OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A vigil was held Wednesday night for 1-year-old Hiram Lawrence, who was critically injured when he was one of seven people who were shot in West Oakland Monday night.

The vigil took place on the 700 block of Willow Street, where the shooting occurred shortly after 6 p.m. Monday.

Hiram remains in critical condition at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, according to Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson.

Two other victims, an adult male and an adult female, also remain in critical condition, Watson said.

Four other victims suffered non life-threatening injuries and some of them have already been released from local hospitals, she said.

Hiram’s father is one of the victims who have been treated and released and he told reporters at a news conference at Children’s Hospital Wednesday evening that he wants people to pray for Hiram, according to Watson.

Officers are patrolling the area where the vigil is taking place “to make sure everyone is safe,” Watson said.

“This was a very sensitive incident because there’s a little boy who’s fighting for his life” and there’s a potential for retaliation, she said.

Watson said no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting and police are asking witnesses to come forward with information about the persons of interest in the case. A reward of up to $35,000 is being offered for such information, she said.

Watson said the phone number that people can call or text is (510) 773-2805.

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Comments (3)
  1. Donald Sandri says:

    The poor kid. Didn’t deserve this insane act..

  2. Dru Down says:

    Whoever his parent is should be charged with child endangerment. I loved the video of the shooting. You are clearly able to see the “victims” firing their guns too. So, if yall wants to be livin da gangsta lifestyle this be da payment. Make sure you get the little fella a gat so he can be strapped too.

  3. tn says:

    Possibly a double-edged sword. Some one (or foks) probably know exactly who did it but aren’t coming forward because they too might are probable probation violators themselves. Plus, they blame society, the OPD, racial bias, an ineffective major, lack of opportunities, and probably the same stuff that those 2 young punks say they felt (the 2 thugs who cheap-shot slugged an elderly Asian man while trying to defend his son and honor, only to fall from the punch and hit his head on the concrete floor which left him dead. The 2 claimed they were “upset” at their economic situation. Where are the parents and what are they teaching their kids?

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