OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Thirty-two people were arrested Monday morning in what appears to have been a largely peaceful police sweep of Frank Ogawa Plaza to clear out the Occupy Oakland encampment that has stood outside City Hall for weeks.

Police Chief Howard Jordan said Monday the police sweep at the plaza went more smoothly than the raid three weeks ago, in part because he said no one threw rocks at officers this time. Jordan said only nine of the people arrested were Oakland residents.

Another person was arrested around noon for spitting at an officer at 14th Street and Broadway.

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Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said that in addition to spitting at officers, that man threw a gallon of water onto them and knocked down barriers at the plaza.

Jordan said that once the city finishes cleaning up the plaza, people can’t be kept away because it is a public space. But he said police will monitor the plaza all night to make sure tents aren’t set up again.

He also said that if anarchists show up Monday night trying to cause trouble, “We intend to have sufficient officers to arrest people who break the law.”

Jordan said officers from other agencies will be available again if necessary.

Monday morning, Oakland police were assisted by officers from the San Leandro, San Francisco, Hayward and Fremont police departments, and sheriff’s deputies from Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

“I’m very proud of the way the officers acted today,” Jordan said.

City Administrator Deanna Santana said Oakland is paying between $300,000 and $500,000 for Monday’s mutual aid.

Oaklandis paying in full for the assistance, since the raid was a planned event, Jordan said. However, if protests get out of hand Monday night, that would constitute an emergency and a mutual aid agreement would be activated, meaning Oakland wouldn’t have to foot the whole bill for the response.

KCBS Team Coverage on Occupy Oakland Raid

Crews were still cleaning upFrankOgawaPlazaearly this afternoon.

All of the protesters were gone from the plaza, except for Zachary Running Wolf, a tree-sitter who is perched atop a small wooden platform in a tree there.

Jordansaid police are leaving him alone for now as they look into what his legal rights are to be there.

Monday morning, he could be heard shouting from the tree, “This is native land. I’m not coming down.”

Mayor Jean Quan sounded hoarse as she spoke at a news conference, saying a number of protesters left the encampment voluntarily before police moved in.

“We met with multiple groups within the camp and asked them to leave,” Quan said. “Many of them have, and I want to thank them for that.”

She asked people throughout the Bay Area to respect the city’s decision to shut down the encampment, and refrain from engaging in “destructive acts.”

After the camp was raided the first time on Oct. 25, protests downtown turned violent, resulting in injuries to both police and protesters, and downtown businesses were damaged.

In response to a reporter’s question, Quan also briefly discussed the departure of her unpaid legal adviser Dan Siegel, who resigned over Quan’s decision to raid the camp Monday.

She said she and Siegel went to college together and sometimes disagree. “He’s moving on, I’m moving on,” Quan said.

The mayor admitted to being tired Monday. “As the mayor of Oakland, this has been a very difficult situation,” Quan said.

She said she believes the “Occupy” movement is morphing into a movement larger than just encampments, but that the protesters who were removed from Frank Ogawa Plaza Monday are trying to find private property to move onto.

In the meantime, some of the campers have relocated to Snow Park, near Lake Merritt. Jordan said there is no plan to raid Snow Park Monday.

He said police plan to remove people in the tents from the park eventually but that it’s not a high priority now because “Snow Park has never been a problem for us since there has been no violence or drug dealing.”

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Rumors had spread among Occupy Oakland protesters that a police raid was imminent Monday morning, and protesters gathered in the street at the corner of 14th Street and Broadway early Monday morning to wait for police action.

Protesters announced on the Occupy Oakland website that they plan to reconvene at the Oakland Public Library at 125 14th St. at 4 p.m.

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Comments (22)
  1. Arthur Bailey says:

    Seigal sounds like a gustless wonder .Now maybe quan can get someone in there thai has a backbone and .not to insult the jellyfish .It’s about time they did something about the freeloaders. And if some people got hurt in the process it’s on their own heads as they should not be illegaly camping on city property anyways.

    1. aulintacruz says:

      His name is Siegel. And I agree, these freeloaders should be deal with. Time to redistribute all their wealth to the 99%!

    2. Max Spencer says:

      It should never be up to citizens to affect the government. Let the government and police run things. Keep out of public matters and stay home like the majority of people in California. What does Arthur Bailey know anyway? And pretend you can spell better than Arthur Bailey.

  2. Oakland Taxpayer says:

    should we assume , since it was reported that deputies were doing the clearing, that Oakland taxpayers would be on the hook for $1000 per day per officer, because deputies were returning to clear an event authorized by the mayor/council? And, a question, how much has the entire occupation cost Oakland taxpayers, not including the loss to small businesses nor lost wages, nor the negative image our city has endured because of the “Occupation Wall street” morphing to “Occupying Oakland” to free rent with a tent in downtown?

  3. megerks says:

    You guys are worried about money in Oakland??? How silly, WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY bo is giving to “jihad” 64m, “Viet Nam” 1.5m…..get bo out of office & his crooks…..we won’t have AMERICA if that crook stays in office. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH

    1. aulintacruz says:

      You’re right, we need to go back to the crooks of old!

  4. Oakland Taxpayer says:

    between $300,000 and $500,000 for Monday’s mutual aid…and who get’s the bill…roll call…the taxpayers! One can only imagine that $300-500,000 would have done a lot of advertising to visit Oakland’s Museum, Chabot Space and Science, Jack London Square…or other landmarks in downtown, bringing in tourism $$$$ …what did city officials give us, well … occupiers of course! Isn’t that just wonderful?

    1. Jack Roberts says:

      The taxpayers didn’t come up with the number $300,000. That’s the bill the City came up with. Your anger should be directed towards the corrupt officials, not the protesters who are merely defending their constitutional rights.

      1. Oakland Taxpayer says:

        maybe more like wishie-washie officials? What ever$ number comes up, taxpayers will pay and potential businesses might reconsider Oakland not, and tourists that spend monies here will reconsider too…which leads me to a question if I might ask about the occupiers:: 1) How many reside in Oakland? 2) How many are Oakland homeowner-property taxpayers 3) How many are Oakland registered voters? 4) How many shop (or did until now) down town 5) how many are the 99% (this I’m sure they are) …me, I’m all 5.

  5. Caroline says:

    Thank you OPD and all the other law enforcement for clearing out the squatters. Thank you OPD officers for continuing to serve Oakland, in spite of all that you are put through.

  6. OCCUPY says:

    So are the cops going to stay in the Plaza for weeks to come in order to prevent anyone from “occupying” and exercising their 1st amendment right? America has officially become a police state.

    1. Oakland Taxpayer says:

      if I might ask about the occupiers: 1) How many reside in Oakland? 2) How many are Oakland homeowner-property taxpayers 3) How many are Oakland registered voters? 4) How many shop (or did until now) down town 5) how many are the 99% (this I’m sure they are) …me, I’m all 5…and “America has officially become a police state?”

    2. Reality Check says:

      You have the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Living in a tent in a public plaza qualifies as neither. Try working on your reading comprehension. Have you actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

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