SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — Just a week after Gov. Jerry Brown made his pitch for tax hikes and more spending cuts, the state controller is reporting that California is collecting less revenue than the governor projected.

Controller John Chiang on Tuesday released his cash report for December. He says monthly revenue was $165 million below what Brown projected last week in his 2012-13 budget proposal.

Chiang said the latest figures “create growing concern that legislative action may be needed in the near future” to ensure the state can keep paying its bills.

The Democratic governor wants deeper cuts to welfare, health care for the poor and other social programs before asking voters to pass temporary tax increases in November.

Democratic lawmakers, who control the Legislature, have indicated they don’t want to make those cuts.

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Comments (4)
  1. 8 ball in the side pocket says:

    Of course his revenue will be less than he predicted. He is taxing business to death. By Taxing the people that fund all government, create all jobs, including government Jobs, He and other Libs are cutting off all hopes of future Job Growth, revenue for social service projects for the American People and instead funnel the declining funds for Political Scamming ” Fleecing” ” Legal Stealing” from the Citizens.
    The Business’s in Italy now with a collapsing financial system have to go to the Mafia now just to run there business. Do you Want 30’s style Economy ? Just continue to vote Liberal Whether they are Liberals wearing Republican or Democratic Clothes.

  2. Phil White says:

    Are California Liberal Elitist Politicians really that dumb? California is going broke and the United States is not far behind California… Vote these Dim-Wits out of office in 2012, all they do is spend and tax, spend and tax !!!!!!!! Worthless self-serving parasites…..

    1. mj says:

      Not so much worthless as elitist IMO. Thay always know wha’s best….for them. Many liberals like Pelosi or Feinstein are fabulously wealthy.

      1. mj says:

        Apologies for typos – virtual keyboard..

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