CASTRO VALLEY (CBS SF) — A man shot by a Berkeley police officer in Castro Valley on Wednesday has been under investigation for narcotics and was in possession of a half-pound of cocaine, police said.

Steven Oliver Moore, 48, of Pittsburg was shot after he allegedly pinned an officer between his car and a Berkeley police vehicle that afternoon, police said.

Berkeley police had tracked Moore to Castro Valley and attempted to detain him near the corner of Center Street and Grove Way at around 5 p.m.

Moore backed up his car, hitting one of the officers and pinning him between his car and an unmarked police car. The second officer shot at Moore, who was still behind the wheel of his car.

Moore was injured and transported to Eden Medical Center for surgery. The officer hit by the car was transported to another hospital and treated for injuries to his hand and leg.

The Berkeley officer was released from the hospital later that night.

Officers found a half-pound of cocaine after searching the area where Moore was arrested and a nearby location police say is associated with Moore.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s office is investigating the shooting.

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Who else is tired of these advertisements that force the page down for a few seconds then collapses? The person who thought of this type of advertisement should be fired. Its’ so annoying. Worst than an in your face pop up advertisement. I quit coming to this site for that reason. I come back every week or so to see if they’ve changes but No! Same obnoxious behaviors. Guess I’ll stay away for a month next time. Go to Sf gate folks- no moving advertisements there!

    See ya in a month or so.

  2. JaneQPublic says:

    I second that! I detest those page invaders – the only effect it has had is to make me vow to NEVER buy or attend anything advertised on those obnoxious sites.

    And thank you for the referral to SF Gate.

    1. adam says:

      I third to that! I thought I was the only one that is annoyed by this kind of advertising tactics.

      Thanks for the referral to SF Gate also.

  3. Jou Baur says:

    “Officers found a half-pound of cocaine after searching the area where Moore was arrested and a nearby location police say is associated with Moore.”

    In other words, they planted it to cover themselves!
    They didn’t catch him with it, didn’t see him stash it and cannot prove any real connection between him and it, but, it supposedly justifies their shooting of him.

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      Not required. The mere fact he hit one of them with the car, justifies the shooting. And they were cops from Berkeley. They are not allowed to do stuff like planting drugs in Berkeley. Remember, Berkeley is a nuclear free zone and stuff like that.

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