SALINAS (CBS / AP) — A man convicted of trying to sell his baby outside a Central Coast Walmart store is heading to prison for six years.

Patrick Fousek and Samantha Tomasini were arrested in June 2010 after witnesses told Salinas police that they were offering their 8-month-old daughter for $25.

Prosecutors said the couple were methamphetamine users and appeared high when they were arrested.

Fousek’s lawyer argued that the incident was a misunderstanding and his client was never serious about selling the baby.

The Monterey County man was convicted in October of child endangerment and possessing drug paraphernalia. A judge Wednesday gave him the maximum sentence of six years.

Tomasini previously pleaded no contest to child endangerment. She was sentenced to four years’ probation and placement in a drug treatment program.

The child has since been adopted.

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Comments (3)
  1. Chaka Chuka says:

    They should have gone to Nordstrom or Macy’s, their patrons are well-heeled and can afford to pay more than the ridiculously paltry sum of $25. for a baby girl.

  2. Lee says:

    A misunderstanding??!! Bull! They’re addicts and needed the money. Thank goodness people saw them and reported them. Babies are not, for wny reason, to be sold.

  3. tn says:

    For $25 it must have been a Black Friday sale.

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