'Survivor: One World' Kicks Off With A Twist

Cast of Survivor: One World (credit: CBS)

SAMOA (CBS) – “Survivor: One World” kicks off on Wednesday night with a new crop of castaways and a big twist – the two tribes must share one beach and live at the same camp.

The competitors will not learn of this element of the game until they arrive in Samoa, where the CBS reality series’ 24th season takes place.

This time, no returning “Survivor” competitors (or their relatives) will be vying for the $1 million prize. Also, the Redemption Island aspect of the game, featured in the previous two seasons, will not be in play this time around.

'Survivor: One World' Kicks Off With A Twist

Matt Quinlan (credit: Monty Brinton/CBS)

One of the 18 competitors is 33 year old attorney, Matt Quinlan from San Francisco. When asked why he thinks he will survive “Survivor”, Matt said “I’ll die out there before I quit. The only way I am leaving that island is with a tag on my toe or with a snuffed torch.” Quinlan is designated with the Manono Tribe.

Host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly that the lack of Redemption Island will mean more reward challenges. There will also be what Probst calls “Do It Yourself Challenges” – challenges that will take place at the camp without the host’s supervision – sprinkled throughout the season.

Another twist relates to the way hidden immunity idols can be played. There will be two idols hidden at the camp – one for each tribe – but, Probst told EW, “When you find the idol, you can’t use it for yourself. You have to give it to someone from the other tribe.”

In addition to Matt, this season’s contestants also include the first little person to compete on “Survivor,” the ex-wife of an NFL player, a retired LAPD officer, a model and a sushi chef.

The premiere episode of “Survivor: One World,” titled “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules,” airs at 8 p.m. on CBS 5.

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