HALF MOON BAY (CBS/AP) — The three-month window for the Mavericks big wave surfing contest is open, and while the beach will be closed during the event, organizers will detail at a public meeting how people can watch.

Officials on Thursday will hold the meeting to discuss parking and public safety.

The beach access ban was caused partly due to injuries at the 2010 event, when large waves surged into the crowd, leaving some spectators with bruises and broken bones.

“There will be no public access out at the beach this year. You can’t really see it anyway,” said contest director Jeff Clark.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

This year’s event will be broadcast for the public on the grounds of the Oceano Hotel & Spa at Pillar Point.

“It will be $25, and that will get you a gift bag, a commemorative poster, coupons for the local businesses and JumboTrons showing the contest,” said Clark.

10,000 tickets are going on sale, even though there is still no key sponsor. The opening ceremony is Friday, and then organizers wait and watch for the world’s meanest waves.

The contest has a time window that ends March 31.

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Comments (3)
  1. steve howlett says:

    I still think the AT&T Park venue was the best one yet with regards to parking, convenience of access and facilities. Doesn’t really matter who made those arrangements, it was a great spot to watch from. Think it would still be worth the effort to re-establish it as a prime viewing location. The location opens accessability to a broader audience. The cat is already out of the bag and growing up quickly. You need numbers to make this thing work out. Don’t stunt its growth by limiting the possibilities. I realize that Maverick’s is trying to be eco-friendly and responsible while helping to benefit local business as well, but where are you realistically going to seat 10,000 attendees and accommodate that much parking and provide adequate facilities? Just something to consider.

  2. Carol says:

    Agreed, AT&T was a good venue. But both locations would be good for those who can’t make it out to the coast. Is $25 good for what day? One day? Good throughout the competition? They should just set up a gigantic tent with a big jumbo tron like monitor, have the food truck industry take turns catering it & let peeps come and go as they please at a minimul fee. Local merchants will get enough traffic from the competition itself being in the area.

  3. Rodriguez says:

    Hey if money is to be made off these athletes why not? It’s the American way.
    Hopefully the surfers will get part of it? Cowabunga.

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