SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A $1-per-hour price increase at the Golden Gate Concourse Parking Garage was unanimously approved this week by the Park and Recreation Commission.

The underground parking garage next to the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum has had ongoing financial problems including having to refinance its debt and has even sought a bailout from President Obama’s stimulus program.

The increase still needs the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ approval.

Martha Kropf, chair of the Music Concourse Community Partnership that owns the garage, acknowledged the rate hike to $4.50 an hour on weekdays and five dollars an hour on weekends, isn’t popular.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

“No one’s happy about it including me. This is a job that I’d rather not have,” she said.

Rec and Parks commissioner David Lee suggested the hike might be penny wise but pound foolish.

“By raising it you may end up pushing cars out onto the streets,” he said.

If the rate hike goes through, it would be the second in less than two years and the third since the garage opened in 2005. That’s when it was financed in part with the help of late philanthropist Warren Hellman.

According to Kropf, the debt service owed by the facility is $178,000 a month.

In 2008 former chief financial officer Greg Colley was sentenced to over five years in prison for embezzling almost four million dollars from the parking facility.

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Comments (7)
  1. JRocker says:

    It`s time people recognise the idiots that ruin(oops) run the cities budget. As drivers it`s time to boycott the city of San francisco and it`s greedy elected officials. Go somewhere outside the city to have your meals, shop for food and clothing, and find entertainment elsewhere. There are cities outside of San Francisco that want our business, look at the 49ers, they understood that the city could care less about them, so they have gone to Santa Clara where they will be appreciated. I`ve lived here for 67 years, and can honestly say the politics of San Francisco will destroy what was once a great city. It`s funny, those of us that grew up in a blue collar family seem to know how to budget our money, and if we don`t have the money to purchase a product, we either save up for it or do without.

    1. unknown says:

      I drive,however like in Hawaii,you will not die without your stupid car,BUS IT

  2. Bill says:

    Another example of a city that has rising Pension costs and thinks slapping more taxes on the consumer is the way out of the mess!!!!! I’m a fifth gneration Bay Area native and if I do go to visit SF with all it’s bloated taxes, thats fine with me!!!!!! For all you suckers willing to pay more into the cesspool, pay more taxes and have less wealth!!!!! Pension reform NOW!!!!!

  3. unknown says:

    Go rec and park raise the rates

  4. montana mike says:

    Lets get rid of some of the over staffing @ Park and Rec

  5. tn says:

    The band-aid of raising rates isn’t the problem. It’s the infected overly-paid administration.

    1. tn says:

      sorry- not “problem” but “solution”

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