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Paraglider Plunges To His Death In Milpitas

MILPITAS (CBS SF) – A 51-year-old San Jose man fell to his death while paragliding at Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas on Sunday afternoon.

Everett Greel III was paragliding above Monument Peak Trail when his parachute collapsed about 80 feet above the ground at about 1:50 p.m., Santa Clara County sheriff’s Sgt. Jose Cardoza said.

Emergency responders attempted to revive Greel, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is unknown what caused the glider to fail, Cardoza said.

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  • Joe Faust

    The flight device was a gliding kite “paraglider” of limp canopy.

    • Albert Duthie

      Joe, no one in the world except you uses the words “gliding kite” and “limp canopy” to describe a paraglider.

  • Joe Faust

    Will CBS News change the title of their video?
    Condolences to “Chip” family and friends.

  • T McMahon

    Don’t count on it. The “news” media doesn’t know the difference between a single or multi-engine aircraft. Journalism seldom polices itself.

  • LandLubber

    Gliding kite? Limp canopy? para what?? All I know is that we weren’t born with wings and weren’t meant to stay in the air too long, goes for the water as well. Only 2 things happen in both cases, either you land/surface safely or you fall victim to the unfamiliar territory. But rip my good man you were having fun.

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