Burglary Suspect Shot By Off-Duty Cop In Brentwood

BRENTWOOD (KCBS) – Alleged robbers apparently picked the wrong house to target Tuesday in Brentwood. It turned out the homeowner is a police officer, who shot and wounded a suspect.

Police Lt. Tom Hansen said that two suspects in a gold sedan pulled up on the 1800 block of Fiorita Way and charged inside a home, attempting to pull of a robbery. It didn’t happen.

“We were dispatched to the report of a homeowner who had shot a suspect who was attempting to break into his house,” said Hansen. “When officers arrived they found one subject who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.”

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Hansen said the wounded suspect was airlifted to a trauma facility. The other suspect ran from the scene, and remained at large.

“It turns out that the homeowner was an off-duty police officer,” said Hansen. “In Contra Costa County we have a protocol which will include the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, the Brentwood Police Department, and the agency that the officer is from, doing a joint investigation on this.”

The off-duty officer is not a member of the Brentwood Police Department.

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  • justice served

    Unfortunately, taxpayers will get the bill. The “poor (thug) victim” will get medical, dental, a free lawyer and on and on… all at taxpayer’s expense. I’m just delighted the officer is safe…the thug, hum? I would feel very safe to have this officer as my neighbor.

    • Blooclues

      That was my thought… Why didn’t he die. He most likely was flown to John Muir trauma center – another bill us tax payers has to foot. The office is a friend of ours and I’m so glad he was not harmed.

  • Mike Yoo

    The cop needs a more powerful gun that does the job properly with just one shot.

  • SteadyAimFire

    What happened to the old term “shoot to kill”… Bring back the Dirty Harry era.

    • out here

      i think he was trying but damn. he couldnt with 9 shots. hes fired.lol or should be.i’m still here alive. to bad you wasnt there to take the shot.i’m sure u could have fulfilled the dirty harry era… lol. whatever that is…i was going for the neo era..

  • talondog

    Good job bythe police officer, hopefully the piece of trash will die.

  • elaine

    See what jail or prison he goes to at http://www.theimatelookup.om

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