SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Sacramento County authorities say a 9-year-old boy is hospitalized after he was attacked by a pit bull Saturday.

When deputies were called to a home in south Sacramento around 10 a.m. Saturday they found the boy suffering from a head injury and a severe arm injury.

The boy was taken to a local hospital. His condition was not known.

A woman at the house was also attacked. It’s not clear how badly she was hurt.

Animal control officers were called to the home, but deputies shot the dog when they saw it trying to jump over a fence.

Officials say the child was attacked after he had gone into the backyard of the home.

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Comments (11)
  1. Jasmine Ji says:

    Who trained this animal to be vicious. Can’t blame nature.

  2. John John G says:

    Call your representative now and demand law change to make owners criminally responsible for actions of their monsters. If the dog bites, the owner must be in prison for good.

    1. Dana Scully says:

      You must be kidding!

  3. Tamara says:

    What was that kid doing going into someone else’s back yard? I feel sorry that he got bitten, but dont go into other peoples backyards, wspecially if they have dogs. On the news it said the woman was his mother and that is not their house. My aunt had a black lab and the neighbor kid would taunt it every day over the fence and throw rocks at the dog. His parents were asked repeatedly for him to stop, but they never made him. My aunt finally moved. But there are such things as guard dogs and personal property. People need to learn not to blame anyone and everyone else for their stupid actions. Its not the dogs fault. It didnt get out of the yard and chase that kid down…

  4. Dana Scully says:

    I hate the logo with the Pitbull attack at the beginning of this article. How come there are no reports of other breeds of dogs attacking people? It happens all the time. The media just likes to dramatize it when a Pit is involved, continuing to give the breed a bad rap. Any animal has the potential to be dangerous. Pits are nice animals; maybe we should start shooting the owners too.

    1. Kassidi G. says:

      @Dana I agree 100%. Media stirring up more hysteria.

    2. dimsoum says:

      Pit bulls are the #2 attacker of humans in America right after humans

      1. Shaun Smith says:

        Nope. Several other breeds register far more attacks each year. The bull terriers do far more damage when they do attack however…

      2. LoneVoice says:

        If you have any questions regarding whether pit bulls (and other related breeds) ARE or ARE NOT misrepresented in the news, please visit:

        The FACTS (not personal opinion or speculation) presented in this well researched and professional report are startling and will perhaps shed some light on the subject for those who are not as informed as they should be on this important issue.

  5. lausdao says:

    This is unfortunate that this child and his mother were harmed. I hope they have a speedy recovery. I do agree the picture is bad on this article. Very telling that the person who put that picture up is making a personal statement!! PIT BULLS ARE BAD!! I say find another form of work. You cannot report the news without an opinion of your own position on a subject. I have a nine year old Pit Bull. This is the most loving animal and is friendly to everyone who meets it. It is gentle with children too. All dogs have a natural protection of their area. They know something is not right when someone unfamiliar enters their area. These are good dogs that have a natural will to want to please there owners all the time. They are a fun dog and can be taught anything you want to train them. This breed was abused by a few very bad group of the past years and has created a stigma twords Pit Bulls. They are good dogs bad owners that make this breed be a target of alarm by society.

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