SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – One of the strongest pro-bicyclist laws in the country could soon be adopted in San Francisco. It would require owners of commercial buildings in San Francisco to provide secure bicycle parking for employees.

A large number of city workers commute by bike, and that means a lack of parking once they get there. Many cyclists want to avoid bike racks on the streets all together because there are so many thieves. Some employers let their workers park inside the office, or at the back of the store, but that may only work for one bike.

As a reult, Supervisor John Avalos has introduced the Employee Bike Access Bill, which would require employers to give their workers a safe place to park their bikes.

KCBS’ Rebecca Corral Reports:

”We have worked closely with the building owners and managers association, the advocacy group for the buildings downtown, and we designed this legislation with their input and their support,” said Avalos.

Avalos said that he envisions a future where one in five trips in San Francisco is by bike.

”We have a policy in San Francisco that we would have 20 percent bike trips by the year 2020, so part of getting to that goal is to really provide the infrastructure in the city through bike lanes, through outreach programs promoting cycling, and through conditions in our buildings and workplaces that promote cycling as well,” said Avalos.

The Employee Bike Access Bill has already been approved by the Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee.

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Comments (7)
  1. none says:

    what about flat streets with no hills and where are some of these people gonna put their bikes. a lot of those buildings downtown don’t have any place for them inside or outside. maybe a parking garage for bicycles would be next ?

  2. oldfart says:

    SF likes to give everything away for free, free medical, sanctuary city and subsidized housing for the illegals, a free pass to all gang members, no death penalty, free hypodermic needles to the druggies. free Muni for the young and poor, a free pass on citations to cyclist who run red lights. free parking at city hall for elected officials,

    No more McDonnalds kids meals toys, no more free bags, no more neighbor hood schools, no more no more no more. Pretty soon there will be no more Middle Class who are moving out of the city by the thousands.


    1. gregm says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

  3. gregm says:

    Jeeze! Enough with the bikes already…! This city is CONTROLLED by special interest groups. I

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