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Garden Sprouts Up At Former Occupy Oakland Encampment

OAKLAND (KCBS) – The Occupy Oakland movement may have been booted from near the grounds of City Hall, but some remnants remain at the site, which just weeks ago housed dozens of tents.

About 40 protesters returned to Frank Ogawa Plaza this weekend, not with protest signs and banners, but with sacks of soil and planks and trays of seedlings.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

“We’re building a community garden here and the concept is providing a beautiful space for people to convene, organize, participate and feed each other,” said Leila Seraphin, who used to work in the Occupy kitchen.

She said the garden is just one of the ways that she and the rest of the protesters are trying to make a difference.

“It’s another facet, it’s a way to branch out and it’s really how I envision this movement going is to provide a space for education and constant organization,” Seraphin said.

Five flower boxes with seasonal vegetables and native shrubbery have been erected.

Seraphin said she hopes that like the entire Occupy movement, the message they are trying to get out will grow from this initial small gesture.

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  • Guapi

    This is so nice of the riff raff to plant a garden. How convenient that they heavily fertilized it with their feces during the past months. They might get some record breaking Zuchinnis!

  • norbit

    I hope they have another Occupy protest there so everyone can step on their “garden”

  • Homes Salechicago

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