RICHMOND (CBS SF) — A bicyclist was injured in a shooting in Richmond early Monday morning, and told police that he was shot by a sniper on a rooftop. No matter how bizarre it may sound, so far in the investigation police say they believe the victim’s story.

A train operator at the BNSF Richmond Railyard discovered the injured bicyclist shortly after 3 a.m., Richmond police said.

The 43-year-old man was standing near the train tracks with his bicycle when the engineer noticed him, and managed to stop the train, thinking he wanted to cross the tracks.

The engineer thought the long freight train would keep the bicyclist waiting for a long time.

But when he stopped the train, he discovered the bicyclist was bleeding, and he said he had been shot.

When police arrived, the bicyclist told them that he had been walking on the train tracks between West Cutting Boulevard and West Ohio Boulevard when someone sighted him with a laser from a nearby rooftop and opened fire, shooting out both of his legs.

The bicyclist managed to flee the area on foot.

He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but his injuries were not life threatening, police said.

Police cordoned off the area and searched for the shooter but were not able to locate any suspects.

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  1. freecheese says:

    Where’s “Dirty Harry” Callahan ?

    1. Andrew says:

      “You’ve got to ask yourself one question…”

  2. Jim H says:

    The Scorpio KIller is loose again

    1. Crystal says:

      Ummm … Don’t you mean Zodiac?

      1. The Mayor says:

        Ummmm … got to the Mt. Davidson cross and find out.

      2. Rusty Shackleford says:

        Scorpio was the Dirty Harry Killer; Zodiac was a REAL killer in the 60s >. Never did catch him/her.

      3. Greg Phillips says:

        He’s referencing the movie Dirty Harry.

      4. Jon says:

        No, i think it is the Taurus killer 🙂

      5. Dumbing Down the U.S. says:

        Using the word “ummm” when speaking is bad enough, writing the word shows true ignorance.

  3. whatsuphonky says:

    Sounds more like a drug deal gone bad.

    1. Ace says:

      Exactly my thinking. And despite what is displayed in Hollywood, sighting a laser on a rifle is a very difficult thing to do. Bullets arc up when they leave a muzzle, and the laser would only be effective if it points to the exact location where the bullet will land on its way down from the arc … Despite what happens in Hollywood movies.

      1. jay says:

        if the laser is already pre-sighted for the distance of the target it will point at the exact or roughly exact point of impact, so the use of a laser with a rifle is plausible.

      2. jay says:

        bullets do not arc up when they leave the muzzle, they travel in a straight line until gravity pull them down. Bullets’ paths only arc because for long distance shots the shooter has to aim the rifle upward so that in some sense the bullet is lobbed upward and eventually falls down in an arc until it hits the target. In a long distance shot if you aim in a straight line at the target, gravity will pull the bullet down into the ground before the target is reached. So in long distance shots the shooter aims very high and eventually the bullet falls in an arc to its target. You can sight a laser (which only travels in a straight line) in advance to compensate for all this. Despite what happens in hollywood movies.

      3. Rob Taylor says:

        Jay you’re very wrong. Many bullets have a rainbow trajectory. I have a .327 that hits about an inch or so high closer than 21 feet.

        The only rounds that I’ve seen have a flat trajectory before dropping are the .17s.

      4. me says:

        There is no “rainbow” trajectory. Bullets exit straight and drop as a result of gravity. Place a dowel in the barrel of your rifle and you will see that the sights are set at an angle lower than the barrel. Thus, you are shooting above your target to account for bullet drop.

      5. Casper says:

        Bullets only arc up if the muzzle of the gun is higher than the chamber from where the bullet was fired. All bullets begin to drop to earth if the muzzle is equal to or below the level of the firing chamber at the bullet’s exit from the muzzle.

      6. Bill E Bob says:

        The trajectory of the bullet and the line of sight of the scope will meet if the gun is sighted correctly. Bullets do not rise after leaving the barrel.

    2. John Steele says:

      Any shootings at 3am are homicides in Richmond. Who in Hades rides a bike at 3am in freakin Richmond

      1. Old Fart says:

        Also, the probable reason for the ‘leg hits’ was that the shooter did not account for the bullet drop due to the distance to his victum.

  4. Jimmy Cracked says:

    Sounds fishy….And whoever wrote this should have someone proofread their submissions before they’re released. That was one poorly written article.

  5. whatever says:

    You can censor all you want, this is a really poor lie.

  6. Andrew Henning says:

    wow… just outta curiosity doesn’t it seem odd to anyone that the train stopped for a bicyclist? I mean i heard it takes a long time to stop a train…. And whose ever heard of a train stopping for anything but an emergency…

    1. Old Fart says:

      It’s a train yard area and the trains move very slowly. So slowly that I have seen train yard workers jump on and off of the moving trains. Also this area of Richmond is ‘upscale’ believe it or not. For example it is only a few miles from the Richmond Yacht Club. Still this is a VERY STRANGE article…

  7. caligula says:

    Modern Warfare 4

  8. Billy says:

    “ROCHMOND (CBS SF) — A bicyclist was injured in a shooting in Richmond…” Uhhhh… seriously??

  9. David Franklin says:

    This sounds like a scene from the TV show Alcatraz!

  10. TexasForever says:

    George W. Bush did it for all of your nut jobs in San Fransicko!

  11. Paul in FL says:

    He had both of his legs shot out and he fled on foot? And if so, how did he manage to still have his bicycle with him? And how do he know the gun had a laser? And why would a train engineer stop a train just because somebody happened to be standing by (despite having his legs “shot out”) with a bicycle?

    This whole story makes about as much sense as a two-headed frog marrying a three-headed turtle.

    1. Justavet says:

      And, why was he walking on a railroad track with his bicycle to begin with?

    2. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Just like Obama/Biden.

    3. Japheaux says:

      Dude, yours was the first comment that actually made sense. Why did it take so long for someone to get this?

  12. Dave says:

    sound slike more of an elaborate made up story… would he know he was sighted by a laser or that it was definately someone on a roof…..attention hounds

  13. lotta says:

    I don’t believe one iota of it.

  14. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

    Pelosi did it.

    She wants more gun control laws. Holder put her up to it.

    But then again, she also wants Romney….

    Fast and furious!!!!

  15. Kromsnaveland says:

    Zebra Killing? If any of you even know what that means. Theywere worse than Zodiac, Manson, Patty’s kidnapping, Moscone/Milk deaths-the cultural Marxist have all but blacked out that period in SF history-Google Zebra Killing-SF-get informed

  16. Casper says:

    “his legs were shot out”!?!?!? Like lightbulbs? No name of the engineer, or quote by him? What kind of reporting are we tolerating nowdays? Very meager and shoddy.

  17. Goat says:

    Are we sure it wasn’t the Mythbosters again?

  18. Brad says:

    Must be the worst job in the world to be a cop in Black communities like Richmond where they constantly shoot each other and lie about it.

    With the overwhelming liberal attitude that the bay area has in general about Crime like suspects having more rights then the victims I am so glad to only be a tourist there and not live there anymore.

  19. The Mayor says:

    Check the utility closet at the football stadium.

  20. Judge Bannerman says:

    This guy couldn’t be convicted of spitting on the sidewalk.

  21. Inspector Chico Gonzalez says:

    I actually know the victim. His name is Alice and he will take a dare.

  22. The Mayor says:

    The shooter reportedly was going to the ice cream factory to see how ice cream is made.

  23. David Clough says:

    First Prize for Best Comment:

    “This whole story makes about as much sense as a two-headed frog marrying a three-headed turtle.”

    I think that was in the news last month, not that unusual for San Francisco except that the frog and turtle both sued for spousal benefits from Social Security and the Zoo’s benefits plan.

  24. The Mayor says:

    I’m issuing a citywide alert to all catholic priests and ….

  25. winggolder says:

    Shot OUT both his legs, and he fled on foot? Good thing he didn’t shoot out both his feet!

  26. Mr. Pickles the BS Sniffer says:

    Not even the dumbest idiot in town would ever walk the Richmond train tracks at 3am. What a load of Barbara Streisand. Note how the story is not signed?

  27. bs detector says:

    Alcatraz – on FOX, it’s in the SCRIPT.

    A riddle rwrapped insicde an enigma from JJ Abrams!!!

  28. wth.. says:

    i’ve had BART operators stare me in the eye when running to make the train shut the doors and leave me there, nad this guy gets a freight trian stopped so he can cross…….?

  29. Diego Roswell says:

    Another violent gun crime in California perpetrated by armed criminals on unarmed citizens. How many hard working, tax paying Californians must be robbed, raped and killed at gunpoint while themselves NOT LEGALLY BEING ABLE TO CARRY A GUN FOR SELF DEFENSE? The only people (animals) in California legally allowed to carry guns are gangs, cons, drug dealers, criminals, and the police. VOTE TO MAKE CALIFORNIA A SHALL ISSUE STATE in 2012 or stop complaining about the violence.

    1. Robert in San Diego says:

      Would having a concealed carry permit and/or a handgun have helpedin this case, which features a sniper,, probably firing from cover, atop a building?

  30. Jewfromhell says:

    Where are you Andy Robinson? Check Kezar Stadium! Go Giants!

  31. Bates says:

    Great job California…thank GAWD for all those unconstitutional gun laws…saving lives one murder at a time.

  32. A. Stigma says:

    Calling all cars, be on the lookout for a sniper with VERY thick lenses.

  33. Spanky says:

    Obama voters in action.

  34. DBE says:

    Don’t ride a bike in Richmond. At be in bed at 3.00 AM.

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