Mountain Lion Spotted Outside San Mateo Home

SAN MATEO (CBS SF) – A mountain lion sighting was reported in the city of San Mateo on Tuesday night, emergency officials said.

The mountain lion was seen in the backyard of a home in the 200 block of 42nd Avenue about 9 p.m., officials said.

The witness reportedly scared off the big cat by making a lot of noise.

Residents who see a mountain lion are advised to never approach the animal.

Anyone who encounters a mountain lion should face the animal, make noise and try to appear larger by waving one’s arms and throwing rocks, emergency officials said.

More information about mountain lions is available at

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  • tn

    The last time I came face to face with a mountain lion in the Crystal Springs reservoir off 280, I looked straight at him (her?), appeared larger and made some loud barking sounds and the mountain lion bit one of my nuts. Next time I’m running at it and yelling my head off.

    • One is better than none

      If you able to get it up your’e OK

  • wc

    Maybe he (she) was just trying to be friendly.

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