OAKLAND (KCBS) – BART’s police force wants to help you stay safe during the holiday season by increasing patrols and providing riders at certain stations with escorts to their cars over the next two weeks.

BART Police are concerned with passenger safety every day, but it can be particularly dangerous around Christmas and Hanukkah.

“Holiday crime seems to be a crime of opportunity, so people are looking out for people who maybe aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing or their surroundings. We want people to be extra vigilant,” said BART police spokeswoman Officer Era Jenkins.

KCBS’ Melissa Culross Reports:

Jenkins said that BART Police not only are encouraging riders to protect their valuables and travel in pairs or groups if possible, but the department will have more officers on patrol through the holiday season, especially in downtown San Francisco stations. Jenkins said there also will be special escorts to walk riders to their cars.

“The BART Police Department, as well as the Oakland Police Department and community volunteers, cadets and community service officers will be at the West Oakland BART Station escorting customers,” said Jenkins.

The escorts will be at West Oakland two evenings this week. Next Wednesday, the 21st, Jenkins said that escorts will be available at the Bay Fair station to help passengers stay safe.

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Comments (5)
  1. V says:

    Glad to see that BART Police finally have their own spokesperson! Great job Mrs. Era Jenkins!

  2. Jerry says:

    Kudos to BAPT Police Chief Kenton Rainey for having the influence to get the PD their own Spokesperson! Officer Jenkins presents well and is a representative of the community who seems genuine. I have seen her before and she is very approachable and always has a warm smile.

  3. Mr. Davenport says:

    I saw Officer Jenkins speak on another matter and I want to see more officers like her on patrol and in front of the cameras! You should hire more genuine people that aren’t afraid to smile and talk to people!

  4. Marlene says:

    I went to school with Era and it’s nice to see someone from our neighborhood doing such great work. Choosing a member of this community was an excellent decision and I’m so proud of the PD for doing that. Excellent choice!! Looking forward to seeing more great things from BPD.

  5. Sharon says:

    “It’s nice to see OPD and BART PD coming together to assist the citizens of Oakland. I was glad to see that BART PD now has a Spokesperson like every other PD. Like the one from OPD, she was professional and represented BART well!”

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