Bankrupt Solyndra Caught Destroying Brand New Parts

FREMONT (CBS 5) — After filing for bankruptcy last year, Fremont solar company Solyndra still owes American taxpayers half a billion dollars. But CBS 5 caught them destroying millions of dollars worth of parts.

At Solyndra’s sprawling complex in Fremont, workers in white jumpsuits were unwrapping brand new glass tubes used in solar panels last week. They are the latest, most cutting-edge solar technology, and they are being thrown into dumpsters.

Forklifts brought one pallet after another piled high with the carefully packaged glass. Slowly but surely it all ended up shattered.

And it’s not a few loads. Hundreds of thousands of tubes on shrink-wrapped pallets will meet a similar demise.

Solyndra paid at least $2 million for the specialized glass. A CBS 5 crew found one piece lying in the parking lot. Solyndra still owes the German company that made the tubes close to another $8 million.

So why is a bankrupt company that owes a fortune to creditors, including American taxpayers, throwing away millions of dollars worth of assets?

Solyndra is not commenting. But court documents reveal the company received permission from the bankruptcy trustee to abandon the high grade glass, the court agreeing that it was of “inconsequential value” because the cost of storing them exceeds their value.

An employee for Heritage Global Partners, the company in charge of selling Solyndra’s assets, told CBS 5 they conducted an exhaustive search for buyers but no one wanted them.

But how exhaustive was that search? The tubes were never included on the list of Solyndra assets put up for sale at two auctions last year.

If they were, David Lucky told CBS 5 he would have bought them. “We certainly would have bid on them, yes,” Lucky said.

Lucky owns several large warehouses near Las Vegas. He buys and then resells manufacturing equipment and components all the time.

“Our company has bought a lot of stuff over the years. Truck loads and warehouses full of inventory that companies were just ready to send to the dump, because they don’t want to take the time to find markets for it,” he said.

When Solyndra shut down last year, he bought hundreds of fully assembled solar panels at the auctions and is reselling them on eBay. “They’re going for a third their original price. They are a great deal,” Lucky said.

He said if given a chance he would have snapped up the tubes too. “One day some manufacturing company would eventually need those,” Lucky said.

Solar scientist Greg Smestad agreed they have value. “As a scientist I said ‘Wow, this needs to be studied,’” he said. Smestad has consulted for the Department of Energy.

He recently bought a Solyndra solar panel to study its technology, which is completely different from traditional panels. “It can accept both the direct sun and also track motion, because it’s a cylinder,” he explained. “The technology is very promising.”

Smestad wrote a letter to the auctioneers, asking if they could donate to Santa Clara University any of the leftover tubes after the Solyndra auctions are completed. “Let one student use this as an inspiration for their career and that will be worth something,” he said. But the auctioneers wrote back saying they couldn’t do that.

“That really makes me sad,” said Smestad. “Those tubes represent intellectual investment. These could have had a better value to do public good. I think they owed the U.S. taxpayer that.”

Solyndra was hoping to have sold the entire company by Thursday, but they called off the sale because nobody bid for it.

CBS 5 asked more than once for Solyndra, the auction company and the bankruptcy trustee to talk on camera. But they all refused.

CBS 5 also called the German company that made the glass tubes to see if they would have wanted the tubes back. After all, they are still owed almost $8 million dollars. A spokesman said he had no idea they were being destroyed.

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  • Guapi

    This makes me sick!! Obama gave tons of our money to this ridiculous green tech firm that (predictably) went under and now they are squandering any hope of recouping the loss. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    • Josh

      It’s not as bad as it sounds. Solyndra may have paid millions for these custom made tubes, but they aren’t worth nearly that much as industrial surplus. No other company makes solar panels out of tubes like solyndra did so nobody else wants them.

      It would cost more in labor to sell them than they could earn, so into the recycle bin they go.

      Now if they were throwing away industrial machines that could be sold for a significant fraction of their value I’d be mad.

      • Diane

        It costs money to dump stuff. Think of your garbage bill and then multiply it by the amount of stuff they dumped compared to the amount of stuff you dump. Plus it just fills up the landfills. The article says there were buyers. It was just plain stupid not to include them in the auction. But at this point it’s not their money, so why should they care? Same principle as most government spending.

    • dmichael

      November is coming

      • George2

        YERMIN SNIPE: Palin has demonstrated at least as much intelligence as ANY of those campaigning, and ABSOLUTELY more than THE S.O.B. OB in office now, of the actual needs of our country. Maybe she IS sexy (your estimate) , but she is observant and intelligent. ABSOLUTELY more so than YOU have displayed with your comments.

    • Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D.

      I don’t want people to think that CBS stands for the Careless Broadcasting Service, but they got the details wrong on my affiliation. The story indicated that I lecture at Santa Clara University. I have one seminar lecture scheduled (my first and perhaps last there) and I am not a lecturer or professor at SCU! Please go to my site – triple w solideas dot com and click on the news link to get the full details from my Google Picasa Album. I should be clear that I am an Alumni (SCU was my undergraduate Alma Mater), but I am not their representative and I my views do not necessarily represent those of SCU, its staff, professors, lecturers, students or its sponsors. I was, however, working with one of the professors there, and we are sharing results and thinking of ways to use the panels to teach basic engineering and science concepts to students. The CBS story now makes that difficult and awkward.

      • Claritas

        No way would those “tubes” be any better than flat panels at collecting the 7% of solar flux that is in the visual spectrum. Solyndra was bogus from the get-go for that reason alone, and that’s what their tests showed, and that’s why they couldn’t succeed. PT Barnum is watching and laughing at us.

      • Todd

        These tubes could have been used to teach students how to get ahead by bribing corrupt bureaucrats. It is a growth industry in California. This company was a scam from the start. The USA has almost endless supplies of domestic and cheap natural gas.

    • JohnDave

      I agree. Give ’em to me. I’ll store ’em somewhere. We don’t need no stinkin’


      They need to audit the DNC. I bet they would find $500M in their campaign account.

    • Ghostsouls

      obama STILL wants more money to Solyndra tax payer money for the upper management’s salaries….they could have sold that and right on the air is a guy saying he would have bought them, this is such a fraud. obama needs to be held accountable and so does Solyndra,

      • Norm

        Part of those bonuses probably go right back to Odumbo’s 2012 campaign coffers.

    • Tyrone

      This is much ado about nothing. Unless someone has a need for glass tube EXACTLY of the dimensions of the Solyndra ones, with the exact chemical composition as the Solyndra ones, the tubes are worthless. And the glass, like all glass, isn’t even worth (economically or environmentally) being recycled. Remember folks, glass recycling is political theater. It is not economically or environmentally justifiably.

      • George2

        Tyrone: If it is NOT recyclable…where is it to be DUMPED? Environmentally JUSTIFIABLE? I have been playing with solar programs a while, AND…ANY glass can be used to produce SOME product usable in the solar manufacturing process. These, if not in their present size, could be cut to usable lengths. Recycling is POLITICAL THEATER? How many years have we been recycling, not only to help the environment, but to use less raw materials? You CAN NOT excuse this blatant waste…no way!

      • bob

        @Tyrone, your an idiot. Glass can be recycled significantly cheaper than making new. Ever wonder why glass plants don’t ship out the glass cuttings? No, they melt them back in and use it for product, fool.

      • Spanky

        Bob, it’s you’re, not your.

      • Spanky

        you’re not your

      • Terry Furlough

        bob..leave the poor fool alone.. that wasn’t included in today’s daily-pis talking points..

      • Mark M.

        You’d justify any amount of waste so long as you covered a brother’s ass, eh Tyrone?

        Read the article. There are numerous people who wanted these tubes. But the only ones who had a real claim to them were the Germans who got stiffed by this clown show and the American taxpayer that paid for the Bozo in Chief political favors.

      • Mike

        Tyrone, you obviously have had no experience with the glass industry. Glass is expensive and highly recyclable. You also missed the part where Mr Lucky said it was just the sort of thing he would buy. Also, the company asked for bonus money so the geniuses making these decisions would stay with the company. Just great.

      • Fred

        how many cents on the dollar was Mr. Lucky going to offer? 1 cent? 2 cents? Two million dollars at 2 cents on the dollar is … ?

      • feduptaxpayer

        Does it matter? Even giving all these away FREE is better than what they are doing. It is costing labor to destroy these, as well as disposal fees – ultimately costing more. Stop the spigot of throwing yet more of the $$$ out the window.

      • Spanky

        …more than they received by destroying the product…

      • Jja Ajj

        He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave. ~William Drummond, Academical Questions

      • Smash Crasher

        Hey you brain-washed lemming. It’s the principle of the matter that I paid for that. You probably didn’t. But I did.

      • Jim in Houston

        Bob & Mike: Pay no attention to Tyrone, he is a liberal and logic means nothing to them.

      • marc

        Tyrone, OH really??? A diamond is merely ” coal” subjected to pressure and heat!! Throw away any diamonds lately?????

      • Donald Wright

        Tyrone might not understand complicated multisyllabic words like “diamond.” Marc, I think for him to understand your question about whether he’s thrown away any diamonds lately, you might need to use a term that he’s more familiar with. I believe that among Obama’s primary constituency, those are referred to instead as “bling.”

      • Spanky

        “Unless someone has a need for glass tube EXACTLY of the dimensions of the Solyndra ones, with the exact chemical composition as the Solyndra ones, the tubes are worthless. ”

        Something is worth what others will pay for it.

        We’ll never know because the tubes were destroyed without even letting anyone bid on them.

        At a fraction of the cost on the dollar, maybe someone could find a use for them. Someone in free enterprise, that is, not someone on the government dole.

      • The Antiyuppie

        You must be a Democrat, being so free with other people’s money. Even if someone offered to cart it off for FREE, that would have been better than the creditors (i.e., US) paying to have it carted off and dumped in a landfill.

      • Sam

        If noone needs the product (glass tubes) why were they produced?

      • Liz

        They are destroying property that does not belong to them! It has not been paid for. It is theft.

    • Dolna

      The federal government needs to be eliminated to the extent possible. The fact that the Congress and the White House could allow half a billion of taxpayer funds to go to a random company is disgusting. This is why we’re bankrupt and in debt to China.

      • James Nordman

        Chris K:

        It won’t let me reply directly to your comment – where did you get your information from?

        According to the US Debt Clock ( In 2000 the US Debt was $5.7T, in 2008 it was $9.3T. Today it is $15.2T. All are as of 1/23 of the respective years. In order for Obama to rack up more debt than all the combined Preseidents the debt would have to be over $18T at least.

        Let’s not forget that throughout history, wars have sent this country into debt. Wars are never paid for before hand and to cut domestic spending for foreign wars would be shameful. This President did not send us to war and commit us to spending over our budget year-in and year-out.

      • jr

        It wasn’t a random company. It was hand picked by Obama to allow for money to get in the hands of his big donors. It’s money laundering and organized crime at the least

      • Jeff Stone

        It wasn’t Congress that gave them the money, it was Obama’s staff that did. The Dept. of Energy headed by David Chu, who was hand-picked by Obama, sped up the paper work to “give” over 500 million dollars to Solyndra, a co. in which initial investors were campaign donors to Barrack Obama….start reading the facts.
        Your President is responsible for this. Do you think this wimp media will call him to task on it?

      • Norm

        Odumbdumb doesn’t care! He already got part of the $500,000,000 back into his campaign coffers long ago.

        NOBAMA 2012!

      • Greg Smestad

        I am mentioned in the story and allowed CBS to interview me. Please search the web on these key words, “Greg Smestad solar” and then go to my solideas news page and then to the google photo album link from there. This will give the public (and reporters) many more details about the story. CBS 5 did not list me correctly. I told them several times to slow down and be careful and to go more in-depth. See my comments below on this CBS site somewhere in this sea of responses. That said, my comments in the video stand.

      • Idalia

        This is shameful…. shameful that we (taxpayers) were forced to invest in this garbage in the first place. At least let the technology develop and become economic before we subsidize it… get back to oil. There are billions upon billions of barrels under our feet in shale plays like The Bakken and North Dakota Oil . Shame on the government and Shame on Obama… please oh please lose the next election so your leftist wacks will be kicking a can down the road

      • Chris K

        No the liberals in Congress, the President and all the Communist/Socialist appointed advisors he’s surrounded himself with (because they couldn’t pass a national security test) need to flushed out. It is they who are destroying this country! They have bankrupted future generations with this astronomical national debt! A debt that President Obama has racked up more than President Washington than to Bush combined!

      • Patrick Corrigan

        I too am convinced that the elites who control our gov’t need to be eliminated. I don’t think they will go voluntarily, it may require painful extraction much like a rotten tooth. I believe they are addicted to theft.

      • Terry Furlough

        ans the very asinine act of borrowing money to GIVE to other countries.. they aren’t borrowing it.. they’ll never pay it back,, they know we’ll write it off.. but China would’ve come after them for the debt..

      • ADW

        In the age of information, there is no need at all for a parasite class (politicians). We can have direct democracy via technology.

    • Spanky

      It’s not like it’s real money, it’s just government money, of which there is an unlimited supply.

      The purpose of government money is to buy votes, engineer society to achieve liberal goals, and to give rebates to contributors to Democrat politicians.

      • Terrible Rappin In Me Skull

        Somewhat surprised by this good reporting, CBS. Almost like the way things used to be investigated. Now go after the FBI as to why they rushed over to Solyndra, took all the records and computers, but haven’t arrested anybody for fraud. Probably would reflect badly on the Office of the Teleprompter is my guess.

      • D.Drake

        We aren’t REAL people. we are just here to serve the Obama’s and Bush’s and UNIONS. Hey WE won’t have to pay back any of these debts. It is on our grandchildren’s backs. HAHAHAHA

      • Rickvid in Seattle

        You pawns just shut up. We chess masters know best how to move you all around the chessboard. Submit! Obey! And don’t point out all out embarrassing failures!

      • Rickvid in Seattle

        You pawns just shut up. We chess masters know best how to move you all around the chessboard. Submit! Obey! And don’t point out all our embarrassing failures!

    • Leopold B. Scotch

      Granted, this happened under Obama… but it is part and parcel of Big Govt, which the Republicans are as guilty of supporting for their own reason.

      When it’s other people’s money, who cares where the money goes?

      Ron Paul is the only politician who will stop this.

      • Stanky

        Weak argument. Vote for what you want and what’s right. I’ll take the old guy over the liars, cheaters, flip-floppers etc…

      • Spanky

        Paul is too old for most voters.

        He would be the same age (77) STARTING a Presidency that Reagan was FINISHING his.

        Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 83 and he probably had the disease long before that, possibly while he was still in office.

        Between 1/3 and ½ of the people get Alzheimer’s by age 85.

        The odds are against someone Paul’s age.

        It doesn’t matter how healthy or smart he is. Alzheimer’s strikes all types of people.

        If there is a good VP to back him up, then run that person now instead of Paul.

      • Spanky

        I don’t care so much about longevity as Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. The odds of someone Paul’s age getting those in office are FAR too high.

      • Yirmin Snipe

        If the old fart picks a half decent VP then I would vote for him… I would have voted for McCain if he hadn’t picked a nutty inflatable sex toy for a running mate…. So as long as Paul picks someone with even half a brain I wouldn’t mind voting for him even though he might die before the end of his term.

    • John Steele

      Your Spot On. These guys are freakin criminals and have stolen 500 million dollars from the tax payer. They could have sold the glass tubes. Lots of people wold be willing to buy them. This a classic example of a government contractor and Democrat corruption working hand in hand. Anybody with a ” D ” in front of their name has to be thrown out in the election in November. I will crawl over broken glass to vote against Obama

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  • Dale Norbeck

    read your history.. the whole Solyndra thing started under BUSH.

    • Carney Assada

      As a liberal, truth is what you WANT to be true, not what actually IS true. It’s half mental disorder and half indoctrination by liberal college professors who repeatedly told you that the sky is green and therefore you needn’t look up to see for yourself. Some day you might want to try looking up; you may find that the sky is not green after all….

    • Mitch_CALI_Sux

      Anyone care to wager this Lib puke will never read any replies to his lies? Liberals live in a fantasyland of their own creation and no amount of reality or common sense will ever enter this kingdom…

      Libs spend their days on the Daily KOS or Huffpo being fed propaganda every second of every day, Occasionally a few that truly believe will make an appearance on a list or forum spewing this kind of nonsense then patting themselves on their back telling each other how smart all Liberals are and how dumb Conservatives are.

      Just like an 8 year old at recess, lie, deflect, then hide…

      Liberalism is a Mental Disorder…

    • glenner

      You’re kidding, right?

    • George2

      Dale Norbec: You START a race with a fine vehicle…BUT, when that vehicle shows an imbalance, OR that something is terribly wrong with it’s capability… you don’t CONTINUE until you have blown it ALL up. THEN…go putting in money for things that you CAN NOT…POSSIBLY use. This company was in business BEFORE the Bush years…AND…DID the Bush administration INVEST in that company? Usually, SPONSORS take a GOOD look, before investing in a thing. Just how good a look (or just exactly WHAT were they looking at) did this administration take before investing BILLIONS of tax payers dollars into it?

    • Lava

      Read YOUR history. The Bush admin recommended against giving any money to Solyndra. Stop trying to cover up this farce of the Obama corruptacracy with lies because you can’t bear the embarrassment of Obama being so stupid.

      • JByrd42

        We can’t let the liberal facts get in the way Dale. You libs truly have no shame. The Bush admin was against giving them the money!

      • Everyday Guy

        Great reply Lava. Dumocrats seem to suffer from selective memory.

      • Jja Ajj

        The average man never really thinks from end to end of his life. The mental activity of such people is only a mouthing of clichés. ~H.L. Mencken, Prejudices, 1925

    • Dave

      Bush did not give money to this Co. because it was a bad investment. Look it up.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta


      Dale Norbeck is just a mindless chunk of human waste, sorta like a Democrat drone union worker.

      He’s just parroting what he was programmed to say. Most of these cretins despise Bush, but are incapable of coming up with one valid fact that could even begin to justify their hate.

      • Jja Ajj

        Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers. ~Bruce Calvert

    • Jja Ajj

      Invest a few moments in thinking. It will pay good interest. ~Author Unknown

    • Jja Ajj

      Physiological response to thinking and to pain is the same; and man is not given to hurting himself. ~Martin H. Fischer

    • Mark M.

      Bush REJECTED the Solyndra bid, moron. Their exact conclusion: These guys are using technology that the Chinese already use which is cheaper. They will not be able to compete.


      Yet Another Example Of How Bush Was Right And Obama Was Wrong.

      • mac

        “Yet Another Example Of How Bush Was Right And Obama Was Wrong”
        should be “… and Obama Is/Was wrong”
        Wrong for many reason… (going forward)

    • steven

      Adn it was the Bush administrationb that flatly refused to fund any aspect of Solyndra with tax payer dollars. Do some research

    • Dave W

      Bush rejected the deal!

    • Spanky

      One can always count on libunatics (liberal lunatics) to claim everything is the fault of Bush or to blame racism.

      This reveals a complete lack of integrity among those libunatics.

    • bjstout


    • Red Burton

      But the Prez is a good singer, right? He was a hit at the Apollo last night. So what if this administration can’t get the needle to budge on a black unemployment rate of close to 50%. He’s a good singer and a cool guy. What else should matter?

      • mac

        Not amazed to me… it’s that THINKING thing that gets them every time.
        All they hear in their head is what they have been told (and the crumbs that are occassionally thrown thier way!

      • Spanky

        What amazes me is that the people who suffer the most from Democrat policies continue to vote for Dem politicians at a rate over 90%.

      • Brodave

        Simple. Insanity.


      What are you clueless? DOn’t you read the papers? Don’t you know the Bush Administration put it on hold and when the BIG-O got in to power hehis Administration Fast Track the loan,,, proably as payouts for his Doners,,, who all got rich from the loan and then stuck it to the tax payer????????

    • Spanky

      Bush did indeed fund some wrong things, trying to appeal to liberals.

      For example, he was big into ethanol subsidies, which are a COMPLETE waste of money and petroleum.

      It takes almost as much oil and natural gas to make ethanol from corn as it saves. Then, factor in the lower gas mileage we get with ethanol, and it’s basically a wash.

      Even some environmentalists now realize that ethanol subsidies are a complete waste, yet we continue to throw money away.

      The reason for that is because the Iowa caucuses are early in the Presidential election cycle and winning Iowa – home to big ethanol subsidies – is critical to any candidate.

    • JR

      Yes, in a sense it did. Solyndra did petition the government for money under Bush. They went through the official request process.and then were turned down by the Bush Administration. Obama came into office and HIS people authorized half a billion dollars to go to them anyway. Not only did they give them money, they knew that the company was in serious financial trouble when they did it.

      We certainly do need to have our facts straight, don’t we.

  • mike p

    Just the pretense of an ethical business without the troubles of accountability.

  • James Adams

    Corporation: a method of getting personal profit without personal liability.

    • schmed

      You’re confused, you defined Democrat Politician.

    • Stephen

      If it wasn’t a corp supported by MY TAX PAYERS DOLLARS, they may have made more of an effort to do the right thing and sell the stuff.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Spanky

      “Corporation: a method of getting personal profit without personal liability.”


      The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 makes members of the board of directors of any corporation directly and personally responsible for a number of acts committed by the corporation, even if such acts were done without the knowledge or approval of the Board.

      The Board is required to take action via policy, programs, and audits to ensure that such acts do not occur.

      BTW, are POLITICIANS held to the same standard? NOPE!

    • Spanky


      “GOVERNMENT: a method of getting personal profit without personal liability.”


      See Nancy “VISA IPO” Pelosi.

      • Tom Paine


        “GOVERNMENT: A method of getting other people’s personal profit without personal liability.”

      • Norm

        Nancy, Harry, and Odumbo should all be on death row for all the damage they have done to our country!

        NOBAMA 2012

    • Karen

      I am guessing you have never owned your own business James? Some corporations are small businesses and I am very personally responsible for my Sub S corporations liabilities. Nice sound bite but I am sick and tired of soundbites.

    • A. Olsen

      You’re an Obama drone..:

      This is not a failure of the “corporation”; it’s the Exhibit A in the ongoing failure of big state collusion with big business (Big Green here), formerly called Fascism.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      Except, “James”, when your Halfwit Hero squatting in OUR White House needs campaign slush funds….

      Then they are DEFINITELY on the hook for your Halfwit’s $$$$.


  • Donald Wright

    I wonder whether Obama during his re-election campaign will trumpet this latest glorious development at Solyndra the way he trumpeted the support that his administration was throwing behind Solyndra with half a billions dollars of our tax money! For all you Lefties reading this article, this is an example of why government funding of corporations doesn’t work–it completely destroys the incentive to make a good product at the lowest cost, and it destroys the competitiveness of other companies that are in the same business.

    • greg hauenstein

      Donald, Obama DID exactly as you predicted, tried to trumpet his “green jobs” successes and blames his failures on the mythical “secret oil billionaires” he embarrases me personally as he is the POTUS and he is flashing his stupidity for the whole world to see!!!

      • Auntie Maim

        Um, just so you know, NObama’s busy running ads touting his “outstanding ethics” and “green” record here in VA……….that’s present tense, mind you. Not “did,” not “will,” but “IS.”


    • Spanky

      Aren’t all these millions of green jobs just fabulous? ;)

    • Norma Beraun

      You wonder about that. I’ll wonder just how many months you can continue talking about all the money Solyndra got. The bill for which is surpassed by several days in Afghanistan. The primary benefit of which seems to be cheap heroin.

      Moan some more about this taxpayer money that got thrown somewhere other than into the bottomless pit that shall not be mentioned.

      • Donald Wright

        Why in the world should anyone feel obligated to bring up something about *Afghanistan* in an article about waste and corruption at *Solyndra*? Following that silly line of reasoning, an article about any tragedy would have to bring up every worse tragedy that ever occurred! So I guess an article about the ship that went aground in Italy would need to state that the Holocaust was so much worse. Where would that absurd practice end? How utterly ridiculous.

        The only relation between Solyndra and Afghanistan is that Obama wasted money there too. Obama, who ran on ending wars, has spent more on wars than Bush could ever have dreamed of. But again, that’s not relevant to the article.

  • Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D.

    I don’t want people to think that CBS stands for the Careless Broadcasting Service, but they did the details wrong on my affiliation. The story says, “Smestad has consulted for the Department of Energy and lectures at Santa Clara University.” I have one seminar lecture scheduled (my first there) and I am not a lecturer or professor at SCU! Please go to my site – triple w solideas dot com and click on the news link to get the full details from my Google Picasa Album. I should be clear that I am an Alumni (SCU was my undergraduate Alma Mater), but I am not their representative and I my views do not necessarily represent those of SCU, its staff, professors, lecturers, students or its sponsors. I was, however, working with one of the professors there, and we are sharing results and thinking of ways to use the panels to teach basic engineering and science concepts to students. The CBS story now makes that difficult and awkward.

    • Auntie Maim

      Dr. Smestad, I am truly sorry to hear that. it would have been nice to have had a little **accuracy** when referencing people, but…..this is kind of what happens when one comes into a story with a predecided agenda.

      Best of luck, though, with your educational endeavors!

  • Jeff

    Bankrupt subsidized green company fails to recycle glass.

    • Unbelievable

      Kind of ironic don’t you think?!

  • A. E. Olszewski

    Where is an investigation? Ask yourself: where would this be if the aider and abetter were G.W. Bush?

    Do you that’s right?

  • NowYouKnow

    Those glass tubes (a new and expensive technology) are the reason that Solyndra was uncompetitive and failed. So….What good are they?

    • Spanky

      @NowYouKnow: “Those glass tubes (a new and expensive technology) are the reason that Solyndra was uncompetitive and failed. So….What good are they?”

      At a fraction of cost compared of the original they may be economical. That’s how liquidation works.

  • mvale

    This just shows that when you are using other people’s money, you do not respect it. Let’s stop paying for this waste.

  • bob

    and it was recently revealed that solyndra purposely staved off declaring bankruptcy untl after the 2010 elections.

    can you say “collusion”

  • Steve

    Big News Everyone, somebody illegally downloaded a movie. We have bigger fish to fry than wondering what happened to trillions of dollars. I mean, what about that 12yr old who is watching illegally downloaded disney movies. GET THAT KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • beatle


  • retired military

    This stuff is going in the trash. Same s as the rest of OUR money under the Obama administration.

    • beatle


  • Jja Ajj

    Why didn’t they just send back all the glass to the company they bought it from if they still owe the money for them?

    • Auntie Maim

      It’s entirely possible that because the material was custom-ordered and custom-made, the manufacturer won’t take it back. Especially overseas. Even if it’s recyclable.

    • Terry Furlough

      because it was a logical thing to do.. and dimwits dont use logic.. they go with feelings over reason.

      • Terry Furlough

        i meant returning it would be a logical thing..

  • Diego Roswell

    Good report CBS. Lets keep this story alive for as long as possible so Americans never forget the sham company, the sham industry and the sham president.

  • KJC

    I’m sure they are just following orders…

  • L.R. Mack

    To the left-coast, bleeding-heart, ‘do as we say, not as we do’ socialist liberals on this blog trying once again to pin the blame for what happened at Solyndra on Bush…YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

  • Mantis

    A green company does not mean a liberal company!
    Corporations are run by people, some lean left, others right. While a CEO may be left, its COO / CFO … may be right.
    Aligning a company with green tech to left politicians is just gamemanship. In the real world Left and Right are just words with no real meaning.
    Whether these units could be reused or recycled???
    Theoretically, they could have been dumped on EBay (+shipping and handling) as collectors items!
    This points towards our governments commitment to recovering debts! Let a citizen owe a few thousand dollars in taxes and the IRS will seize their home, but this just gets swept away.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta


      “A green company does not mean a liberal company”….

      “Aligning a company with green tech to left politicians is just gamemanship. In the real world Left and Right are just words with no real meaning”.

      Really? REALLY?

      Pass that joint around, bud… you are defintely smoking some class weed!

  • never ending fight for freedom

    I could have sold them all for at leased $1m in less than 72 hours on Craigslist…

  • BDnSC

    The Trustee is payed handsomely to protect and liquidate any and all assets of value in order to pay what they can back to the debtors.
    The trustee needs to be NAMED in this article, and they need to be held financially accountable.
    This is more inept govt. BS form a truly corrupt administration.

  • Crony Socialist

    Solyndragate = Failed Obamessiah

    • Spanky

      We can start calling him “Former President Obama,” because exactly one year from today, that’s what he’ll be.

      • Mitch_CALI_Sux

        Sadly, he is running against 3 Republican Progressives and a frreaking crazy arse whack job… Obama will win again and America will fall into a Civil War…

  • myother

    Big salaries and golden parachutes for the execs I’m sure.

  • davec

    I do believe its ILLEGAL to do that?

    Another Obama success

  • Art House

    This is a pure example of just plain stupidity. Option the supplier and give them back in trade for a reduction of the debt owed to them, 2. advertise them on auction sites, websites like Craigslist or other wholesaler sites and at least sell them for 10 cents on the dollar. 10% on the dollar is $200,000 or 4 each of a $50,000 salary, 3. offer the product for a fraction of the value – yes, to a competitor who may need the product thus, help them from also going bankrupt. This is the problem with these types of companies and pencil neck lawyers in Federal Bankruptcy situations – no common sense.

    • mike L

      Dear Art House
      I am a liquidator with intimate knowledge of this glass… The Mfg does ot want it back, as they have no use for it. It was designed and manufactured to spec.
      Also, it would blow your mind if you knew how much was actually avasilable… literally 1,000s of pallets. A bit much to sell on CL, even if you could….
      However, the real problem is the toxic ingredients in the glass… the recyclers can not handle it without a lot of trouble…
      So, its not as clear cut as you may think…

      • Fred

        Mike, a reasonable answer doesn’t appear to be what anyone is interested in here.

        The story noted that the trustee looked into whether it was worth trying to sell the glass. The story noted that the court agreed that it wasn’t worth it.

        The story is not about the management of Solyndra, but there are obviously quite a few commenters willing to grind that axe with it.

      • Art House

        And I have been on the Bankruptcy Trustee Teams enough to know that there is very little concern for doing a hard days work to properly “liquidate” many items for the “true benefit” of the creditors. As long as the Trustee gets a pound of flesh and nothing is left but the bone. That is their primary consideration. Get their fees paid and the heck with the rest. I have been at this for over 40 years and what I know about these things – is quite clear. But, thanks for the thought.

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