East Palo Alto Considers Lawsuit Over Facebook Move To Menlo Park

MENLO PARK (CBS SF) – Facebook could be facing a lawsuit from the city of East Palo Alto over its recent move to Menlo Park.

The suit would involve the Environmental Impact Report for the project, as the city is concerned about an increase in traffic resulting from the expansion.

“The project is happening in various phases so they’re already there now,” said East Palo Alto City Attorney Kathleen Kane. “The Environmental Impact Report addresses later aspects of the project. The question is whether that report has been prepared adequately to cover the impacts on surrounding cities.”

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

East Palo Alto Vice Mayor Ruben Abrica said that while Facebook is located in Menlo Park, it might as well be in East Palo Alto.

“If you’re on the East Campus of Facebook, you go to the right and you end up on Willow Road, which is in Menlo Park,” he said. “If you go to your left, you go on University Avenue to East Palo Alto. So the geography of it has a very direct impact on us.”

The East Palo Alto City Council is expected to decide in closed session on Thursday whether to go ahead with the lawsuit against Facebook.

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  • Rob

    It is hard to believe they would sue with all those jobs coming to the area. EPA is not a great place to be. It will benefit from all the people who may want to live close to work. That will be how they make money, These people will want to eat.. WHY doesn’t it help businesses ramp up to service these thousands of new jobs.

    Who did EPA actually vote into office… Maybe they can send the jobs to India instead? How many cities would LOVE to have this move across the street?

  • Karla

    Anything to make easy money, huh? You don’t have a leg to stand on.

  • Gene

    I agree with Rob. But the EIS should have included the surrounding community, since the old Sun campus borders EPA on University Ave. But wow, wouldn’t opening a dialogue with Facebook and Menlo Park make a lot more sense? I’d be trying to build hotels, conference center and day use retail and services next door to steal Menlo Parks thunder. But really the reason no one pays any attention to East Palo Alto, is no one in the city pays attention to details. They have no vision. Plus, I never figured out why a city that wants to be recognized would choose a name that confuses it with another city, Palo Alto which named after a coast redwood tree. East Palo Alto is actuallly north of Palo Alto, CA and there are no redwoods there.

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