SAN JOSE (CBS / AP) — A poll shows a majority of likely voters support Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy and raise the statewide sales tax to stave off education cuts.

The recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California said 60 percent of likely voters support Brown’s plan. The governor wants to put the issue to voters on the November 2012 ballot.

The poll also finds that Californians continue to give elected officials low approval ratings. That could make it hard for Brown to rally voters to support his plan.

The poll also gauged people’s opinion of the Occupy protesters. It found that 46 percent of Californians support the movement, compared with 37 percent who oppose it.

The poll shows that 42 percent of those surveyed oppose the tea party, versus 35 percent who support it.

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Comments (5)
  1. Jeff Stone says:

    This clearly shows THE OUTRIGHT DECEPTIVENESS OF POLLS…so 2200 people, represent a state that has 50 million people, give me a f***ing break.
    What person, in California, in a state with one of the worst economies in the Nation, would approve of higher taxes??? Does that make any sense??? Does it???

  2. bhf says:

    As a usually fiscal conservative, I say why not find a way to take care of the schools? In order to complain about the increase in taxes, you would have to offer alternative(s) that would make better sense. Fix our schools now.

  3. ptown says:

    Fixing our schools requires dealing with the teacher’s union which no one is williing or able to do. The state’s fiscal problems wont be addresssed until the state worker unions are dealt with. This is not just a state problem but a city and county problem as well
    I’m not a “wealthy” person but I’m on board with raising my taxes, if (and it’s a big if) the worker pensions are reformed and real changes are made; otherwise I’m completely dead set against any increase in taxes.

  4. Me says:

    People in the state with hidden unemployment at 20% want higher taxes and more money going to the unions?
    Are you kidding me??

    What’s next? Obama re-elected by 80% majority? AP should be shut down for publishing liberal fairy tales instead of news.

  5. Antoine says:

    You would have to have an IQ of a housecat to not see that this “poll” was manufactured with a specific purpose in mind.

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