Black Friday Shopper Shot At San Leandro Walmart

SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) – A suspect in a robbery and shooting outside a San Leandro Walmart early Friday morning has been identified as Oakland resident Tony Phillips.

Phillips, 20, was arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide and attempted robbery this morning after a shooting around 1:50 a.m. in the parking lot of the Walmart at 15555 Hesperian Blvd.

Police received a report of a fight in front of the Walmart at 15555 Hesperian Blvd. around 1:50 a.m.

Officers already patrolling near the parking lot went to the
center lot aisle near the front of the store where they found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound and the victim’s family members detaining a possible suspect, police said.

It appears the victims were walking to their car when multiple suspects confronted them, police said.

After suspects asked the victims for their items and were refused, a fight ensued. One suspect pulled a gun and shot one of the victims.

The victim was taken to a hospital in critical, but stable
condition, police said.

Family members wrestled down one of the suspects as another fled.

Once officers arrived, the detained suspect, Phillips, was
arrested, police said.

It is unclear if Phillips is suspected of being the gunman in the incident.

The Hesperian Boulevard Walmart listed its doors opening Thursday night at 10 p.m. for early Black Friday shopping and deals.

Sobek told reporters at the scene Friday morning it was a “robbery gone bad.”

Walmart parking lot entrances were reportedly blocked by numerous police cars as of 4 a.m. after the shooting, a clerk said from the Big 5 Sporting Goods across the street.

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  • tn

    Black Friday in San Leandro. I get it.

  • Jim Bob

    lol at tn

    • tn

      With all this crime happening on Black Friday, I wonder what’s in store for the Day After Christmas Sale?

      • Tim Giangiobbe


  • Jim Bob

    This gives new meaning to the term “Black Friday”.

    • MK

      LOL! Good one :)
      Jesus would be proud of his….shoppers.

  • MK

    With the clientele that frequents Chinamart, I mean Walmart is it any wonder that there are shootings and fights? Similar violence took place at Walmarts across the country today.

    I stopped going there 9 years ago and I am not planning to return. There are better stores offering better items at only slightly higher cost, and you likely won’t get shot while shopping there.

  • Ice Cube

    Blacks at Black Friday.

  • Leroy Hernandez

    Only happens in Ghetto areas.

  • JohnL

    Now I get what BLACK FRIDAY meaning…!!!

  • Ann Mason

    If the people who are leaving hostile comments regarding this story would like to contribute something, I suggest they ask if the victim of this crime needs financial assistance in paying his medical bills. This is no time to be opinionated. Opinions don’t help someone who is injured.



  • Mark D.

    A shooting in San Leandro, a stabbing in Sacramento, a woman using pepper spray in LA to get her goods. Stores opening on Thanksgiving. The meaning of Thanksgiving is all but dead. This country is turning into a cold, consumer driven business where it is every man/woman for themselves. We should all be ashamed of ourselves because we let it happen.

    If we don’t go to the stores on Thanksgiving they would have no reason to open. If we stop treating Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukah and Kwanza like some big shopping spree and more a time of caring and helping then we might just get back on track. But I am a realist and I know that will never happen. We teach our children to be greedy, selfish pigs and wonder why the world is the way it is.

    • Ann Mason

      Sad, but true. The best we can do is keep ourselves in the minority who try to set a good example. The benefit of that is small, but it’s worth the effort.

    • Jeff Stone

      Speak for yourself, …some people like that type of shopping insanity, which leads to crime. The fact that stores foolishly open at midnight, encourages the hoodlums to prey on the dum dums who risk these encounters.
      You can shop on-line you know.

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  • kc

    I am very happy to say that I have NEVER been inside a Walmart. It seems as if all of the violence around the country this Black Friday has been at a Walmart.
    People need to know that if says names like Coleman, Sony, you usually aren’t getting the same thing that you would in most other stores. Most manufactures have “special products” just for Walmart.

  • Jeff Stone

    It’s not far from E.14th, a general hell hole of an area..high crime, all the rest…Generally, the people are decent, it’s the 10% that make the rest look bad.
    I’ve seen some of the shoppers in that store…Find yourself a safer Walmart.

  • tn

    Is it me or did anyone notice that sent a brotha (Bob Butler. Yes, look at the picture of the reporter up above on the left!) to report on this? C’mon now?!

  • Marvin

    The victim was targeted because he was a gang banger looking latino with his family. Hispanics and Blacks we love destroying our selves. We are a bit behind when it comes to adapting to a civil society sad to say.

    • john

      A robbery is a robbery, Does’nt matter the race of the victim. I’m glad the family detained that piece of trash tony phillips. I hope he sits in his jail cell and thinks about trying to take property belonging to others for most of the rest of his life. He is an animal just like the garbage he was with that night.

  • JaneQPublic

    Tony Phillips had best be praying that the gunshot victim survives. Otherwise, Mr Phillips will be facing a felony murder charge whether he was the triggerman or not. Say bye-bye Mr Phillips….you just totally wrecked your own life, bro.

  • Tim Giangiobbe


  • tn

    Why does everything bad (including the worst dressers) happen at a Walmart? Brothas fighting and getting shot at a Walmart at 1:00AM is NOT news. If this happened in Nordstrom’s then THAT would be news.

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  • Serious White

    did you see the video of the chinese guy getting arrested at the san francisco best buy store? hahahahaha

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