Maria Shriver Has Second Thoughts On Divorce With Schwarzenegger

72938951 10 Maria Shriver Has Second Thoughts On Divorce With Schwarzenegger

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BRENTWOOD, CA (CBS SF/TMZ) – According to TMZ, Maria Shriver has second thoughts of finalizing her divorce with former California Governor and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

TMZ reports that Schwarzenegger still desperately wants Maria back, and has been “extremely sweet” to her and has made numerous gestures, which include presents, to win Maria back.

In June 2011, it was revealed Schwarzenegger fathered a child with their former housekeeper, Mildred Baena. On July 1st, Shriver filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” Shriver currently lives in a mansion located in Brentwood, California and is in the process of renovating.
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  • babalouey

    Maria, don’t be a dumb cluck. You only know of ONE child. He could have many more. Do not waiver on this decision because in a way, it affects the decisions of women/wives everywhere. How can you even consider staying with this joker? He lied to you FOR YEARS and YEARS. If he was willing to go to the point of housing his lover and son under your very nose for years and years, how could you trust him ever again to be faithful to you? Your religious beliefs may weigh heavy on your mind, but Arnold’s not having any issues with that. If you two are not on the “same page” going forward, there will never be a likelyhood that you will have an honest marriage either. You are just giving us all the message it is okay for husbands to do something this bad in your marriage…. and that it’s alright to do that!!! That’s the wrong message to send.

  • Delinquent Billy

    Um…my local news just sited TMZ as a source. I will not be back to this site and I wont watch it on TV again either

  • DBE

    Maria obviously misses her SCHWANTZnegger.

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