Gun Lobby Questions Why SF Sheriff Who Fought NRA Owns 3 Pistols

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Although San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was a strong advocate of gun control while on the Board of Supervisors, he surrendered 3 handguns when police recently booked him on misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

Mirkarimi apparently owned them while sponsoring legislation last summer to bolster San Francisco gun control laws against a lawsuit by the National Rifle Association.

Attorney Chuck Michel, who represented the NRA in that suit, said Mirkarimi’s gun control advocacy smacked of hypocrisy.

“There should not be a special exception for politicians. There should not be double standard. That’s why this is so hypocritical,” he said.

Mirkarimi would not comment about any aspect of his gun ownership, where he kept the weapons or in what manner the firearms were stored.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

At the time, Mirkarimi described the proliferation of guns on city streets as a major public health problem. “These laws have become all the more important because we have seen escalating gun violence in San Francisco.”

Mirkarimi will not have access to his weapons while he is tried on one count each of domestic battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness.

If convicted, the sheriff would not be allowed to own a firearm.

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  • KFC

    “Guns on the street” was the baseless reason idiots like Mirkarimi used to pass a ban on handgun ownership here in SF. They said that if law abiding people didn’t have any guns in the house, well, they couldn’t be stolen and used in a crime! Wonderfully delusional thinking by those who refuse to go after criminals.

  • TedBike3000

    Classic SF Nanny-City argument, “do as I say, not as I do”. People who argue against guns for self defense are basically saying that the safety of burglars, rapist and thieves is more important than the safety (and lives) of responsible, working people.

  • Trudy Sanders

    Pistol packing “sheriff” needs to leave SF. Preferably, before sundown.

  • Glen

    This dip stick really needs to go away, he and his extreme left wing BS.
    I grew up here in the 60s. I have watched SF turn into a pit. I never go up there anymore, I hate driving through the city.
    The Liberal respone to guns,” The police are only minutes away.” Yep that’s right, “when seconds count.”

    • Tim

      Or, in many cases, HOURS away…
      Assuming you can even get through to a 911 dispatcher, your cell-phone doesn’t drop the call, the criminal didn’t cut your landline, etc.
      As they say, insured by “Smith & Wesson,” etc.

    • 8 ball in the side pocket

      I support you
      Liberals and there actions and problem solving mechanisms are not only affect San Francisco but the world. I think it is a disease.
      I have no answers

  • s.f. peaches

    This shouldn’t surprise any of us. How many of us are shocked when we hear that a politician doesn’t observe the same standards he sets for the rest of us?

    Okay, a politician’s career is over (usually) when we get news like this. However, we’d better be realistic and keep in mind that most of them are hypocrites with something.

  • dave


  • NRA Life Member

    No surprise at all. These progressive liberals don’t wan’t all of the “guns off the street”.

    They don’t want the majority of the population – the law abiding citizens – to carry guns because that would reduce crime. They want the criminals out there plying their trade with their illegal weapons. More criminals means more crime, more crime means more court casess are needed, more court cases mean more prosecutors and lawyers and more lawyers are always needed because many lawyers morph into politicians who create the laws in the first place that take away law abiding citizens’ ability for self protection. They don’t care about the law abiding citizens, there’s millions of them just waiting to be preyed upon. It’s all about job security. This is how government gets out of control.

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  • Jack Kennedy


    goes right along with the …………..


  • Mike Kennedy

    Mirkarimi is a clown with and fake deep voice and that stupid beard without a mustache. As a born and bred San Franciscan I am ashamed how these clowns get elected.

  • putz

    I’ll bet he has a closet full of plastic grocery bags too.

    • TaxGal

      LOL…almost fell out of my chair laughing.

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  • tim

    So tired of this left-wing BS. What a hypocrite. Spare me already.

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