SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – With a minute to go in the Super Bowl and the New York Giants trailing by two points, the New England Patriots let Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw score on a six-yard run to preserve time for a comeback. The Patriots lost 21-17.

John Madden told the KCBS morning crew he didn’t like the call.

“I swear I’ve been in football all my life,” Madden said. “I’ve never had those thoughts ever, ever…I never had it when I played. I never had it when I coached. I never had it when I broadcast.”

“Let ’em score? Let ’em score my butt!… That’s not a football I know,” he continued.

Madden said trying to manage the clock when you’re behind can easily backfire.

“The assumption is fine, that nothing bad happens after that. We remember the play in San Diego, where all they had to do was run out the clock (and kick a field goal) and they fumbled the dog-gone snap. It happens. We remember the guy has a chip shot field goal and he shanks it.”

Nonetheless, Madden said it was a great game.

“You could see it coming,” the former coach said. “Both of those teams had the quarterback and they had the coaching. The Patriots defense wasn’t great all year, but it was good at the end of the year. The Giants had the pass rush. It had all of the ingredients to be kind of exactly the game that it was.” (9:20)

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  1. Ratt says:

    I thought the game sucked and was rigged.

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