SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – A Golden Gate Bridge lovers who paid for a brick on the commemorative walkway that marked the span’s 50th anniversary will soon see their memories turned to dust.

More than 7,000 people bought the bricks to mark the birthday in 1987, only to see them removed 25 years later because the path does not comply with federal disability laws.

The Golden Gate Bridge District owns the property and says that re-grading and other improvements need to be made.

A new panel installation at the site will list the 7,500 or so names, but for some that still won’t be enough – and want their brick back.

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  1. StevenTorrey says:

    People paid $100 for those commemorative plagues thinking they were going to last a lot longer than 25 years. I have walked the path recently and they are in good shape. The Golden Gate Transit company is being less than candid. There has to be a better way to build a handicap access ramp than tearing up those commemorative bricks.

  2. Victor Quan says:

    What do you mean the brick pathway does not comply with federal disability laws? The pathway is smoother and wider than many sidewalks in the country. What are they going to do? install an elevator? The Golden Gate District is just trying to make an issue to spend money to please another designer. Something is not being told to the public. A handicap ramp doesn’t require the entire brick pathway to be destroyed. Talk about giving notice to the public. I just heard about this today. The bricks were purchased and inscribed with the intent that they be permanently installed and last for generations.

    1. Heather says:

      They should be ashamed of themselves. They bought the bricks thinking they would be there a lifetime and longer, at the very least let the people take their bricks no matter what it cost in delays of building the handicap ramp I agree with the above that this could be done differently.

  3. Thomas Libby says:

    This is such a disgrace. After my longtime partner died of AIDS, I had both of our names inscribed on one of these bricks so that our names would be forever linked at a place we both loved. I feel betrayed. I would go there sometimes, lay a flower on the brick, and yes, cried. The GG Bridge Authority should be ashamed. The part of the pedestrian path which included our brick was gently sloping, and perfectly suited for wheelchairs. Something is really bogus here.

  4. Disappointed says:

    My family purchased a brick when they were offered with the intention of having a beautiful place near the GG Bridge to visit with some personal attachment. We have brought many friends and family to “our brick”. Once again GG Transit District and their infinite wizdumb… Have they heard of the term remodel? Contractors reuse brick all the time. If brick doesn’t work for the new project they could build another feature with the bricks, a wall, planters, benches. Alternatively would it be too much trouble to allow the “owners” of these bricks to come collect them? This smells of poor planning and execution, Unfortunately these are characteristics that we have now come to expect from the management of the GG Bridge. We won’t be visiting the new project.

  5. HORACE GRAY IV says:


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