OAKLAND (KCBS) – Two Bay Area public transits systems are ramping up a campaign to have users make the switch from paper to plastic.

That plastic being the newly integrated Clipper card, which is accepted on most Bay Area transit agencies.

The call to make the switch is because both Bay Area Rapid Transit and SamTrans are making ticketing changes in the new year, that according to Brenda Kahn with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

“SamTrans is in the process of transitioning a series of paper passes that it has to Clipper,” said Kahn. “And the December 2011 version of those passes will be the last for most of their monthly passes.”

In BART’s case, the high value, senior and student passes are being phased out and replaced by Clipper. And Kahn said it’s not just a move for the purpose of convenience.

“It’s environmental in that you’re not throwing away a paper pass every month,” she said. “You’re reloading this plastic card.”

Kahn said that customers won’t have a problem finding the regular day-use paper passes for both agencies, but she is urging all riders to consider making the switch, as the Clipper card is convenient, especially when you’re rushing to catch a train or bus.

Both agencies are holding a series of in-person sign-up events for the rest of the year at participating retailers, senior centers and transit stations.

The MTC said that the number of active Clipper cards in circulation is growing at the rate of more than 7,000 a week this fall and expect the total number in circulation to top a million soon.

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