But we have to wonder if DHS is using OWS comment boards to track the educated dissidents who rebuke this staged hypocrisy.

      • gary-bg

        Correct why would I open a small business and then be successful then get rich from it to then be taxed and regulated back to being middle class at best.Most small business entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they love putting people to work they open one because they are tired of working for other people.The other people that find employment in a small business are a side effect of the small business owners vision. So why would a small business expand from the incentive from government only to be taxed back down to where they were before the expansion.

    • Jsmith

      Yeah, go far, far away!

    • buckeye80

      Detain all of the protesters and give them a free course in the Constitution and another in practical economics. Their lives will be vastly improved if they are well-informed about the freedom they have to determine their own destinies. Education sets one free!

      • john wall

        What is practical economics? That is not a college course. The Constitution allows for the assembly of protesters. If you support the Tea Party I hope you realize that the original Tea Party Actions was downright theft and vandalism. Do you realize that.

    • bullrider

      Yes, to Hell. Or maybe to wherever their beloved leader Obama is at the moment.

    • John Farnsworth

      mow all of the protesters down, they are total wastes of life

    • Omar

      ” . . . we need to tax the rich and get rid of the barriers of entry to small businesses”

      Don’t want to harsh your mellow or anything, but empowering a large, confiscatory government will probably NOT “get rid of barriers entry for small business.” Quite the opposite, in fact.

    • http://marketcuriosity.wordpress.com/ Jeff

      The headline is very misleading. Are they really anarchists, or agent provocateurs?

      Please consider these these 2 ideas:
      – “They” have power because we let them control the money supply. Consider being your own bank: store wealth in precious metals and other hard assets. At least use a local credit union.
      – When a politician promises something, ask, “Or else what?” What do they have at stake if they don’t make good on their promise? This changes the power dynamics from fiat win lose, to equal contact.

      Details: http://marketcuriosity.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/design-thriving-societies-what-works-from-a-scientific-point-of-view/

    • hebgb


      The reason B of A suspended their greedy tactic was to stop the loss of accounts from people. People voted with their wallets, not the idleminded children thinking the parks and streets are for campouts.

    • jlou

      Yes, let’s encourage violence. That way you and your ilk can claim police brutality when they haul your butts away.

      Where do you stop with the violence? What about employees of the bank? Customers?

      You, and the people you support, are pathetic.

    • Feedbag

      So violence is your solution to these problems?

    • Protest Hurting Small Business more than 1%

      We are a small business that has multiple small stores and franchises in local communities in the western states and like most are dealing with economy and we use the Oakland port to get some of our products. This Holiday season is real important for all of us that have local community stores and employees that live and work in our communities. The is impact us and our employees seriously if this shutdown continues. Are we really considered the 1% that you are trying to send a message to. I have no problems with protest and free speech but I know for a fact you are not just affecting the 1% with this. Creating problems for the 99% to prove a point to the 1% does not make sense, get your facts of who you are actually affecting next time. Unfortunately there are thousands of small business that rely on that port which is far more that the few 1% you are affecting.

      • ecomamacita

        Agreed. These protests and this administration are killing the one solution that will spearhead recovery in America — small businesses. Cheap labor and lies are hurting our business. All I am looking to do is increase my profit margin so that I can start helping others who are suffering from un/underemployment with steady employment.

        Bootstrapping and an honorable handshake is what this country was built upon…its time to take back control from chatter and hyperbole hypocrisy.

    • David Christianson

      No John, that is an absolute lie, just like the lies told by the protestors you support. Why don’t you protest the people who take Corporate money and pass the laws – i.e. Congress.
      And to what end do these protests seek – complete socialism! Which has resulted in no freedoms and mass killings throughout the world’s history.
      You and your ilk are being used for nothing more than a pathetic attempt to bring down the USA and make everyone as miserable as you.

    • SEK

      BOA may have rescinded their $5.00 fees, but have you read what they have done instead? Look it up concerning derivitives being moved so that taxpayers will be on the hook. The debit fee is nothing compared to what they are doing, all the while the OWS are protesting.
      And what do you mean, unfortunately, the violence is not in Wall Street? How can anyone approve of vandalism, setting fires, smashing windows, etc?

    • Victoria Larsen

      Our government is not being run by corporations it is being run by Politicans who think that is a real job and want to control the people of this country!

    • Dave in Los Angeles

      I don’t get it. I’m angry at my government too and vote to try to change things. Yet, these people, who seemingly have way more time than I do (trying to work to pay my bills and put food on the table) seem to just want to “take” from the “evil” corporations (who mostly happen to be made up by your own neighbors). What about the “evil” unions stealing public money by loading up pensions, and using workers pay to lobby and grease the politicians for their self-interest? How come the “Occuppiers” don’t voice their angst towards them? Such hypocrisy. It isn’t capitalism that is the problem-its the lack of character and a lost sense of right and wrong. This is what we get when we value mediocrity and entitlement over self-reliance, personal responsibility and integrity.

      • K. Reuxa

        Let me add to your comment if I may. I just discovered today that our city employees receive matching retirement funds of 2-to-1. In other words, the city holds out 7% of their salary to put in their retirement (let’s say $5600 out of a $80K salary)–then the tax payers pay $11,200 more into that worker’s retirement plan! So a guy making $80k really makes 91K and that doesn’t include the health insurance benefits they receive. Try to get that in a private sector job! So when I see teachers and other public sector employees joining in to these protests I just have to shake my head. I would dearly love to have those kinds of benefits!

    • Brian

      LOL what the idiots don’t understand is that the ships and cargo go to other ports to drop off their loads. LOL what a bunch of morons. GET A JOB PEOPLE..

      • Blank

        Get a job doing what? They have degrees in Womens’ Studies and Sanskrit and feel actual work is beneath them.

    • Jim Adams

      Hey Ben Bruso, it seems the government bailed out the car corporations inturn saving your union buddies at GM and Chrysler. All the tax payers who paid for that now want to thank you for all the extra costs and destruction your union friends are creating in this occupy movement. Go back to work and lets

    • ecomamacita

      Wow John, what a major victory! It only took months of looting, rioting and millions of dollars in taxpayers money (to cover the damages) to get BoFA to retract their five dollar fees. That’s really sticking it to “the man”. If you call this a movement, I have a much more productive one every morning before I go to work.

    • John C

      The typical tactics of liberal-progressives (socialist/comments) is to whip up the public dissatisfaction by organizing protests, indoctrinating the crowds to socialist/communist dogma by passing out literature and holding “teach in” indoctrination’s, then once the crowd reaches critical mass, promote instability through riots and anarchy in hopes of collapsing the system and overthrowing the government through revolution. With cold weather quickly approaching and the likelihood of the protester numbers dwindling, they have to start the riots now. It should be noted that Obama has voiced support for these protesters.

    • Jeff

      The OWS movement is about played out. Now that they see no one really cares and that there isn’t any meaningful message being delivered, the violence will ratchet up because that’s all they have left. Someday they’ll wise up and realize they’ve been setup by the radical progressive movement that doesn’t care squat about them or their liberties. Pathetic, classless individuals.

    • uisignorant

      Yes, please just go.

    • JByrd42

      You are a useful idiot. The rest of us are at work trying to pay our bill, put food on the table and keep the lights on and these thugs are out terrorizing cities and communities. You a are a complete fool.

    • kbernatovich

      That’s right..GO…straight to he11

    • patmurphy1965

      Got to helll!!

    • B of A listened to 1%, not 99%

      B of A had a loss of accounts from the rich 1%. They couldn’t care less about the dirty camper protestors.

    • David

      It’s ironic that the 99% are preventing other 99%-ers from working and earning a wage. Those who were there and have cause others to not work are NOT HELPING. Don’t block access to people who have jobs and don’t suggest I stop working to support the cause. It’s counter intuitive.

  • Philip Scharfy

    Well said,Adam — “Jerry” is obviously a scialist loser

    • Joe Blow

      Or an English teacher

      • John Steele

        OR a Oakland City Worker who was paid to Riot by the Marxist Mayor

  • Tom101010

    Hahaha, agreed Adam. Well said.

  • Ed Morden

    At a time when corporations — which place profit over people, self-interest over justice and oppression over equality — run our governments, members of the 99% have peaceably assembled in cities across the USA as is our right, to let these facts be known:

    *They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.
    *They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products, endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
    *They determine economic policy despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.
    *They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.
    *They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.
    *They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives, or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.
    *They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.
    *They purposefully kept people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.
    *They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners, even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.
    *They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.
    *They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.
    *They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.

    To the American people: Exercise your right to peaceably assemble, occupy public space, create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone. Join us and let your voices be heard!!!

    • JennyC

      Grow up…

    • Marcus

      What a bunch of nonsense! The media could not be more anti-business. What planet do you live on?

    • DH

      Spoken like a good little Marxist but most of what you said can be said directly about the unions backing this farce

      • Joshua Geekonamotorcycle Porrata

        wow full of fail.

    • Randy

      Ed, you are a total moron. Do you pay any taxes? Do you create any jobs? Do you contribute anything positive to the betterment of society? My guess is that you are a net taker. Someone who takes from society much more than they contribute. Why don’t you move your socialist ass to a socialist country?

    • Jasmine

      Mr. Ed and his OWS friends are confused. The country they are talking about is NOT America, it is CHINA. You guys need to all get tickets and fly to Communist China ASAP, so you can protest Communism. Or, if you prefer a tropical climate, go to Cuba or Venezuela. I’m sure you will get to experience what REAL “oppression” is.

      • Lena

        To Burnthemdown

        The Communist Party of China is the founding and ruling political party of the People’s Republic of China. BTW, The Communist Party of China is the ONLY party in China. And who is a moron?

      • Burnthemdown

        Hahaha, China is communist, hilarious. If you hate China so much stop buying all the products sold to you by chinese CAPITALISTS. HAHAHA, southern morons.

    • yobaby

      Hey Eddy! It’s government that corrupts the corporations…get a clue! And, what a surprise…a business that is interested in profit? Wow, get a load of that! Are you serious?! If businesses did not make a profit, your precious government would also be in a heap of trouble…where would their revenue come from? Not from losers like you! Thank God for Business…less government, more freedom…you need to go to Cuba where they believe what you believe…and it’s worked out so well! LOL!

    • Atlas Collins

      Pizz off and die worthless communist vermin.

    • uisignorant


    • JK

      Ed: if you believe all these things, then why don’t you catch a ride to Washington and protest the White House, Capitol Hill, and two of the largest, blood-sucking (from the veins of taxpayers) Corporations of all–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

    • MDWhite

      Thank you, Ed! Yes!

      Ed, aka Spartacus, will now lead us in a rousing chorus of “The Internationale.” To the barricades one and all !!! Viva Emiliano Zapata !!! Viva Hugo Chavez !!! Viva Con Carne !!! Viva Las Vegas !!!

      But, hey, while you’re sacrificing so much for the revolution, don’t forget to text Dad and make sure he’s sent your hefty, monthly allowance check.

    • Publius

      “They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.”
      First, who the hell is “they?” Corporations?.
      You’re going to try to get me to believe that corporations have gotten together and consprired to put the police on the streets? Are you a moron? Whoever told you that was a liar and deceiver, and you, your gullible self, goobled it up without thinking. You do have a brain, don’t you? You are a nut.

    • BadKosh

      Ed you MORON!! Explain HOW a corporation can inflict oppression? You aren’t FORCED to work for one.

      I think your problem is you are looking at the world as stereotypes, and all the situations are all soap opera plots. Get connected to REALITY.

    • bullrider

      Ed, reading your remarks made me want to vomit everything I’ve eating for three days.

    • dhoneywell

      Ed, Ed, Ed. The answer is limitied government. If there wasn’t so much power and money at the federal level, you wouldn’t have tens of thousands of lobbyists in DC, foreign and domestic, buying the politicians. Take back DC and limit it’s power to those stated in the constitution and you’ll reduce corruption exponentially…

    • David Christianson

      Let me just drink the kool-aid and I’m right behind you, Ed.

    • The Vet

      My dear Ed, go get a job or better yet, start your own business – and make us proud, Ed. I believe that you can do it. Now, it’s going to require a lot of very hard work, planning, sleepless nights, sacrifice, and looking only to yourself for income and profit. You willingly must delay your own gratification by day in, day out dedicated goal-setting, relentless optimism, unapologetic belief in the great American free-enterprise system, and develop inexpressible pride and gratitude for why you are trying to achieve you goal of self-sufficiency. Your faith in yourself and your trust in the God who loves you will grow to new heights. Your growth as a man and your capacity for love of your family and friends will exceed anything you had imagined.

      You will have to swim against the current of high taxation, regulations, fees, government intrusion, and the jealous greed of ignorant left-wing whiners and useless parasitic twits who see your emerging success in business as a threat to their slothfulness.

      They (the socialist Left) will stand against you by voting for people who will grow big government and happily pick your pocket and transfer benefits to them. You will be considered an evil exploiter of the good citizens, even though you have provided valuable goods and services and jobs for those who are willing to work. Come on in, Ed. Do you have the guts to be a real American entrepreneur? Or are you a little sissy whiner who can only stand around and gripe, while aligning yourself with Occupiers, Union thugs, Marxists, druggies, and welfare trash? Come on, Ed. Aren’t you better than that? Grow a couple and stop your self-pity. Get up and make yourself richer and provide a means for countless others to benefit from your hard work and sacrifice. It’s the American way, Ed. Learn it and live it.

      • Tell Sackett

        Very well said. Ed hasn’t the intelligence nor the drive to succeed at anything. He will always be a taker.

    • Dwight E. Howell

      You are insane. Some of the problems are real but you want to burn down everyone’s house to set up a total police state that would shoot you in the head and dump you body in the nearest ditch!

    • Frank Truth

      Ed is wrong about a lot of things. Then again so are those that call him names. The fact is American workers have a to complain about. This country is headed toward civil war. That is what the Tea Party people want. They are as clueless, as confident, and as smug as every leader just before he is overthrown. There will be fewer and fewer good jobs in the US as US corporations become multi-national corporations, and export skilled labor to countries like China, Romania, India, and other countries. The US laborer can’t compete with Chinese labor. Even hipster Steve Jobs complained it was more difficult to manufacture a product here than it is in China. Of course, that is true. Chinese laborers are nothing more than slaves. They have no rights, and no life. There are billions of Chinese that are happy to earn a few pennies a day. American workers could not pay their food bill even if they earned a hundred times more than the average Chinese worker. People with money in the US have been helped by a dollar that has been artificially strong. But a strong dollar hurts the American worker. That is why China fights to keep its currency artificially low. American labor will eventually have very little value. The more efficient businesses become, the less they need human resources. That is why Einstein was a socialist. Of course, I am sure you Tea Party folks think Einstein was a moron, too. In order to make money you need political stability. Political stability requires some income distribution. My father was in the 90% tax bracket. That did not take away his incentive to work. He worked even harder. He was proud to support the US, and proud that he could afford to pay 90% taxes. My father was still a noted philanthropist. We still lived in a mansion. My father had a private chauffer. We had maids and bulters. When we wanted anything during dinner, all we had to do was press a button under the table to call in kitchen help. Today, people complain about paying 40% income taxes. The real reason they complain is they suffer a form of mental illness. They suffer OCPD (not OCD). They are pack rats. They can’t throw away underware even when it has holes in it. They collect material things. Material things become a poor substitute for love. Everyone is so busy making money and obsessed with material things, there is little time to show others love. So children grow up with lots of material things but little love. When you have love, you don’t need twenty cars, and collections of all kinds of things that you sit and decay. When you have love, you don’t need to be some new-fangled version of Ebeneezer Scrooge. I don’t think rich liberal should unilaterially help the poor and disabled. I don’t want Warren Buffett and George Soros to give their money to help the poor. The burden of helping the poor and disabled should not disproportionately fall on the shoulders of those who think that should be a shared responsiblity. I don’t expect our military and prison system to be funded just by wealthy individuals who support our millitary. If you want to live in American society, you need to follow majority rule. If we were a group of thirty people alone in the world, and you had most of the wealth, and didn’t want to help the weaker members of our group, you would not be given a choice. Like many wealthy people I don’t have to pay much taxes. Your Republican friends have given me all kinds of tax shelters, and tax loop holes. While you’re worrying about welfare queens, me and most of my friends are able to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars in taxes. We set up tax free, non-profit foundations that employ our children and our relatives and pay them huge sums of money for doing nothing. And it is all legal thanks to your Republican friends. I didn’t get rich by being stupid. I got rich the old fashioned way. I inherited it. I would be happy to pay more taxes, but don’t expect me to single handedly solve America’s debt crisis. Most Americans in Occupy Wall Street don’t want to see wealthy people suffer. They don’t care if Gore flies around in a private jet wasting fuel. They look at the big picture.

    • Protest Hurting Small Business more than 1%

      Here is a Fact!
      We are a small business that has multiple small stores and franchises in local communities in the western states and like most are dealing with economy and we use the Oakland port to get some of our products. This Holiday season is real important for all of us that have local community stores and employees that live and work in our communities. The is impact us and our employees seriously if this shutdown continues. Are we really considered the 1% that you are trying to send a message to. I have no problems with protest and free speech but I know for a fact you are not just affecting the 1% with this. Creating problems for the 99% to prove a point to the 1% does not make sense, get your facts of who you are actually affecting next time. Unfortunately there are thousands of small business that rely on that port which is far more that the few 1% you are affecting.

      All of your listed problems are great but what are you trying to accomplish is Oakland? Put others out of work so we can join the movement? Great Idea!

    • Andrew P.

      “Fact” Line #1: When? When has the US Military EVER prevented US freedoms? As a soldier, that is insulting. This country has never had a military coup. We have always faithfully defended our home, and yet you accuse us of what you do not understand.
      “Fact” Line #2: Toyota may have deliberately declined to recall products, but then you should be buying American anyway.
      “Fact” Line #5: They are not trying to keep us on foreign oil. That doesn’t make sense. They are trying to lower costs and thereby increase profits. It’s what a business does. A business is out to make money, not save the earth. Those who advocate alternate forms of energy habitually underestimate the costs of production, and overstate the results.
      “Fact” Line #6: They are not blocking generic medicines. Rather, drug companies spend millions on the research and production of medicines. When they can no longer make substantial profits (because they are now generic), they simply end production. Why don’t YOU go into that business, spend millions, and make pennies in return? Oh that’s right, because you have likely a degree in “the Arts”.
      “Fact” #9: I’d like to see your proof for this statement.
      “Fact #10: I do not think you understand the term ‘colonialism’. How does one perpetuate colonialism at home? We already are the United States. Have we re-colonized ourselves into something else? And how have we done so abroad? Iraq… We’re leaving. Afghanistan? Probably leaving soon too. (I personally don’t think we should unless and until the locals request by majority vote of the population – but then I have SERVED overseas and seen it first hand. Have you?)
      “Fact” #11: You have this backwards. They create weapons only after they already have the govt contract. You fool. Think about that. Why would they build something before they are contractually paid to do so? If you have a problem with a country defending itself, why don’t you hop along over to France. I’m sure those p***ies will love your backwards ideologies.

      Your voices are heard, barely, over the sounds of banging drums (for some inexplicable reason). But so far your voices have nothing productive to say. As a leaderless group, you are of no help to yourselves. A job would be a more productive use of your time. And don’t say they are unavailable. Alabama has thousands of farm labor positions open, thanks to their immigration law. Why don;t you do that? Oh, because the work is too hard and you find it easier to collect government benefits. Besides, you have degrees in ethnic studies, humanities, literature, and art. How is an art major going to market himself/herself in this technologically-advanced business world? And to think you believe the taxpayers should forgive your student debt.. It’s not our fault you are a moron.

    • kbernatovich

      really? the military. I think not. But they should arrest those who are breaking the law.

    • Whatever

      Ugh ….Really??? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little… Join you and do what? Squat in public for a number 2? Spray paint a police car? Burn an American flag? Have sex with strangers in a lousy tent? DOWNTWINKLES dude….

  • Liz

    The police chief says they knows who the troublemakers are, so why don’t they just go after them and arrest them rather than staging like an army and going after the entire crowd? Unless, of course, what they really want is to go to war with the protesters rather than actually keeping the streets safe.

    • j_man

      That would cause them to have to defend themselves in court against profiling…

    • Common Raven

      Better yet, let the cops go home and let We The People deal with them directly. When the smoke clears, the police can go back to enforcing peace in a civilized society.

    • JK

      Liz–why don’t you go down and actually watch the crowd. The police are showing admirable restraint, as they are in NYC, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc.

      It is amazing to me to see protesters hurl solid objects like bottles–at police–as well as paint. I’ve seen those two myself.

      Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, go and see for yourself–don’t just trust the biased, partial-view most media outlets portray.

      • Andrew P.

        While you’re there Liz, hopefully you will see the trash, sexual abuses, and vagrancy.

  • bret

    nice going cbs 5, cant even watch the full video without the auto page reloading.
    I give up on your site

    • Marcus

      Occupy cbs5!

  • steve

    Is it any surprise that these cretins broke into violence

    • Chris

      No. OWS has been growing very frustrated and impatient with the relative lack of tear gas and police brutality. It flies in the face of one of their cherished beliefs that America is evil. They had to do something to provoke them. So they start a big fire in the middle of the street, and smash store windows. Next, they’ll insist that they did nothing wrong, and that the police attacked them for no reason. Then they’ll cry about how evil America is, and how they’re such heroic martyrs. And there will be enough people out there that will believe them to make it all worth it.

      • Chris Sucks

        I believe them. Maybe if I dragged a dead 6 year old palestinian/afghani/iraqi,libyian girl into your living room and left her on the floor you would start to believe them too.

      • Common Raven

        Amen. The morons who are so self-loathing, misanthropic and misguided that they hate their own country need to be shown the door at gunpoint. Don’t like it here? Fine by me. Go join the rest of the world that hates us, but you aren’t welcome here anymore.

      • Paul Andrew

        This is the re-elect Ofailure campaign.

    • Bill Jones

      The only way they can proceed is through violence. It says so in the Marxist handbook. Page 24 paragragh A & B

  • Marcus

    The vast majority of these folks are simply deadbeats, burnouts or societal leaches who have no idea what they’re protesting. They see that there are some people out there who have more than they do and feel entitled to the same – without having to work hard and lay out personal financial risk to get it. The big banks took what the government offered them. It should never have been offered and the governmental officials (President and Congress) are the ones who should be held accountable – AND voted out. Community banks, largely, took NO money and should NOT be demonized. Get your facts straight, folks. Then, go do protest in Washington, where the real issues are.

    • VaDave

      This guys statement says it all about many of the idiots and malcontents that are down there, “I feel great. This is the largest movement I’ve seen in my lifetime.” This guy obviously just wants to be part of something becasue it makes him feel good. Maybe he missed the late 60’s and all of those original idiots. the beginning of the end of our society.

    • T woodhouse

      Best summary I’ve seen of these clueless OWS idiots.

    • The Vet

      Excellent, Marcus. You nailed it with precision. Way to go.

  • Vicky Bevis

    But NOWHERE in Oakland, NYC or anyplace else are any protesters giving any ideas of just exactly what/HOW they want to implement their changes. Personally, I never listen to anyone who complains about ANYTHING unless they at least have a concrete idea of what MIGHT work! Suggetions anyone?

    • Marcus

      They can’t verbalize their issues or solutions because they don’t really know what they are protesting. They’re just unhappy and feel entitled to happiness. Nowhere in our constitution does it guarantee that. We are only guaranteed the “pursuit” of happiness. I guess their pursuit entails camping out, not showering and going to the bathroom behind a tree.

      • uisignorant

        Actually the definition of happiness has changed. At the time, it was happenstance as know as today.

  • disgusted atliberals

    These people are an embarrassment to America-if they don’t like it here MOVE to Cuba-Venezuela-you are a bunch of spoiled “entitled” ingrates who are making FOOLS of yourselves. How does burning down places, breaking windows, looting, and blocking business help you cause. It only makes me despise you and not sympathize with you-

    • GMan

      Why should they move? At the rate the present administration is going, and with a continuted entitlement mentality, we will be the next Cuba or Venezuela.

      • Blank

        Try North Korea

  • sean patriot


  • Midge Marten Marshmont

    “Doctors destroy health,
    lawyers destroy justice,
    psychiatrists destroy minds,
    scientists destroy truth,
    major media destroys information,
    religions destroy spirituality and
    governments destroy freedom.” ~ Michael Ellner


    • Marcus

      And Obama destoys it all.

      • astralweeks

        Ha, funny Marcus.

    • jasmine

      Michael Ellner is a doctor, so I guess he is guilty of destroying health – your mental health.

      What is your point here, btw? That we should go back to prehistoric times?

    • MDWhite

      Thank you for the pithy wisdom and laser insight, sunshine….and scissors cut paper and a rock breaks scissors and a bird in the hand gathers no moss. Twit.

  • ed357

    Water cannons…………

    with soap.

    • The Vet

      You are too clever, ed357. Lord knows those filthy thugs need a good washing down. BTW, I fancy 357’s. Nice home protector.

  • Marcus

    Now THAT is funny!. Well played, sir.

  • http://www.fastnews.tv/?p=105439 Shut Down Port, Attack WHOLE FOODS, ATMs... | Breaking News

    […] headline, 4th story, link) Related stories: ‘Occupy’ Rallies Turn Violent…Police Tear Gas Oakland […]

  • Twilliam

    ‘Bruso said he was there because he wants to get rid of lobbying in government.”
    What a complete idiot, he belongs to SEIU, perhaps THE most powerful lobbing group in DC.

    • TeaPartyType

      Yes, he’s a useful idiot!

  • http://www.cappersmall.com/forums/f85/peaceful-occupy-rabble-have-started-rachet-up-violence-459660/#post4692237 The peaceful occupy rabble have started to rachet up the violence - Sports Handicapping Forum

    […] […]

  • Mon

    I guess if police won’t restore calm it will be up to the 80% who are still trying to make a living and are being blocked by these idiots.

  • les bondy

    I agree — it would make the country better to get rid of these people who hate America.

  • disgusted

    It is ironic that ben bruso is mad about government being bought by corporations but not about government being bought by unions

  • Eric the Red

    It seems from the overnight pix coming from Oakland that there are gang bangers in the mobs. Aren’t they the ultimate capitalists? They market drugs and guns to people and pay no taxes. Hmmm. Isn’t Van Jones from Oakland? His fingerprints are all over this. I mean, he is an avowed marxist and did organize a vigil after 9/11/01 to bad mouth America’s imperialism all over the globe and did encourage citizens to disrespect police. Didn’t he serve in Obama’s White House? Hmmm again. Is Oakland in Pelosi’s district. She pretends to be ‘down’ with the 99% but is actually…whispering now….part of the 1%. Her husband is an investment banker and they are loaded! Wake up you useful idiots!

  • les bondy

    Please God liberals, socialists, commies, lowlifes, noodnicks, obama lovers, losers- all of you- keep up the protests . Stand your ground. You are right for doing this. America will remember this at election time !!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    • kbernatovich

      Yep, I’ll remember not to ever vote for a lieberal.

  • Joe

    Can’t read this story. Half of the page is hidden behind ads.

  • Russ in OR

    Mayor Jean Quan had this nipped last week when she ordered police to de-camp the protesters. Then, after endangering the safety of the police, allowed the protesters back in!

    It takes a world class politician to bungle her job so badly that everyone is irate. Nicely played, Mayor!

  • Gerad R.

    Colin Holtzinger – “we need to tax the rich and get rid of the barriers of entry to small businesses.” What a mental midget. That’s right, get rid of the barriers of entry to small busineses. Hey, Einstein, one of the barriers of entry to small businesses is the high taxation rate on the so called rich — the one’s who actually try to own and operate a big portion of small businesses.

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