SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Service on the San Francisco Municipal Railway underground Metro system was restored Thursday morning hours after a man drove his SUV into a Muni tunnel, causing a major headache for commuters. The driver was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Trains resumed service by 8:15 a.m., according to Muni spokesman Paul Rose.  Some damage was done to the tracks, but Rose said crews would do repairs with trains moving slower through the affected area.

“The car is cleared off of the tracks, but it will remain in the subway throughout service the rest of the day,” Rose said.

scott mitchell Driver Arrested On DUI After Muni Train Tunnel Crash

Scott Mitchell was arrested on DUI charges for the SF Muni tunnel crash. (SFPD)

The SUV entered the tunnel at Duboce and Church streets just behind the Safeway on Market Street shortly after 6 a.m., Rose said.

Rose said the driver nearly made it nearly half a mile before his vehicle got stuck on the tracks just before Van Ness Station.

The driver, identified as Scott Mitchell, was booked on DUI at 11 a.m.

Muni light-rail service was halted on the on the L-Taraval, M-Ocean View, N-Judah, K-Ingleside, J-Church and T-Third Street lines.

Shuttle buses were put in place between West Portal Station and Embarcadero St. and ran until the SUV was removed from the tunnel and the tracks inspected for damage, according to Rose.

No injuries were reported and no trains were involved in the incident, Rose said.

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Comments (20)
  1. rs says:

    what an idiot. that tunnel is pretty obviously marked that it’s not a street and no cars are allowed. that guy shouldn’t be driving. my guess is he is either really old or he was drunk.

    1. thomas says:

      Perhaps if you read the article a little closer genius you will notice the line “The unidentified driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI”….

      1. jean cavanaugh says:

        Do you have to be so rude to RS? The comment was made at 7:54am, probably before the drivers name was released.

  2. mike says:

    what goes thru ones mind when you are driving over street car tracks !!

  3. Ann Mason says:

    Please don’t judge this person. Driving in S.F. is a nightmare, and the motorist in question might not be from around here.

    1. mike says:

      Ann stay off the medication.

      1. Ann Mason says:

        Please avoid personal attacks. We don’t know what happened here, and we learn nothing from speculation. Be fair, and then you’ll feel less silly if you’re proven wrong. Yes, it’s very likely the driver was negligent, but I’ve seen some weird things happen in S.F. involving cars driven by out-of-town people — and we don’t know if the motorist in this case was local.

    2. rs says:

      the tunnels are all very clearly marked that no cars are allowed. even if you’re not from here, you can figure out that you can’t drive into them and if you can’t figure that out, then don’t drive.

    3. monkeyman says:

      Hello! The driver was drunk!

    4. Ann Mason says:

      I may be guilty of posting an ambiguously worded comment which was open to misinterpretation, and in retrospect it was more charitable than intended. However, what happened in the MUNI tunnel this morning was not about people insulting each other on the internet. It was an accident which could have been fatal. Keep it in perspective.

    5. A friend of Mikey says:

      Ann! Shhhhhh! You can never understand normal thinking like a man.

      1. P Calef says:

        Correction. You can never understand thinking of a man.

      2. Sharky says:

        Your posting really starighented me out. Thanks!

  4. A. Lane says:

    What gives with the SFMTA website which has no discernible link to get to any problems and updates. I had to resort to the internet news to find out more about this stupid ‘accident’. Typical of MUNI to be so incompetent in every which way. Someone I know said it was typical chaos with no one at MUNI giving any information as to why they were being shouted at to get onto buses at W. Portal.

    As for the idiot who kept driving his SUV further into the tunnel, he ought to be pay for the inconvenience of this all.

  5. eight ball in side pocket says:

    i will never understand drinking and driving. Drink you self to death at home, don’t share your death wish with others.

  6. Ko Bo says:

    Will Muni send him a bill for the repairs? I hope.

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