HALF MOON BAY (KCBS) — The high surf advisory in effect for most of Friday was music to the ears of Mavericks Surf Contest competitors as world class big wave surfers, here for the contest’s opening ceremony, were treated to the coast’s biggest waves so far of the season.

Ben Wilkinson flew out from Sydney, Australia and was excited to get into waves as high as 50 feet. He talked about the importance of testing the waters.

“It’s always good to experience different swell angles and wind conditions because you never know what the contest day is going to bring,” he said.

Three time Mavericks winner Darryl Virotsko of Santa Cruz called the now world famous surf spot intense when it gets this big.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

“It’s amazing. I never really thought I could see these kinds of waves in California.”

When Virotsko saw Mavericks for the first time in 1991, he said he was in disbelief.

While the competitors don’t make light of the power of the surf break just north of Half Moon Bay on days like this, they agree the camaraderie in the water among competitors who travel the world to ride big waves makes the challenge even more fun.

“It is a big party. Everybody’s just happy to see one another. Sometimes you haven’t seen somebody for a couple of years,” Virotsko said.

The window for the Mavericks contest is open so it can be called anytime between now and March 31st with a 24-hour notice.

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Comments (5)
  1. P. Davis says:

    Seriously, do any of us in the Bay area really care anymore about what once was, a hugely fun event to go over and see from even a safe distance? Y’all have ruined it by cornering off every single viewing spot…It’s history with me. Y’all took the fun out of it.

  2. Scott Griswold says:

    @p davis….but you can go into the harbor city and sit down and spend money to watch it at one of the local businesses…fun….don’t organizers know we have espn? you don’t own the land people…rules rules rules…makes life suck

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