SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A woman was hospitalized after she tried to walk in between two cars of a San Francisco Municipal Railway N-Judah train Thursday afternoon and became trapped underneath, a police spokesman said.

The incident was reported at 1:23 p.m. at Second Avenue and Irving Street in the Inner Sunset neighborhood.

The woman was on the sidewalk with her dog at the intersection, where the Muni train had stopped, police spokesman Officer Carlos Manfredi said.

Instead of waiting for the train to pass, the woman tried to walk through a space between the two cars of the train but her dog was unable to jump over the part connecting the two train cars, Manfredi said.

At that point, the train began moving again, dragging the woman a short distance before its operator realized what was happening and stopped the vehicle, Manfredi said.

The woman was rescued from under the train and taken to San Francisco General Hospital with only scratches to her arm and leg, Muni spokesman Paul Rose said.

“She got very, very lucky,” Manfredi said. “If you get caught underneath those metal wheels, they’ll cut you in half.”

The accident disrupted N-Judah service in the area until about 3 p.m., Rose said. Bus shuttles were brought in to accommodate affected riders.

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Comments (7)
  1. Darwin says:

    Once again, we have a moron getting hit by a train. If it was not a suicide attempt this person needs to be billed for all the costs associated with their “rescue”. Trains don’t jump out and getcha!!!!

    1. s.f. peaches says:

      We don’t know the details of this accident, and we should not speculate.

      1. rs says:

        the article clearly says “Muni spokesman Paul Rose said the woman tried to cross in between a two linked streetcars” so darwin is correct in that it was the woman’s fault.

    2. Sylvia says:

      We’re inundate with reports about what this stupid woman did but what about the dog. She/he didn’t have a choice about what this stupid women did. Was the dog hurt? Did someone rescue her/him from this irresponsible woman

  2. Tours Martel says:

    But those Muni trains are sooo long!

  3. DS says:

    what about the dog? is it ok? i don’t care about the dumb woman.

  4. John Brown says:

    She should have gotten killed, her death, while tragic, would have inspired other morons to avoid the same fate…I hope the dog was ok…

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