ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — An Antioch homeowner who shot and killed a man in one of his vacant properties Saturday may have interrupted a burglary, police said Sunday evening.

Police were called to the home on the 200 block of West 17th Street at around 2:45 p.m. Sunday, according to Sgt. Steve Bias.

The homeowner was found in the home with the dead man. Bias said it appears the man interrupted a burglar in the home, and shot him after he was threatened.

The home has been burglarized several times, and at the time of the shooting it appeared that copper piping and wires were being removed from the home, according to police.

The homeowner has not been placed under arrest and is cooperating fully with the investigation, Bias said.

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  1. tn says:

    I like the term “slay.” It brings back more of a rustic visual, like the Roman empire period. But I digress. Sad for the family members of the slain burglar and prayers to both the homeowner, victim (depends on whose side your on) and friends / neighbors. Hopefully, John Burris won’t enter the picture and sue everyone on behalf of the burglar’s family, claiming some civil department or homeowner’s association didn’t do its job to secure the area.

    1. Rick says:

      Very well said and my thoughts also! I hadn’t thought of John Burris and your point regarding him, is also well made!

  2. JMasters says:

    Bad guy “SLAYER” .. has a good ring to it.. More people in California need to lose the ideas that guns are bad.. It just makes innocent people not have them.. More people should defend themselves, will make the bad guys think twice (maybe) or they end up bye bye.. Look at how AMERICANS live (not liberal california (ca really is way out left, not just physically)) and defend themselves.

    If you feel your life is in danger, take appropriate measures to defend yourself.. And save the next person that would be a victim when they get out of the too easy jails, and save the taxpayers money.

  3. Paul Dsu says:

    good job home owner!

  4. Other Mike says:

    Right on. The more bad guys that know they may be met with a hailstorm of lead, the safer our communities will be. Remember: Gun laws ONLY restrict gun access to good, law abiding citizens. Criminals, being criminals, don’t obey the laws, and have been granted a near monopoly on self-defense weapons by the gun grabbers in Sacramento.

  5. sigmund says:

    Thank YOU homeowner, for if this person you shot lived, it may have invaded my home and injured me. You deserve more than a pat on the back, should be medals handed out for shooting and killing burglers. It’s a KNOWN fact that burglers, unchecked, soon become rapists and murderers, when they burgle homes.

  6. tn says:

    Our 2nd amendment gives us rights to bear arms. The ideal philosophy is great (as in this news article explains) but the realities MIGHT be different. Do the math- even if 50% of all homeowners all of a sudden, decide to own guns (though most will never use them in home invasions or robberies), the chance of use will be 100% higher, and the chance of accidents, children finding irresponsible parents’ guns and accidentally misusing them, bullets accidentally flying through your wall from a neighbor’s discharged gun, etc. can’t help but to proportionally increase. Then attorney John Burris enters the picture and sues everyone and every organization involved so he can make another pay-day. Just saying.

  7. tn says:

    It just worries me that if every one owned guns, like everyone owns and drives cars, if you’ve been a party to or have seen some of the idiotic moves of some of these drivers make behind the wheel, it can’t help but scare you to think how they’d handle a gun… A car has brakes and if we’re lucky, the idiot driver stops in time, a fired bullet is pure physics in action. That’s what I’m concerned with.

  8. adam says:

    Rather be trialed by 12 than carried by 6…..Good Job homeowner!

  9. jctopgun says:

    Texas and AZ allow open carry of weapons and crime is lower down there communites that allow open carry have lower crime rates than locations very close to them that don’t

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