Charges Dropped Against Many Occupy Protesters Arrested In Oakland

OAKLAND (KCBS) – Charges were dropped against many of the more than 400 people who were arrested on Saturday during a daylong Occupy Oakland protest.

A spokesperson for the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office said that eight protesters are facing misdemeanor charges while four are accused of felonies.

Those include allegations of interfering with or assaulting a police officer.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

The other protesters are being released but could be charged at a later date due to continuing investigations.

One Occupy protester who was at the courthouse on Tuesday said the arrests were unnecessary.

“I think it’s crazy,” she said. “I think it just shows another side to our justice system that we’ve been seeing for hundreds of years. It hasn’t changed a lot and I think it’s unjust.

Another protester was set free but said he has to return to court next month.

“The funny thing about all these arrests is that I think they are doing it to try to discourage people from being a part of this movement,” he said. “But it’s really galvanized and radicalized people.”

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The protesters charged with felonies were also ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Oakland City Hall.

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  • PLW

    Until the Legal System holds all of these Demonstrators accountable for their illegal actions and damages, the Demonstrations will continue until Oakland, or the tax-payers go broke…………………….

  • OaklandTaxpayer

    Restraining orders won’t work. Besides, it was reported some 45% do not reside in Oakland. Probably some are panhandlers during the day, and at nite, protesters. Our police are in the middle of this mayhem and Oakland drug dealers, gangs, and thugs have that window of time to do their shady deeds. We the taxpayers will foot the bill of course, with less security. The Oakland attractions like an airport, zoo and museum, Jack London Square, Chabot Space and Science, downtown including our own Chinatown will be off the radar screen. Tourists and visitors who would spend monies and help our businesses, including us real Oakland “99%’ers” will lose. Of course we’re laying off city workers too. It appears the Occupiers have control of Oakland while the mayor and council have opened a real can of worms and now are both clueless and powerless to control.

  • adam

    Letting the protesters go is sending the public the wrong message. They should be some accountability for their actions. The city is just afraid of lawsuits.

    I take my money else where and not in Oakland…

  • Joesph

    Actual Footage of YMCA arrests not CNN. See for yourself then decide.

  • OaklandTaxpayer

    It does send the wrong message.. All the while, a judge is holding accountable an officer covering his badge. The officer was protecting his name from leading to personal info like where he lives, etc. by tech-savy protesters. There’s even a possible fine to the officer for $5100! And where is the mayor and council on all this? Asleep at the wheel? A reprimand to the officer is more than enough. So what’s the moral here? Be a protester and cost the city monies and get a handshake on the way out or be an officer controlling mayhem and get it both ways, from the protesters and the court, mayor, and council? No brainer.

  • removeQuan

    Nice going Oakland, let them all go free to continue the violence, let mob rule, let gangs of punks dictate policy, and vigilante justice take over so Quan and her OWS supporting husband shove their liberal progressive idiotic ideology down your throat;


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    […] But what sort of an attack is a flag burning? It is an emotional act. Flag burning is a symbolic action of property destruction. In the case of Oakland, it occurred at the end of many hours of being penned in by heavily armed police officers, after being gassed, shot, beaten, and arrested without warrant or cause (to date, only twelve of the over four hundred arrested have been charged with a crime). […]

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