SAN JOSE (CBS SF) –- Police are continuing to investigate an officer-involved shooting in East San Jose late Thursday night in which a 47-year-old man identified as Valente Galindo was killed after he allegedly pointed a gun at a police officer.

Officer Lee Tassio shot Galindo around 11:30 p.m. inside a bedroom at a home in the 2100 block of Inman Way.

Just minutes prior to the shooting, Tassio and another officer were patrolling the area when they spotted a man walking in the neighborhood drinking beer, police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said.

When the man, identified as 24-year-old Manuel Fuentes, saw the officers approaching, he took off running and officers chased him into a house that he barged into without a key, Dwyer said.

As Tassio knocked Fuentes to the ground inside the home, Fuentes took a gun out from his waistband and tossed it into a nearby bedroom, Dwyer said.

Galindo, who was in the bedroom, picked up the gun from the ground, and ignoring Tassio’s commands to drop the weapon, he allegedly pointed the gun at Tassio who was standing in the doorway.

In self-defense, Tassio fired one round and struck Galindo once, Dwyer said.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

Tassio and the second officer attempted to give Galindo first aid by applying direct pressure using towels and blankets until paramedics arrived. He was taken to Regional Medical Center of San Jose, where he was pronounced dead at 12:13 a.m., Dwyer said.

Fuentes was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on suspicion of resisting arrest and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Dwyer said that Tassio has nine years of police experience, seven with the San Jose Police Department.

Both he and the second officer have been placed on routine paid administrative leave.

The handgun passed from Fuentes to Galindo was recovered, Dwyer said.

The two men were apparently acquaintances, Dwyer said. Both live in San Jose.

He said there were “several other people” inside the house at the time of the shooting, but no one else was harmed.

The shooting marks San Jose’s eighth officer-involved shooting of 2011 and the fourth fatal officer-involved shooting.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Sgt. Erin Fong or Detective John Barg at (408) 277-5283. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call the Crime Stoppers tip line at (408) 947-STOP (7867) or visit

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Comments (24)
  1. Donald Wright says:

    It’s hard to understand why the officers should have been placed on “routine paid administrative leave.” The man pointed a gun at them; he got shot. What did he expect? I think the officers should receive commendation for doing their dangerous job, not censure.

    1. Paul M says:

      Officer Tassio is a superb Police Officer and a great guy. He did his job as he was supposed to do in the face of danger. He is a Police Officer but he is also a son, father and a husband. The worst part of this whole incident will be that he will be judged by the public based upon “reports” and “headlines” which will not contain all the information. Maybe this time we can actually put responsibility on the part of the crook and not the man behind the badge. Police Officers like Officer Tassio are the reason San Jose has remained one of the nations safest cities. Let us show support for him just like we do for our nations military.

      1. Debbie Longshore says:

        I take it you are officer Tassio.

        Either way, you don’t have to capitalize “police officer.”

      2. SJ Resident says:

        @ “Paul M”
        “Police Officers like Officer Tassio are the reason San Jose has remained one of the nations safest cities”
        “Cops who kill people make it safe for people.”

        Does anyone else see something wrong with what he just said?

        His STUPIDITY would be laughable if this weren’t so serious.

    2. alexnserial says:

      I guess you miss the point of routine. It is simply protocol.

    3. Larry Z says:

      I completely agree with the fact they did their job and should not be censured. They are definitely not being censured.

      Placing officers on paid leave involved in shootings has been done by every department for years. These investigations are incredibly time consuming and exhausting as they go over the details of a shooting over and over for hours at a time. It is also traumatic to a greater or lesser degree to every officer who is involved in a shooting, especially one that results in a death. For these two reasons and a host of others it is intended to give the office time to ‘get their head on straight’. He’s being paid while on leave, he knows it is a routine, procedural issue. It would be far more like censure if they put some on leave and not others.

    4. ramona aldama says:

      San Jose Police use any excuse to shoot and kill Latinos and get away with murder!!1 Their stories are pathetic and they cover for one another. They are taught how to report things in such a way as to make them look right and Latinos to look to be the guilty party. I would trust myself to the so called criminal before I would trust the police, especially in Santa Clara county.

  2. tn says:

    With a friend like Manuel Fuentes (tosses the gun to his friend in another room) who needs enemies. And with a bright guy like Mr. Galindo, who picks up the gun (drunk or not) after being told to drop it, and points it in the direction of the officers, is automatically enshrined into the Darwin Award posthumous. Thank you SJPD for your hard work and doing the job most people hate to do but love to criticize.

  3. BURROGLASS says:


  4. cecilia says:

    a man was killed beause another man was drinking beer in public? something is wrong with SJPD i remember the killing of the 90 lbs women for have a potatoes piller in her hand. like i said something is wrong.

    1. LookLikeYouWillKillThenYouWillBeKilled says:

      What’s wrong? do you not read english? If someone is threatening me with a deadly weapon I will be the first to shoot. You need some street smarts.

    2. JoMama says:

      Cecilia,if you read the article,the man drinking the beer was not killed. The man that was killed was pointing a gun at a cop and refusing to drop it upon the cops request. This is not television, it’s real life where the cops have a split second to react. It’s quite simple really, never point a gun at a cop and always obey the law. Who knows, you may live long enough to see your grand kids get married.

    3. RL Stein says:

      Sht, I remember that too. That makes this morning very sad.

      What happened to the good old days when cops like my grandpa were manly and fought bad guys in a good old fashion brawl? Wrestled to the ground and cuffed them.

      Now they are steriod-taking paramilitary triggermen.
      Especially the southeast asian ones.

      @ “LookLikeYouWillKillThenYouWillBeKilled”
      You need some regular smarts. All that you can get, lol.

      1. Mark W. Rodriguez says:

        Isn’t that why they have TASER GUNS now???? So stuff like this doesn’t have to happen??

        “Triggermen” is right.
        Did anyone else know that departments prefer hiring infantry? SJ cops are trigger-happy – watch out!

    4. jimmie says:

      You are an idiot. The man was killed because he pointed a gun at a police officer after being told to drop it. As long as you are, probably illegally, here in the United States, maybe you should use some of your welfare and go to school and learn proper English and language skills not to mention spelling

  5. richard says:

    it would have been nice if the gentlemen actually had a gun to be pointing at them which he didn’t so sleep with that in your thoughts sjpd dont think this gentlemen didn’t have a family cause he did so i guess we will see what the courts have to say see you on judgement day

    1. Dawg says:

      Do you know what you’re talking about? Were you there? Unless you were there, and, saw everything first hand, your comment is asinine. Also I have my doubts if this man is a gentleman.

  6. Chupie Hernandez says:

    A man is sleeping in his own home & is awakened by an intruder (Or friend) who breaks in and he gets shot? Something is wrong here. You are sound asleep and you are awoke to someone pointing a gun at you what would you do? remember you are not fully awake yet. and you are in the safety of your home!

    1. TheZip says:

      Can anyone read the English language here?

      First there is nothing in this article about anyone being asleep to start with that is just a statement to try to guide your misguided conclusion in your direction.

      Second, even if this person was asleep, there is nothing in the article stating he awoke to a gun pointed at him. A gun was not pointed at him until he pointed a gun at officer according to the article.

      Police or civilian, if someone threatens you, and pointing a weapon at someone is not only a threat but Assault and Assault With a Deadly Weapon in California, you have right to use appropriate force to defend yourself. When a gun is pointed at you it is fully appropriate to return fire.

      These are the facts as stated in the article. You may choose not to believe them but making up your own fantasy doesn’t make it true.

      1. Vicky says:

        @ “TheZip”
        So what you’re saying it “killing people is okay, as long as it’s legal.”

        That’s really good Zip – you should be a lawyer instead of having to burden yourself in the comments section here, vainly educating us decent folks who feel that there is something wrong with the “fantasy” of an inappropriate murder, despite its “lawfulness.”

  7. Nice guy says:

    This must be a police state where a couple of cops barge into somebody’s house and shoot it’s owner who has a right to protect his right. These two criminals aka “cops” must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Tassel says:

      I second that. I don’t feel safe knowing that the people hired to protect people can come into your home and shoot you so casually.

  8. A. Carrolton says:

    If Valente Galindo was *white*, would the officer have reacted differently?

  9. noneya says:

    i know this man may he rest in peace and his name live on!! he was a good person the cops, police out here are unrightous, unfair, mean, and on drugs and everyone in this county knows that, thats why cops are HATED BY MANY! he will be missed and i know for sure he would NOT shoot at the cops! he was most likly giving it to them.

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