DAVIS (CBS) – Nineteen student and alumni are suing the University of California, Davis over a pepper-spraying incident by campus police during an occupy protest last November.

University officials and campus police have come under fire since widely-circulated videos showed riot police dousing pepper spray on a row of students while they were sitting on the ground with their arms linked on November 18th.

The students claim in the lawsuit that the use of pepper-spray on seated students was excessive force that violated both their state and federal constitutional protections, including the First Amendment.

Photo Gallery: Occupy UC Davis

“This was my first demonstration. So many of my friends can barely make ends meet, and then another tuition hike was proposed. We had no idea there would be police in riot gear, or that we would be pepper‐sprayed because we were making our voices heard,” said plaintiff David Buscho in a new release.

The lawsuit charges that UCD officials and the campus police department did not properly train and supervise the officers involved.

Last week, UC Davis faculty members voted against a motion that would have expressed a lack of confidence in the ability of the school’s chancellor, Linda Katehi, to lead the campus.

The students are being represented by the ACLU of Northern California.

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Comments (7)
  1. SteveA says:

    OH poo poo. When is the newest generation of student protesters going to grow a spine and some kahunas?! In my day, when you protested, you faced the risk. So, you got peppered spray. I’ve been sprayed and isn’t all that bad. And, why anyone would use water to clear the eyes is an IDIOT. For protesters, they haven’t learned much. Water simply moves the pepper component around. Try using MIlk, it’s what most of use.

    1. Chitz says:

      SteveA, just because YOU were pepper-sprayed and apparently you have COJONES, doesn’t mean that it should have been done nor that it is legal or safe. People shouldn’t just bend over and take it while getting their rights trampled or sprayed on. Back in the day, women had to tolerate rape and abuse from their husbands, but they “poo-pooed” and the laws changed to protect them. There are countless examples of people “poo-pooing” for their rights or when their rights were violated, and many with exceptional results. I hope this lawsuit is a step towards stopping this type of atrocity from happening again. You are the one that is poo-pooing just because others don’t like taking it in the behind, like you do.

      1. JR says:

        They were told to leave several times. They were breaking the law. They are NOT above the law and DO NOT get to be paid because of their bad choices!!

  2. OCSO says:

    Chitz get back in you “beamer” and stop whinning about people’s rights. Occupiers have no right to free medical care, free housing, free food, free education, free drugs, and oh ya, FREE MONEY They use violence, threats of violence,, and destruction of public property to get “economic justice”. You threaten, you get sprayed. And yes, I’ve been sprayed too. 15 minutes later, it’s all good. No harm, no foul.

  3. Chitz says:

    Beamer? Haahaa! Try salvaged car for $1500. Besides, I only buy American.

    Anyway, how about you stop whining about Occupiers when it isn’t even about OWS? These are peaceful UC students voicing against ridiculous hikes in tuition in the face of insane hikes in UC Regent and faculty salaries. Are you aware that you pay takes (if you even live in CA) to pay over $500K to UC President Yudof? You should look to see how much a certain UC Berkeley coach makes. You’ll be appalled.

    Again, these students weren’t OWS and weren’t asking for handouts, but fairness within the UC system. It’s obvious you hate OWS, but get your story straight before YOU WHINE erroneously and foolishly. My Goose!

    1. Darwin says:

      Try watching the long version of the video and not just the snippet the liberal main stream media played. These “peaceful protesters” had surrounded the UC Davis police and were chanting that if the cops released the persons they had lawfully arrested then the “peaceful protesters” would let the cops leave. If anything these “peaceful” folks should have all been charged with false imprisonment for holding the police captive against their will.

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