MARTINEZ (CBS 5) – Many retailers offer delivery and installation for an extra fee when consumers buy appliances, but that work is often done by a third party, as one CBS 5 viewer found out the hard way.

Sean Andrade from Martinez said when he bought a new microwave at Home Depot he figured he’d pay an extra $100 for delivery and installation.

“I’m a cook. I’m not a handy man. So I figured I would be better off to just go ahead and let them do it,” Andrade said.

When the technicians arrived to his house, Andrade said he began to regret that decision.

“When they unbolted the old oven, they dropped it onto the range,” he said.

According to Andrade, the technicians then dropped the microwave on the floor and dented the refrigerator. Andrade added the kitchen cabinets were partially ripped from the wall when the technicians used it to pull themselves up.

When Andrade made a complaint to Home Depot he said he was told it was a third party installer.

Consumer advocate Joe Ridout said it’s not surprising. According to Ridout, most big box retailers often hire out third party installers who may or may not live up to consumers expectations.

“One of the risks of going through big box retailers is that their contractors aren’t necessarily going to be their employees,” he said.

Andrade said Home Depot was a name he could trust.

“My understanding was that Home Depot was coming to do the installation,” he said.

Andrade said he’s now left with thousands of dollars in damages. The third party has since denied Andrade claim. Home Depot tells CBS 5 they are working with the consumer and the third party installer to resolve the claim. In a statement Home Depot told CBS 5:

“We gladly see to it that customers are fairly compensated for legitimate damages during a delivery or installation. This claim has been complicated, so we appreciate GE’s willingness to look further into the facts to ensure Mr. Andrade is treated fairly. We’ll certainly continue to work with him to address his concerns and work towards a reasonable resolution.”

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Comments (2)
  1. John Tam says:

    When he paid the 100 dollars didn’t he receive some sort of packet informing him (probably in the small print) of the use of 3rd party installers? Or was it in the contract? If not then he definitely has a case against them. Good luck to him. Fight the good fight.

  2. Travis says:

    Personally it makes me never want to purchase from Homedepot again. If they are selling a product and can’t get decent contractors then they shouldn’t sell that product. (the product being the install) . I’ll betcha Mr. Andrade was never told they bring in someone other than Homedepot employees. The amount of damage he pointed out looks like they sent in a completely untrained person. I’m trying to figure out how all that damage could happen without the contractor falling and hanging on everything in the process.

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