SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) —  The Santa Rosa City Council approved by a 5-2 vote Thursday night an urgency ordinance that allows ‘Occupy Santa Rosa’ protesters to apply for a permit to continue camping at City Hall.

The protesters have been camping without a permit since Oct. 29, but city officials allowed the camping and held two public hearings on the issue.

There are an estimated 60 tents on the City Hall lawn at First Street and Santa Rosa Avenue. Everyone now camping must individually apply for the 15-day permit, which may be renewed.

The vote came after dozens of people spoke during a three and a half hour public hearing.

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Comments (2)
  1. Philip Scharfy says:

    Murders. Suicides. Rapes. Overdose deaths. Heroin dealing. Creepy guys exposing themselves to small children. People defecating and urinating on police cars. Outbreaks of hepatitis and body lice. Arson.

    Say, remember when the Tea Party did all this stuff?

    Me neither.

    Rarely have the lines in the culture war been as clearly demarcated as they are right now.

  2. Dean M says:


    I think you are high. I don’t know of any Occupy Wallstreet protesters who are murdering, committing suicide, raping, overdosing, or dealing heroin.

    Have you seen these things happening fist-hand at Occupy Santa Rosa? I hope you reported them to the police if you did. I would have, but I’ve not seen these kinds of behaviors taking place here.

    Finally, as someone who appears to be a right-winger (and I respect your right to keep your beliefs), I would like to ask you one question:

    Why would you support the government’s right to abridge the public’s right to peaceably assemble to seek a redress of grievances? If you sought this unabridged right, even if I did not agree with your message, I would support you.

    Why won’t you support me?

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