SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – San Jose police said a “distraught” mother tossed her 1-year-old baby boy out of a second-story window on Sunday morning, then jumped out herself.

San Jose police spokesman Sgt. Jason Dwyer said the incident began around 11:45 a.m. when 24-year-old Lupita Cortez’s relatives called 911 to report that she had locked herself in the bedroom with the child at her apartment on Alden Way.

“They had some concerns over her frame of mind and her mental state. She was not responding to them and they called the police department,” Dwyer said. “When officers got to the scene, she either tossed or dropped the toddler out the window. Officers forced entry into the bedroom to try and gain control over her and she was sitting on the ledge of the window and jumped out herself.”

KCBS’ Bob Butler Reports:

Dwyer said both the baby and mother suffered injuries and were transported to Valley Medical Center.

“Miraculously, and thank goodness, the baby is going to be okay. The doctors have checked out the baby and he had some bumps and bruises, but nothing broken,” Dwyer said. “Non life-threatening at this point. They are going to keep the baby for observation overnight but it looks like he’s going to be just fine.”

Cortez is being held at the hospital for mental evaluations, although she was uncooperative when doctors tried to check her out. She did suffer at least a few broken bones after jumping from the window.

Dwyer said that they believe mental illness may have played a factor in the incident. She will be taken into custody once doctors are done treating her. Investigators are still trying to decide whether she will face criminal charges or be booked into another hospital for more psychiatric evaluations.

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Comments (7)
  1. 12know says:

    This woman should lose custody of her son. And, it sounds like the family knew she was mentally unstable but didn’t do anything about it. It’s one thing to have one’s family pride but to allow a toddler’s life to be endangered because you don’t want your neighbors or people in general to know that the toddler’s mother is unstable, is ridiculous.

    1. Ann Mason says:

      Do you recall the woman from Oakland who drowned her three children in San Francisco Bay? Her family had made repeated attempts to have the children separated from her because she was threatening to “feed them to the sharks”. The family was not remiss, but the system was.

  2. Barbara Minton says:

    I’m always amazed how someone with no more information than is contained in this article can make a pronouncement like the above. Why assume it was family pride that allowed this to happen. We all need to take a deep breath, try to imagine what kind of despair could have led her to do this, and practice a little compassion, whether we’re Christians or not.

  3. Vil says:

    Since when is being stupid a mental illness?

    1. Extensor says:

      Are you asking for yourself? Because your post is the poster child of stupid.

  4. eeek says:

    obviously a bad breed

  5. Ann Mason says:

    Parents who harm their own children should be treated no differently from others who commit crimes against others’ children. One of the reasons there is so much child abuse in the home is that parenthood is treated as a form of entitlement rather than a responsibility. Anyone who believes the courts should give a break to mentally ill parents should consider whether the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was worthy of leniency. He didn’t get it, in spite of being severely disturbed.

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