OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland officials Friday said the Occupy Oakland protests have cost the city more than $1 million so far, and business owners say the protests are hurting them financially too.

As of Oct. 28 the city estimates it has spent more than $700,000 in overtime costs alone including $700,000 for police, $28,000 for public works and $9,000 for information technology staff, said City Administrator Karen Boyd.

Other costs include $70,000 for the Police Department, $70,000 for the public works agency, $25,000 to replace glass damaged on Wednesday when a protest became violent, and $100,000 for security enhancements to the Police Department’s web site.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

The Chamber of Commerce on Friday also issued a statement indicating that business leaders had met with Mayor Jean Quan, Boyd and Chief of Police Howard Jordan to ask that the encampment be shut down. The group expressed support for the Oakland Police Department and told Quan it would “hold her responsible for the peaceful and successful resolution to this encampment,” said Paul Junge, the group’s public policy director.

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The group said that sales have dropped 40 percent at some businesses, and that customers, employees and clients report feeling afraid and harassed downtown.

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Comments (19)
  1. Oakland Taxpayer says:

    The mayor and council need to make a decision. The original “Occupy Wall Street” has turned into an “Occupy (hold hostage?) Oakland,” message lost. Oakland is obviously not a “Wall Street,” but appeasement has given way to chaos. Suppose anyone is occupying San Leandro, Hayward, Union City, Fremont, Berkeley? I don’t think so, but surely Oakland folks are not shopping in downtown Oakland as they were. Maybe they’re shopping in other cities where stores are open and not threatened. And, who get’s the bil for “Occupy (hold hostage?) Oakland,”…well of course, we Oakland Taxpayers. Who gets heat from the mixed messages to enforce then not enforce, well of course our Oakland Police… and then, who gets free camping and the freedom of downtown?

  2. PLW says:

    Politicians don’t care!!!!!! The Taxpayers will pick up the tab…….

  3. eurobrat says:

    Any attempt to change the system is going to disrupt things and have a cost. The way this society has been going will cost the 99% a lot more in the end. The protests are worth it.

    1. Murray says:

      So I take it you can afford to make up the loss in pay for those who aren’t part of the 1% and can’t make rent, house payments, or buy food?

      1. eurobrat says:

        Even though I work hard, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it–that’s why I support the protests!

    2. Kent says:

      If you think it’s “worth it,” you pay for it. You have some kind of arrogance to pin your faux idealism on other people and force them to underwrite your “disruption” festival against their will.

      Oakland taxpayers are paying for a free campground for loudmouth slackers, plain and simple. The only thing they are going to “change” is the odor that comes from not practicing hygiene and smoking weed as your “statement.”

      1. garbob says:

        If there is a choice between an expression of democracy, of living in a “free society” and business interests, I would suggest that in amerika, freedom should come first.

      2. eurobrat says:

        Kent, there are similar protests going on in my own city, and since I am a taxpayer, I am and will be paying for it–in police overtime, cleaning up the park after they’re done etc. You think I’m arrogant–the way the 1% has been treating us for years now is true arrogance, and it’s getting worse. Really, they should be the ones paying for it, after all the bailouts they got.

        If I recall correctly, the hippies back in the sixties were mocked for the same reasons–they smell, they smoke weed and so on. Yet they managed to cause a shift in the way people think about society. If nothing else, hopefully these protests will change the attitude in America a little.

    3. Mac says:

      First – what about the freedom of the business owners and those that wish to shop? They may not share the so-called 99% view. This brings me to point 2.

      Second – I get that you folks call yourselves the 99% but i guarantee you that I’m not in the 1% and you certainly don’t represent me. My guess is that the 99% are more like the 47% – the 47% that don’t give a rats behind and simply want a government bail-out like the banks got. Do us all a favor – go get a job.

      1. mongo says:


        Well said. Frankly, these misguided protestors probably make up their own unique 1% as the do not reflect my views or that of my friends and family; and I am not close to being in the proverbial one percent.

  4. Guapi says:

    Make those who were arrested pay the bill. Of course you’ll never be able to collect any judgement. So bill the Feds… It was Obama and Pelosi that encouraged this stupid protest. As long as we taxpayers (i.e. the ones that know how to get and keep a job) have to take it in the pants (again) we might as well route the bill through the entity that is primarily to blame.

  5. JR says:

    The protest will not change a thing other than cost taxpayers more money!!

  6. Murray says:

    This protest unless it moves into a political movement in the next week that doesn’t include anarchists and the crazies will not be remembered other than in what were they thinking and expensive accomplished nothing in those a look back segments on slow news days. You’ve done nothing so far other than cost small biz owners barely hangning on money they don’t have, people jobs that won’t be coming to the city. When I hear protesters say change costs money I find it strange that their choice takes precedence over others and those that are least able to afford a loss in pay. Ask a wait person how easy it is to lose nearly half their pay if not more to pay rent? Are these protesters going to raise money to help people who will go hungry due to their ideals that in the end are for nothing other than a want of being a part of some bygone era?

  7. craigo NOIZE BOYZ says:

    ^^^^^^ Wow , Oakland must have alot of Dis-information scags on the Payroll, We will not rest, we won’t go away we are the 99% !

    1. mac says:

      As I mentioned earlier – you are not the 99%. Just because you say that doesn’t make it true and based upon the response to the movement thus far it’s pretty clear that 99% of American’s don’t support you. No, actually given that you’re all able to campout instead of look for work my guess is you’re part of the 47% that don’t want to work hard. You’re upset about the bank bailouts – guess what, I am too. The difference between you and me is that I am taking personal responsibility, working, and creating a life for me and my family. You, you just want a government bail-out like the banks got. Again, like i said earlier take some responsibility for yourself and get a job.

    2. Oakland Taxpayer says:

      You’re the only 99%? You’re an Oakland Taxpayer, shop in downtown, and work at a small business to make a living, or just taking advantage of free camping? Maybe reread my earlier comment above, and then take it to Washington DC where the power/money is makes more sense.

  8. Jack Boobie says:

    I am the 37%

  9. davey says:

    Will the business owner support them and the city of Oakland too. The tax payer should not be responsible.

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